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Beginnings are a Gift

The days are longer now.  Anticipation for a brighter season calls out in unison with spring daffodils that stretch upward to greet the morning light.  The promise and surprise of new beginnings marks our calendars.  Projects lingering in the depths of our soul vie to see the light of day, and have their turn at centre stage.  And ultimately, if we’re honest, aren’t we longing for the transformation of change, but reluctant to step out because of the barrier of obstacles ahead? 

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Coach's Corner
Andrew McFadyen 
Executive Coach

If you are a typical organization, you likely struggle immensely with the whole concept of employee engagement.  Discouraging, yes, but true.  Please allow me to explain, and keep in mind that I care about you and want to help you and your business to succeed.  First, I must admit that my research is based only on a “small” sample size: a few thousand managers, a few hundred clients, dozens of business leaders, and multiple industry sectors.  Yet despite these logistical limitations, patterns have emerged in overwhelming regularity.  Yes my lean friends, I have come to the conclusion that most organizations don't really measure engagement well or even understand what it is.  I have seen companies and government agencies equating and measuring engagement through employee surveys, job satisfaction scores, retention rates, and other symptoms that represent a complex set of employee relations issues muddled together in a satisfaction score.  Frankly, these measures fail to get to the root of why people stay or go.  

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*BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Hybrid Greenbelt, get the best of Operations and Service
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