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Contents:                                                        MARCH/APRIL 2016

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"But now Christ is risen from the dead" (1 Cor. 15:20). This is one of the greatest sentences to ever come forth. The resurrection of Christ is a well-attested fact of history. By shedding His blood on the cross, Christ made the necessary payment for sin (2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Pet. 2:24-25). The believer can rest assured that Christ's sacrifice satisfied the righteous demands of the Father (1 Jn. 2:2). Because of the resurrection, our justification is therefore complete (Ro. 4:23-25). Rejoice, Christian! "Because I live, you will live also!" (John 14:19). The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is explained by the Savior Himself. "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?" (John 11:25-26) My friend, do you believe this?

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Calvary Baptist Church of Chatfield is pleased to announce their new pastor. Pastor Mike Gittins accepted the call to minister and he began his ministry there on January 31, 2016.

Pastor Gittins graduated from Faith in 2007 (B.A. in Pastoral Theology) and 2010 (M.A. in Theology and MDiv). His wife Julie graduated from Faith in 2013 (B.A. in Biblical Studies/Counseling)  
The couple worked with Paul Hartog (former Youth Pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes, IA) in the youth ministry (Mike 2006-2013; Julie 2012-2013) before becoming the Youth Pastor at Maranatha (October 2013-January 2016). 
Pastor Gittins explains his ministry this way. "My main goal for our church is to help us to do the job that Jesus left us to do. We (collectively as Baptists/our Baptist Churches) have not been fulfilling our Great Commission. There is no other way to put it.   We are not (as a whole) reaching our communities. We are not (as a whole) doing evangelism. We are not (as a whole) even friends with unbelievers. We have failed to do our assignment. This is a huge burden of mine and this was a burden that the church had when they called me. This means that we are taught and trained (discipleship) as a church from God's Word so that we can (1) better know God's Word, which causes us (2) to learn to love God more deeply, and when we learn to love God and his Word more deeply, we (3) learn to love others (4) leading us to go out into our communities, to our unsaved friends, neighbors and co-workers and live life with them and around them so that they see Jesus in our lives and hear Jesus from our lips (when the timing is right) and someday, hopefully, they will come to see Jesus for who he truly is. Obedience to Christ, love for God, and love for others, then, are the motives that drive evangelism."


On Saturday, March 12, thirteen students competed in our state Talents for Christ competition. The churches represented were Faith Baptist of Sauk Centre and Calvary Baptist of Rochester. There were three Junior High students from Rochester competing (Nina Friess, piano and art, Logan Carter, preaching, Alea McCollough, female public speaking). First place trophies were awarded to all of the Junior High competitors. 

Senior High competitions were: Brass (Grant Call- trumpet, 1 rating); Preaching (Isaiah Murray-1st place, Ethan Kluver-2nd place and Tristan Brown); Art (Briar Bleeker-1st place, Ashley Smith-2nd place, and Elijah Ohnstad); and Female Public Speaking (Alisha Kluver- 1st place, Katie O’Brien- 2nd place, and Kelsey O’Brien). 

Huge thanks to our judges and TFC Staff at Rochester:  Sheila Vokoun, Heather Anderton, Vona Murrell, Judy Tapp, Shaun Carter, Aaron Miller, Darrel Mohler, John Todor (Kasson), Darlene Pierce, Philip Muehe, April Clark, Troy Bleeker, Braden Bleeker, and Nate Vokoun.

-Submitted by Pastor Logan Friess (Rochester)


You are invited to attend the Northern Ladies' Spring Retreat on April 1-2 at Grace Baptist in Sartell. The theme is "Princess: Daughter of the King (Psalm 45:13." Special guest speaker is Anita Warnick. She and her husband Bob have been married for 25 years (four children). Bob serves as pastor of Calvary Chapel Baptist Church in Minster, OH. Registration begins on Friday at 6:30 p.m. Lodging arrangements have been reserved for you at AmericInn in Sartell ($125.91 per night). Contact Genna Kaiser for more information.

You are also welcome to attend the Southern Ladies' Spring Rally on April 23 at Calvary Baptist in Chatfield. Joy Hemsworth, former pastor's wife at Sauk Centre and currently serving with her husband at Missionary Acres (MO.), will be speaking on the theme of "Blest Be the Tie That Binds."  The event begins at 9:00 a.m. and runs until noon. Contact Cathy Anderson for more information.

Howard Bixby will be the speaker at the Northern Fellowship Meetings on April 18-19 at Southbrook Baptist in Wadena. Dr. Bixby is the Executive Vice President of ChristWay Ministries. He is deeply involved in assisting churches and pastors with strategic planning, training seminars, consulting and developing a passion for Biblical outreach and growth. Sessions begin on Monday at 11:00 and run through Tuesday afternoon. The AmericInn of Wadena is providing a special rate ($82) if you ask for "Baptist Pastor's Rate." Contact Pastor Jake Heppner for more details.


A new church is starting up in Rice! This effort is birthed by Grace Baptist Fellowship in Sartell. The group is led by Pastor Jesse Laidlaw. While the core group has been meeting for weeks, the official launch of the Two Rivers Baptist Church was on March 20. Pictured is Pastor Laidlaw being dedicated to this ministry by the leadership team of Grace Baptist in Sartell.


Over fifty men gathered on February 26-27 to enjoy fellowship, worship, preaching, food, activities, and Pastor Jim Goodew's yodeling (which turned out to be the only disappointment of the weekend). Evangelist Ross Crowe brought his A-game in both preaching and fishing instruction. The Bemidji church guys were UNSTOPPABLE on the broomball rink. The Baptists stomped the Shamineau camp staff at the volleyball net. The Lobbs were out in force with their regalia of misadventures and northern-style humor. Many of the men made decisions of spiritual impact during the messages and everyone enjoyed the free time for desserts, coffee, sharing and fellowship, and desserts. The only way this weekend could have been any better is if Pastor Derek Claypool would have demonstrated his opera talent, but it sounds like that will have to wait until next year - don't miss it!
 - Submitted by Pastor Jake Heppner (Wadena)


The Gospel Proclaimed conference was held March 7-9, 2016, hosted by Tri-City Baptist Church in Chandler, Arizona. Attenders represented a variety of geographical locations, Baptist associations and fellowships, institutions and agencies, and individual congregations, but rejoiced together at the unity they found in gospel truth and ecclesiastical principles.
John Sauser of Baptist Church Planters expressed delight at the hope the event offered. “I’m rejoicing, seeing God’s hand at work bringing these different streams together in this setting. There’s a sense that this mutual awareness and fellowship around God’s truth provides strength to advance His agenda for our various churches.”
Minnesotans attending the event included Greg Linscott and Zac Patke from First Baptist, Marshall, Matt Morrell and Kevin and Debbie Bauder of Fourth Baptist and Central Seminary, Plymouth, David Stertz of Sunrise Bible Church (North Branch), and Kyle Sherman, currently enrolled as a student at International Baptist College, a ministry of the host church.  Dr. Morrell’s opening night message addressed “Unity in Truth,” and was seen by many as a highlight of the conference.
The theme song of the conference, an original composition penned for the event by Chris Anderson, summarized well the heartbeat of those who participated:
We’re one in Christ, bought with His blood—
The holy church, called out to God.
The power that made our Savior rise
Has likewise formed the church of Christ.

The conference sessions may be viewed by visiting

- Reported by Pastor Greg Linscott (Marshall)


A new website is up and running. Find information on each camp, download information and register online. You can access the site HERE. Special thanks to Steve Patten and George Snyder for making this a reality.

Join us for Work Weekend on May 13-14. We have jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers. We want to get the grounds ready (mowing, trimming, plant flowers), paint, lay carpet, clean buildings, repair cabins,  service our vehicles/equipment, and much more. Men, women and youth are welcome to come. We will feed you and house you. We simply need to know in advance if you are coming.

A donor has offered us a $100,000 matching gift with a deadline of June 1. These monies will be used toward ur building program's "Shekels for Seven Projects" campaign. To date we have raised $81,000. Can you help us get the remaining need? Please pray and give as you are able.

Save some money for your camp this summer! Registrations that are postmarked by April 15 will receive the Early Bird Discount, saving you up to $40 off the cost of camp. You can register online or by mailing in the registration form from the brochure.

You are cordially invited to join us on April 22 for a camp Developer's Banquet at Faith Baptist Church in Albert. We will begin at 6:00 p.m. You will be treated to a meal by the host church, enjoy some good fellowship, and hear camping news.  An offering will be taken toward our developer projects for the year. We have a need of $10,000. Please RSVP (e-mail or call 507-373-4412) to the church by April 18. friend to camp, both you and your friend will receive $75 off the price of camp. Never been to Family Camp before? Rookie family campers receive discounts too ($50 per coule or $100 per family). Seniors (65+) can also receive 10% off the price of Family Camp.

Our Memorial Day Rally (May 30) will feature a voluntary Fun Run around Bass Lake (five miles), a program with guest speaker Pastor John Todor (First Baptist, Kasson), and a full meal provided by the camp. Cost is $13 per person (family maximum of $50) if registered by May 20. Registrations after that time are $20 per person (family maximum of $80).

Will you be our friend? Join us on the camp's FACEBOOK page. Here you will receive news and pictures of the camping program.

MARBC Calendar & Representative's Itinerary

APR. 1-2: Northern Ladies' Retreat, Sartell, Grace Baptist
APR. 10: Kasson, First Baptist
APR. 13: Austin, Grace Baptist
APR. 15: Early Bird Registration for Camp
APR. 17: Montevideo, Cornerstone Baptist
APR. 18-19: Northern Fellowship Mtgs., Wadena, Southbrook Baptist
APR. 19: Southern Pastor's Fellowship, Rochester, Calvary Baptist
APR. 22: Zak Patke Ordination, Marshall, First Baptist
APR. 22: Camp Developer's Banquet (6:00 p.m.), Albert Lea, Faith Baptist
APR. 23: Southern Ladies' Spring Rally, (9:00-12:00), Chatfield, Calvary Baptist
APR. 24: Brownsdale, First Baptist
MAY 1: Jeffers, Jeffers Baptist
MAY 3: Council of Seven Mtg., Blaine, Blaine Baptist
MAY 8: Gilbert: Lakeland Baptist, Gilbert
MAY 13-14: Camp Work Weekend, Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago
MAY 15: Chatfield, Calvary Baptist
MAY 22: Austin, Grace Baptist
MAY 24: Camp Board Mtg., Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago
MAY 28: Climbing Wall Training & Certification, Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago
MAY 30: Memorial Day Rally, Bass Lake Camp, Winnebago

General Fund: $6,124.04
Burden Bearers: $1,344.20
Northern Fellowship: $1,794.38

Church Planting: $34,504.65


Send us your news and pictures! Please note that there is no deadline to send us your news.  Once you have some news, send it our way and we will include it in the next newsletter.

Pray for First Baptist Church of Faribault as they seek God's man and family in the days ahead.


April 15: Early Bird Registration Discount
May 13-14: Work Weekend
May 30: Memorial Day
June 10-12: Fairmont Hispanic Ministry (Rental Group)
June 13-17: Staff Training
June 19-24: Royal Family Camp (Rental)
June 27-July 2: Family Camp
July 9-10: Counselor Training
July 11:16: Junior Camp (entering grades 4-6)
July 18-23: Jr. High Camp (entering grades 7-9)
July 25-30: Sr. High Camp (entering grades 10-12)
August 26-27: Ladies' Retreat
September 9-10: Men's Retreat
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