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April 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues

How are you and your family doing? I hope you are being practical and are staying safe with this Covid-19 challenge we're all facing. I've noticed that some folks are taking this seriously, while others are still assuming it is over-hyped. Personally, I am in the take it seriously camp—but don't hyperventilate.

Working From Home
I am pleased that my wife's employer sent all employees home with equipment and files necessary to get their work done. The owners are pitching in to help wherever possible. But now Penny and I have to deal with another PC workstation! Yes, I know, truly a "First World" problem.

So, the image above is my new corner office. And for heavy photoshop work, I use the remote desktop to tap into the Dell Workstation still in the home office. We needed this separation not only because of too much equipment but because we are both on the phone and or video conferencing, so we interrupt each other's calls if we aren't in separate rooms. This, I'm sure, is a familiar issue for many folks now working from home.

But now, on to what's in this issue of your newsletter.

Back in May of 2019, I wrote this piece about FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). When I wrote it, I had no idea that we would be facing this much uncertainty, but then, here we are. At the time of this writing, projections for the COVID-19 induced sick and dying are truly scary to me. I have to keep reminding myself not to make up stories, the "truth" is scary enough.

Opportunity in Complexity
A week later, I wrote this piece. What struck me as I reread this blog was this statement, "As I’ve said several times on this blog, businesses and individuals will continue to face an increasingly complex world and an accelerating rate of change." Now I had a different reason in mind for leaders having to deal with complexity. But boy, is that statement ringing true for me today.

I almost never pay attention to the stock market. I'm horrible at timing stock values. My meager assets are in instruments that are not directly tied to the DJIA or other indexes. My small amount of "play money" is not enough to worry about and is in an individual stock that is as volatile as the DJIA itself. So, what? Me worry?

Well, yes, a little. Not about my own situation, but worried about what the market and employment data are suggesting the future is for our economy. According to Bloomberg, a total of 3.28 million people filed for unemployment insurance in the week ended 3/21/2020. That number is likely to climb. The U.S. government has just passed more than $2.2 Trillion bailout package to help individuals and businesses. 

I think all of this means that we business owners and employees are going to be dealing with a whole new economic paradigm for the foreseeable future. What are your thoughts on this? How are you preparing? How are you helping neighbors and employees to survive?

Stay safe, keep loved ones safe, and Enjoy!

Best Regards,
Dave Kinnear
Executive Leader Coach
Vistage Chair

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

According to Linda Yueh, Adjunct Professor of Economics, this year and next are likely to be filled with uncertainty. She names the events we all know are on everyone’s minds—Brexit, US-China trade tensions, and European Union reforms. Since Professor Yueh’s specialty is economics, she goes on to point out that those disruptions are occurring at a vulnerable time. Fifty percent of U.S. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are expecting a recession in 2019. More than eighty percent of CFOs expect a slowdown by 2020.

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Nullius In Verba

Opportunity in Complexity

There are several posts on this blog that relate some thoughts I have about complexity and how our businesses are affected by the external forces in a global market. What I’m thinking about this time, however, is the opportunity we can find in that complexity.

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Leaders are

This month, I'm indulging myself by thinking and reading about technology, singularity, and the future. The Future Is Faster Than You Think, How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives, by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. I'm just shy of one-third of the way through and am fascinated by the way the authors have organized their thoughts for the future. 

Local Events

ENP Institute

I am impressed that ENP is providing open and free video conferences on topics of interest to leaders during this Coronavirus disruption. I hope you will take advantage of the ENP effort to continue providing value while also keeping us all safe.

Watch your favorite social media for the details of upcoming events. Here's one that we can all use: Strategies for Powerful Business Development in a Socially Distanced World.


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I often think of the Covey story about putting the big rocks in the beaker first, then the small stones, then the sand and finally the water. See, if you do all the little things first, there isn’t enough room in the day for the big important things.
Analogical transfer. Two examples are better than one. Try getting your team to find two different examples of other people's successful solutions to similar structural problems for the best results.
Whether you’re a member of a small team, the CEO of a large company, or the short end of the stick that sits next to a boring cousin at dinner, the way you present yourself through conversation sends an important message and leaves a memorable presence.
A study of 500 managers and executives concluded that 98 percent of business leaders fail to apply best practices when making decisions.
Military leaders know that battle plans do not survive the first shot. In other words, the enemy has a vote in your best-made plans. Reality has a way of modifying our relatively petty human plans!
Arguably one of the most valued and sought after skills that students are expected to learn is critical thinking. So what does the research tell us about critical thinking?
The opportunity to work with a coach in support of your development can be a game-changer for you in your career. Or not. The outcome, in large part, is up to you.
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Dave Kinnear
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 Executive Leader Coach
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