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Feature Company BCIT

In this issue, Dave Cresswell, the Associate Director of Strategic Practices & Continuous Service Improvement for IT Services at BCIT, will continue to talk about BCIT's lean journey. Dave is passionate about lean. He has achieved Lean Sensei's Blackbelt Takumi certification and is currently pursuing our Master Blackbelt certification.

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Executive Coach Andrew McFadyen

Coach's Corner
Jake Cameron Lean Coach

Mieruka and Visual Management

In this issue, Jake will talk about Mieruka and Visual Management. The Japanese term mieruka means “visualization” or “Visual Control.” Another way of looking at this is to call it “management by eyes” - and the most effective visual control is one that can be understood ‘at a glance.’

In other words, the more visual your information is, the quicker others can understand and make decisions based on that understanding.

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