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New Release

I'm pleased to announce that
The ABCs of Erotica - G is for Gigolo
has been released!

Candace is a woman who knows what she wants. She travels the world and happens to be stopping over in L.A. with one thing on her mind: red hot sex with no strings attached! After losing her husband, this sultry seductress is finally discovering herself. Widowed but wise and ready for action, Candace knows what she needs and she will take it right now. The old boundaries from her marriage no longer hold her back.
Gavin is a gigolo. Sex with women like Candace is his job. As he arrives at Candace’s high profile hotel, he’s prepped and pleasantly surprised to find her extremely attractive. Although he is about to provide a service of the most intimate kind, he sits poised and attentive as he makes Candace feel at ease. The two flirt while sipping red wine and begin to partake in light conversation that will soon get steamy.
Underneath the surface of Candace’s vulnerability lies a carnal nature just waiting to be discovered. Gavin is about to accompany Candace on a journey down an erotic path she never would have dreamed of.
This story contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and is intended for mature audiences only (18+).

Excerpt from The ABCs of Erotica - G is for Gigolo

Candace tried to relax. The touch of his hands on her was startling and the impulse to pull away almost overwhelming. She reminded herself that this was what she wanted. This was what she'd arranged for. Even though she did want it, she was nervous. She'd never been in such intimate contact with someone who was basically a stranger to her. That was part of what made it exciting. He had no preconceptions about her. She didn't have to do anything. There were no expectations beyond her own.

Gavin gently laid Candace back into the couch cushions. He pushed her skirt up to her waist and traced the edge of her panties with his finger. He slid his finger under the silky fabric and felt the moist skin between her legs.

Candace's eyes closed and her lips parted. As he found her clit, her breath caught. Her husband had never touched her this way. It made her languid and energized all at once.
"Candace, I want to taste you. I want to lick you. Do you want that?"

The story is available for purchase at major ebook retailers.

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New Covers

You may have noticed that The ABCs of Erotica series has a new look. Check out the sidebar for the new covers. I hope you like them! I'm very excited and you should see these covers being updated on eBook retailer sites soon.

Win a $20 Gift Card

I'm having a drawing for a $20 gift card for a fan! The gift card is your choice of Amazon.com, iTunes or Barnes & Noble. All you have to do is leave a review of one of my books and send me the link via email (malia_mallory@hotmail.com). Put "Review Drawing" in the subject. Examples of places you can find my work are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, AllRomance, Smashwords, Diesel, Goodreads, Shelfari and LibraryThing. A blog review also qualifies. You can be entered multiple times! Each book on each site counts for one entry (i.e., reviewing one book on two sites is two entries, reviewing two books on two sites is four entries etc). This drawing is running through the end of August so there is plenty of time. Newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about it!

Reader Poll

I'm running a poll on my blog to decide which letter in The ABCs of Erotica series to finish next. Readers can follow the link and vote! The choices are F is for Fantasy, K is for Kinky or N is for Naughty. You can also enter your own suggestion. Click here!


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What's Next?

I have several works in progress. I've been moving along on Clockwork Caning, a steampunk erotica novella. This novella is going longer than I anticipated. I can't wait to see where it goes! So far, Eloise and Nigel are still on their honeymoon. Eloise doesn't realize yet what is in store for her being married to a Dominant.

I am also working on stories from The ABCs of Erotica. Many are in the early stages. Vote in the poll to help choose what comes out next!

Free Reads
Don't forget that A is for Anal from The ABCs of Erotica is available for free from major ebook retailers. It's a short, teaser story. Just click!

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