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One of the impacts the current pandemic has had concerns the area of our giving. Offering plates, in most churches, haven't been passed through the congregation in at least a year. Many churches have developed online giving and/or simply placed a box somewhere in the building where members and friends give. As I visit with our MARBC pastors, surprisingly, the vast majority of our MARBC churches have seen a surplus in giving the past year. God has been truly good in a year of stress and difficulty.

I believe financial giving is to be an integral part of our worship. It is much more than simply designating money to an area of need.
1. DID THE EARLY CHURCH FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORK OF THE LOCAL CHURCH? Yes. The testimony of Scripture is clear. Believers volunteered to sell possessions in order to produce revenue for the needs of the church (Acts 2:44; 4:32-37). The early church was moved to take up contributions for other believers (Acts 11:29; Ro. 15:25-26; 1 Cor. 16:1-3). This giving was done in a systematic way (i.e. weekly). The apostle Paul mentions his support came through the giving of churches which implies members had to give for this ministry (2 Cor. 11:8; Phil. 4:14-16).

2. WHY IS FINANCIAL GIVING SO IMPORTANT? God isn't needy whereby He is dependent upon our contribution (Ps. 50:10-12). He owns it all! Giving is more an exercise of our faith than helping God carry out His work.

God's Word promises a blessing to those who give (Prov. 3:9-10; Acts 20:35)! In fact, His blessing is in proportion to our giving (Luke 6:38). Being miserly is condemned in the Bible (Luke 12:18-21). God commands those have been blessed by Him to share their resources with others (Gal 6:6-10; 1 Tim. 6:17-18). Giving appears to be a part of our reckoning when our life comes to an end (Luke 16:2; Ro. 14:10; 1 Cor 3 :9-15). Make no mistake about it. God expects us to be gracious givers!


Most of us probably wish we could give more than we do. After all, there are so many needs. But we also realize we need to live within our means. Consider the following tips on how we can improve our ministry of giving.

CHECK THE AMOUNT OF YOUR GIVING! A debate is often discussed as to whether or not Christians today are obliged to tithe (give 10%) of their income. The New Testament certainly teaches proportional giving (2 Cor. 9:7), but it falls short of stating the proportion is a tithe or something different. If the Old Testament Jewish individual was mandated by the law to give 10%, why would a New Testament Christian want to do any less since he is moved by grace? As God blesses you through the years with an increase in your substance, be sure to share that increase.

CHECK THE ATTITUDE OF YOUR GIVING! Note how Jesus was concerned with how people gave (Mark 12:41). Giving should not be an ostentatious show of our generosity. Nor are we to give by necessity (i.e. through strong emotional pleas) or with sorrow and regret. Our giving is to be cheerful (2 Cor. 9:7, literally "hilarious"). Our giving is motivated by and with love (1 Cor. 13:3). The believer is so moved by God's grace and what the Lord has done for Him that he cannot help but to give.

Be worshipful as you give. How can we do this since most churches have eliminated the passing of the plate in a worship service? Recently, I was in a church where a meditative offering was played without the normal exercise of walking up and down the aisles to collect the gifts. I like that. It provided an opportunity to worship in giving even though the giving was done at a different time. Whether it is online giving or placing a gift in a box, as you do this, pause to thank the Lord for His provision and ask His blessing upon the church and the distribution of the funds. 

CHECK THE AVENUE OF YOUR GIVING! Where should our giving be routed? Today one can see a host of needs and opportunities to give (both secular and sacred). Make it a priority to first give to your local church. The church is the only place whereby we are told specifically God has His hand and blessing upon it (Matt. 16:18). After giving to your church one should consider giving to those in need (Gal. 6:6-10; Eph. 4:28; 1 Jn. 3:17), parachurch ministries (missions/camps/etc.) and secular organizations.

Try this sometime. Dedicate a time period (a week or a month) and commit to the Lord any extra income you may receive to be directed back to Him. You will be surprised how often someone may slip you $10 or a forgotten rebate arrives in the mail. Use that extra money for a mission's project or a need which resonates with your heart.

May God richly bless you as you give for His glory! Be as generous as you possibly can be.

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Two sisters, Mrs. Joy Hemsworth and Mrs. Sharon Loveall, will be speaking at Faith Baptist Church in Bemidji on April 9-10. Sessions will focus on "Navigating Through Life's Transitions." Registrations for the event should be postmarked by March 31 and sent to the host church. Contact Mrs. Sheila Stevens if you have nominations for NLF officers or special music for the meeting.

The NLF officers have discussed protocol in regard to Covid. Each lady that attends the retreat has a unique family situation and health concerns. As individuals we will need to make a decision on whether to be in a setting with a group of people. Out of consideration for the health concerns of all those attending the retreat, Faith Baptist Church will be arranging seating in the sanctuary to allow for adequate social distancing. You are also asked to wear a face mask when entering or moving around the building (you may remove the mask when you are seated). Masks and gloves will be used when serving food at the meals. In essence, we will try our best to follow protocol and be considerate of others, even those who may not be able to wear a mask because of asthma, etc., but we will not be the “mask police.”

Faith Baptist in Albert Lea will be hosting this meeting on April 17. Mrs. Crystal Pfenning will be the speaker. The theme is "Grow in Grace" (2 Peter 3:18). Please RSVP the church by April 3, if you plan to attend.

Several keynote women's speakers will be featured at Grace Baptist Church's "Broken, Yet Blessed" conference in Austin on September 17-18. Ladies, get these dates on your calendar as this is an event you will not want to miss. More information will be coming later.

It is noted this event will be held the same date as the MARBC Annual Meeting hosted by First Baptist in Faribault. It is the desire of the MARBC Rep, the Council of Seven and Grace Baptist's Pastor Mielke that God will richly bless both sets of meetings. Please attend the conference of your choice, but please, get involved with one of these fine meetings!

The annual MARBC Conference will be held on September 16-18 at First Baptist Church in Faribault. Note this is a Thursday-Saturday meeting. Our desire is to make this more than "a pastor's conference." There will be sessions and activities for all the members of the family. The featured speaker will be Dr. Michael Riley (Wakefield, MI.). Please mark your calendars now to note this important date change!

It is noted this event will be held the same date as the "Broken, Yet Blessed" ladies' conference hosted by Grace Baptist in Austin. It is the desire of the MARBC Rep, the Council of Seven and Grace Baptist's Pastor Mielke that God will richly bless both sets of meetings. Please attend the conference of your choice, but please, get involved with one of these fine meetings!

The northern churches of the MARBC want to invite all the churches of the MARBC to join us on April 26-27, 2021 for a Minnesota version of the M4 pastors conference. Pastor Scott Poling of Harvest New Beginnings Church in Oswego, IL will be hosting his M4 conference at Faith Baptist Church in Sauk Centre. We have invited the churches of the Minnesota Baptist Association (MBA) and the IARBC to join us too!

The cost of the conference is free (free will offering taken Monday night) and we are hosting a BBQ dinner on Monday night with a $10 per person cost (paid at the meal). We are asking for pastors and their staff to sign up online using our Google form that is linked from our digital brochure for the conference. All information on the conference is in our digital brochure. This is a phenomenal conference, and one that is highly sought after in the IL, WI, IA, IN, and surrounding states. We hope you will block these dates and make it a point to attend. The price is right and the hotels are inexpensive right now. Join us for an exciting time of encouragement, equipping, making friendships and refreshing your ministry with new ideas for ministry!
You can access the brochure HERE.

You can register for the conference HERE.
We hope to see you next month!
Joe DiVietro
Faith Baptist Church, Sauk Centre, MN

A total of eighteen young men and pastors enjoyed a get-away at the Lobb "shack" in northern Minnesota on February 25-26. The rustic facilities did not interrupt the great fellowship, food, activities and teaching of Bill Jenkin (President, Continental Baptist Mission). Pastor Caleb Lobb did a fantastic job of hosting the event in the line of succession of his grandfather (Wilfred Lobb) and father (Nathan Lobb). The weather was unusually warm, but there was snow on the ground to provide activities for the youngsters.

21: Grace Baptists, Sartell
26-27: Men for Christ Rally (Plymouth, MN.)
28: Brookdale Baptist, Moorhead

1: Employment Deadline for Counselors, Staff Supervisor at Bass Lake Camp
4: (EASTER) Calvary Baptist, Rochester
9-10: Northern Fellowship Ladies' Retreat (Bemidji)
11: Calvary Baptist, Rochester
13: Southern Pastor's Fellowship (Location TBA)
15: Early Bird Registration Bonus at Bass Lake Camp
16: Camp Developer's Banquet (Kasson)
17: Southern Fellowship Ladies' Rally (Albert Lea)
18: Fairmont Baptist, Fairmont
25: Cornerstone Baptist, Montevideo
26-27: Northern Fellowship Meetings (Sauk Centre)
28: First Baptist, Marshall

4 or 11: Council of Seven (Blaine) - Date is pending.
16: Blaine Baptist, Blaine
21-22: Work Weekend at Bass Lake Camp
23: Jeffers Baptist, Jeffers
30: Faith Baptist, Albert Lea
31: Memorial Day Rally at Bass Lake Camp

AND THE WINNER IS... Our logo contest is over and we are happy to announce a winner. Congratulations to Shelley Paxton (Fargo, ND.). Shelley created this design which we are excited to share. The colorful image certainly captures the elements we were seeking. This new logo and brand communicates the fun and excitement of our ministry. Thanks to everyone who submitted a design. Our eight judges commented on the quality of all the designs. Shelley wins a free youth camp or $300 off the cost of family camp!

WORKERS NEEDED: April 1 is the deadline for full-time camp employment. We are in need of young people to serve as counselors, lifeguard and a teen staff supervisor. These are all paid positions. There is no better way to gain personal experience and make an eternal impact all while getting paid for it! Applications are on the WEBSITE.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN! In fact, if you register by April 15, you can save some cha-ching! You can register HERE (go to the camp of your choice and click on the "Register Now" button near the bottom of the page) or send in your registration form through the mail "the old-fashioned way."

DEVELOPER'S BANQUET: Join us at First Baptist in Kasson on Friday, April 16 (6:30 p.m.) for our annual fundraising banquet. You will hear reports, be challenged from the Word and be treated to a delightful meal. All guests will receive a special commemorative glass celebrating 60 years of Christ-centered camping at Bass Lake. Please RSVP to the church with your numbers by Monday, April 4.

BUILDING PLANS: Our building team is busy visiting with a designer and placing the final touches on our design. We are in still in need of $219k to make this building a reality. Can you help us? Please consider helping us to advance the ministry of Christ-centered camping through the development of our facilities. Gifts can be sent to MRBC, 39725 225th St., Winnebago, MN. 56098.

WITH THE LORD: Former Camp Director Craig Busho graduated to Glory on March 12, 2021. He served as a director in the summer of 1977. Prior to his passing he lived in Tennessee. Funeral service will be on Friday, March 19 (12:30 p.m. EDT) at Rutherford County Baptist Church in Smyrna, TN. The service can be watched on the church's Facebook page.

CREATE A LASTING LEGAGY: Would you prayerfully consider giving to the camp through your estate giving or memorial gifts in honor of loved ones? Nearly every month the camp is blessed to have families remember the camp as loved ones graduate to glory. This is a fantastic way to promote the honor of those who go on before us.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook. The camp has a business page and a public group page whereby you can share your thoughts on the camping ministry. The Facebook feeds allow you to be informed of camp events on a regular basis. You will see pictures of building progress, our needs, deadline alerts and other useful information.

Check out the camp's WEBSITE for more information.


On Sunday February 28, we had our building dedication service. The service was well attended by our congregation, builders from Continental Baptist Mission (CBM) who led the building project last summer, and visitors from other area churches. We emphasized giving God the glory for all that was done this past summer, as well as the work He will do though our church in the future. It was a great time of prayer, singing, special music,  history of LBC, and a special message by Bill Jenkin, the president of CBM. This service also kicked off our Church Growth Conference which went through the following Wednesday, with Bill speaking for all of those services as well.
Thank you to all who have prayed for us through this exciting time. Please continue to pray for us as we put the finishing touches on the building, and pray that God will do a mighty work on the Iron Range through the folks here at Lakeland Baptist.


Send us your news and pictures! Please note that there is no deadline to send us your news.  Once you have some news, send it our way and we will include it in the next newsletter.

Pray for our churches in need of a senior pastor.
Cambridge, Calvary Baptist
Moorhead, Brookdale Baptist
Rochester, Calvary Baptist
Winnebago, Berean Baptist

Is your church interested in joining with an independent Baptist fellowship that works together so that each church's ministry is strengthened and expanded? The MARBC is a growing association of autonomous Baptist churches that is having an impact in our state. We would love to have you join with us.


April 1: Counselor Application Deadline
April 15: Early Bird Registration
May 21-22: Work Weekend
May 31: Memorial Day
June 7-11: Staff Training
June 21-26: Family Camp
July 5-10: Junior Camp (entering grades 4-6)
July 12-17: Jr. High Camp (entering grades 7-9)
July 19-24: Sr. High Camp (entering grades 10-12)
July 26-28: Primary Camp (entering grades 2-4)
July 30-Aug. 1: Young Adults Rally (post high school)
TBA: Breathe - A Women's Retreat
Sept. 10-11: Men's Retreat

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