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Contents:                                                       SEPTEMBER 2020

Editor's Note
Revised MARBC Annual Meeting

Austin Ladies' Rally
Bass Lake Camping News
Friendly Reminders
2020 Bass Lake Schedule
Over the next few issues of the MBM, I would like to suggest some things which our churches could do in order to liven up our services and avoid getting into a rut. Our worship services should encourage the spirit and the mind as we worship "in spirit and in truth." Today, I would like to briefly look at congregational singing.

1. DID THE EARLY CHURCH SING TOGETHER? Yes, they did. In fact, singing in the congregation goes back to the nation of Israel (Psalms 92:1; 149:1). Verses such as Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 2:12 teach us to sing together. Jesus sang a hymn with the disciples at the Mount of Olives (Matthew 26:30). Paul and Silas sang hymns while in prison together (Acts 16:25). We sometimes make all sorts of excuses to avoid singing out loud such as my voice isn't that good. or I don't know the words or I can't read music. If the early church sang together and I am admonished from the Bible to do the same, then it needs to be a part of our worship gathering.

2. WHY IS SINGING TOGETHER IMPORTANT? Group singing, as seen in the verses above, is commanded by God. It is not optional. It is a part of the praise and adoration of our God. As mentioned in Ephesians 5, it is also a part of the teaching and edification process. Singing is a way of agreeing to Biblical truth while acknowledging the worthiness of our God. In other words, it's not just one person stating a truth, the whole congregation is affirming it through song!

3. HOW CAN WE CREATE A BETTER ENVIRONMENT FOR CONGREGATIONAL SINGING? A book could be written on this topic alone, but consider some of these practical steps. Sing familiar songs. A new song is good, but be careful about introducing too many new songs the congregation doesn't know. Have a knowledgeable leader instructing the congregation (whether this is the traditional song-leader or a worship team member). Give some historical background on the song. Why is this song important? Why are we singing it today? Sing in creative ways. Have just the men (or women or youth) sing a verse. Have the leader draw out phrases by slowing tempo or volume. Be creative!

4. FINALLY, BEWARE! There is nothing sacred about singing every line of every song we sing. Nor is it a Baptist distinctive to always skip the third verse of every hymn. Be mindful our worship services are not aerobic classes. Personally, I cringe when leaders say we have to stand for a particular song ("Wonderful Grace of Jesus.") Um, no we don't! In our entertainment driven culture I am concerned about the relaxing of congregational singing and leaving music in the hands of the professionals (i.e. praise team). There is absolutely nothing wrong about having a praise team, but a primary function of that team should be to lead others in the singing of praises to our God.

One more cautionary item to mention. It is surprising how many errors can unknowingly come out in our singing, whether its older hymns or some of the contemporary music of the day. If our singing is to "teach and admonish one another" (Col. 3:16), then it is imperative it be truthful. We need to examine our music in light of the Word of God. What if a song contains errors? You can avoid it. Better yet, you can teach about it. Explain why the song is in error and omit that stanza or provide an alternative rendering of the song (but please remember copyright laws in doing so).

So sing joyfully unto the Lord! Be an encouragement to your church family in congregational singing! "In the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You" (Hebrews 2:12).

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This event will be held on September 21-22. Calvary Baptist Church in Rochester will serve as our host. Because our speaker (Mike Hess, GARBC National Representative) has travel plans for the Wednesday of our meetings, we are shortening our meetings to just Monday and Tuesday. See the revised schedule below.

3:00  Council of Seven Meeting
5:00 Supper at Area Restaurants
7:00 General Session #1 (Hess)

8:15  Prayer
9:00 Business Session
10:00  Break
10:45  General Session #2 (Hess)
12:00  Lunch at Area Restaurants
1:30 Workshop (Hess)
2:45 Workshop (Q & A)
4:00 Supper at Area Restaurants
7:00 General Session #3 (Hess)

Finances: There is no charge for these meetings. Churches are encouraged to prayerfully consider providing a gift for these meetings. We try to keep our expenses as low as possible. Your gift helps us to provide quality meetings for your pastor and congregation without being a burden to our pastors or MARBC general fund. A suggested gift would be $100-$150. Gifts can be mailed to the MARBC office or sent with your messengers to the meeting.

Display Tables: We appreciate hearing from guests and ministry representatives who come to our meeting. Please contact the MARBC office if you are interested in having a table for your display. 

"That I May Know Him," a special conference for women will be held at Grace Baptist in Austin on October 16-17. The featured speaker is Mrs. Faith Taylor. Faith serves as the professor of women's ministries at Faith Baptist Bible College (Ankeny, IA.). She is also the author of A Look Within and Pray for Him. Other speakers include Mrs. Alne Hartog, Mrs. Deb Hudson and Mrs. Cheryl Drexler. Mrs. Becky Johnson will also be leading sessions for teen women.

Registrations for this event closed on September 18. You can contact the church (507-437-2473 or to see if there might be room for you, however seating is limited.


Northern Ladies Retreat (Originally Scheduled Oct. 2-3)
The officers of the Northern Ladies Fellowship have met, and with regret we must cancel the ladies fall retreat.  As with many of the big events during COVID-19, in order to meet pandemic guidelines within Minnesota, we are not able to meet at Faith Baptist Church of Brainerd.  However, we will work toward planning a spring retreat in 2021.  Please mark your calendar for the spring retreat date of April 9-10 (Easter falls on the first weekend in April).  The officers will have more information in the future as decisions are made regarding the specifics of the retreat.  Please pray for the NLF officers as we make decisions for the 2021 spring retreat.  May the Lord bless you!
Sincerely in Christ,
Sheila Stevens
NLF President for 2020

Fall Out Retreat (Originally Scheduled Oct. 15-17)
For many years our fellowship has hosted an event during the MEA break in October. In recent years we have called the event the Fall Out Retreat. The event has always been held a northern Minnesota location and was a success each year we have held it.
As we think through the prospect of running the retreat this year, we face a couple of noteworthy obstacles. First, the Covid-19 pandemic creates all sorts of complications. The MARBC Council of Seven feels there is no way to safely run the event. As you know, youth ministry usually involves mass gatherings for games and chapel settings. The nature of the event in light of our current culture provides us with insurmountable difficulties. Second, the leadership personnel for this retreat is no longer in place to continue running the event for this year. The retreat is scheduled to begin in a few weeks. We just don’t have the time or personnel to create a positive experience for all those involved.
Because of these issues, we will not be running the Youth Fall Out Retreat this year. Lord willing, we will get this retreat rolling again October 21-23, 2021. 

OUR COVID YEAR OF "JUBILEE": Yes, our camping season has been shut down this summer, but much has been accomplished by our volunteer workers. We hope to re-open in 2021 with a much better facility that will bring enjoyment to all of our campers.

CAMP FINANCES: Thank you to all who have given this summer to make sure we are able to pay the bills and minister in opportunities which the Lord provides. Your gifts have been such an encouragement to get us through this time with no camp registrations. Your gifts are still needed and appreciated.

SEASONAL CLOSURE: This will begin September 27. Although it is not as big of a job as in previous years, we will still need to turn off the water, clear the waterfront, put things in storage and much more. If you would like to help, let us know!

Please pray for our upcoming board meeting on Tuesday, October 6. This will be the first time our board will meet in person since the pandemic. We plan to share many reports and hope to approve some building plans.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook. The camp has a business page and a public group page whereby you can share your thoughts on the camping ministry. The Facebook feeds allow you to be informed of camp events on a regular basis. You will see pictures of building progress, our needs, deadline alerts and other useful information.

Check out the camp's WEBSITE for more information.




Send us your news and pictures! Please note that there is no deadline to send us your news.  Once you have some news, send it our way and we will include it in the next newsletter.

Pray for our churches in need of a senior pastor.
Moorhead, Brookdale Baptist
Rochester, Calvary Baptist
Winnebago, Berean Baptist

Is your church interested in joining with an independent Baptist fellowship that works together so that each church's ministry is strengthened and expanded? The MARBC is a growing association of autonomous Baptist churches that is having an impact in our state. We would love to have you join with us.


Thank you for praying for the ministry at Bass Lake. Pray as we begin to make plans for the 2021 camping season.
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