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April 2015

  Welcome to the latest issue of the Champs Public Health Collaborative c-update.
Key messages following the last Directors of Public Health executive board meeting can be found along with a number of news stories including:
  • Hypertension system wide appraoch forges ahead
  • CPD Programme 2015 - 2016 & Forthcoming Events
  • Matthew Ashton talks Domestic Abuse at the Our Life ‘Unscrewing the Lid on Alcohol & Housing Conference'
We hope you find this update useful and informative and would welcome any feedback you may have. Please send your feedback to
Liz Gaulton, Director of Public Health, St Helens & Chair of the Champs DPH Executive Board.

Director's News.

The Directors of Public Health received an end of year report, which detailed key achievements from the work of Champs Public Health Collaborative and commended all colleagues from local teams and partner organisations who have been involved in projects for the collaborative. There are many successes to be proud of. The Directors of Public Health will be sharing this report with local teams.
Fiona Reynolds, Interim Director of Public Health at Cheshire West and Chester Council, has agreed to be the lead Director of Public Health for Communications and Social Marketing.
An updated terms of reference for the Directors of Public Health Executive Board was approved with more emphasis on system leadership. A new map of Directors of Public Health lead roles across Cheshire and Merseyside has been developed.
Following the successful “Beat blood pressure” partnership event with Public Health England (PHE) in March, Jen Connelly, Specialty Registrar, and Ifeoma Onyia, Public Health Consultant at Halton, presented an update paper on the hypertension work with recommendations that were supported by the Directors. A new high level Board will be established alongside the Champs health care public health leads group and a network of hypertension champions. Read more about the focus of this work later in this update.
The draft champs public health collaborative 2015-17 business plan was approved along with the new CPD calendar. the CPD calendar has returned to the traditional format based on the feedback from the Collaborative Service evaluation.  
The NO MORE suicide strategy was approved in principle by the Directors subject to some further work around the action plan. The strategy will be disseminated in the near future following final ratification by the Cheshire and Merseyside Suicide Partnership Board.

Melanie Sirotkin, Centre Director for North West PHE gave an update on the consultation for the re-organisation of North West PHE and Julie Kelly, Head of Public Health for NHS England in Cheshire & Merseyside gave an update on the 0-5 contracts and that health visitor targets have been achieved in Cheshire & Merseyside and Cheshire & Merseyside local authorities, will, in future, have a named immunisation lead.

Hypertension system wide approach forges ahead.

Following the recent ‘Beat high blood pressure’ partnership event with PHE that took place in March, Champs Public Health Collaborative is forging ahead with the action plan to help create a system-wide approach that focuses on how different partners from across the health and care system can improve the prevention, detection and management of high blood pressure in the area. Read more on the Champs website.
The Champs Healthcare Leads group is now working on a sub-region-wide response to tackle hypertension. Dr Mel Roche, Public Health Registrar, is now based with the Champs Support Team to help establish the programme. The group hope to work with the national PHE team and learn from the innovative and successful programme in Canada.
Initially the focus is on:
  • Setting the vision, narrative and outcomes for the programme of work,
  • Mobilising the system, including establishing a governance framework and developing system support
  • Improving public awareness of hypertension to bring about large scale population change
Dr Heather Grimbaldeston, Lead Director of Public Health for Hypertension and Director of Public Health for Cheshire East, said: 'Our plan is to make great strides towards raising public awareness of high blood pressure across Cheshire and Merseyside. Our work will focus on developing a robust action plan that will ensure more people who have undiagnosed high blood pressure are identified and the quality of care improves for those who are diagnosed.'
Updates will be communicated via the Champs website and news briefings on an ongoing basis.
Key Hypertension facts:
  • Hypertension is the second highest risk factor for premature death
  • It is largely preventable.
  • More than 350, 000 people known to have hypertension in Cheshire and Merseyside
  • There are an estimated further 300,000 people are thought to have undiagnosed hypertension in Cheshire and Merseyside.
The Stroke Association’s - Know your blood pressure campaign.

As part of the Hypertension programme, Champs Public Health Collaborative encouraged partners across Cheshire and Merseyside to support the Stroke Association’s ‘Know Your Blood Pressure’ campaign, which aims to help people understand the link between high blood pressure and stroke.

'Know Your Blood Pressure Day' took place on April 18th and saw 162 events across the UK provide members of the public with a chance to check their blood pressure.

Dr Grimbaldeston, Lead continues: ‘Our innovative programme of work has enormous potential to positively impact on the health of the local population and to reduce inequalities. All of us can make the first step in tackling hypertension by making sure we know our own blood pressure!’

Events run throughout the year and the Stroke Association website can help you organise an event and begin raising awareness in your local community.

Champs CPD Programme 2015-16 & Forthcoming Events.

The Champs Public Health Collaborative CPD Calendar for 2015-16 is now agreed and a number of events are now scheduled in for the course of the year. The first three events are below and further details will be available on the Champs website.

The full CPD calendar for 2015-16 will be issued shortly via a dedicated news bulletin.

0-5 transformation of children’s public health services – towards a definition of school readiness.
Date:             Thursday 21st May 2015
Time:             9.00 for 9.30 am start until 1.00 pm
Venue:           Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington WA2 7NE  
Event Summary:  
This event, builds on the work to date in ensuring maximum impact is made of the revised Healthy Child Programme and the transfer of 0-5 public health responsibilities to Local Councils;  it is an opportunity for multi-disciplinary colleagues across Cheshire & Merseyside to come together and agree a definition of school readiness which can be used as the basis for all professionals and parents in terms of preparing children for school, identifying needs and prioritising interventions, aimed at addressing these needs.
Who should attend?
Health visitors, early years professionals, early years head teachers, senior practitioners and other managers who are working in children’s health and education.
A full programme and how to register for this event will be circulated shortly. Please note that places are limited per Local Authority.

North West Best Practice Development Event – Domestic Abuse.

Date:             Thursday 18th June 2015
Time:             10.00 am start until 1.00 pm
Venue:           FACT, Liverpool
Mental Health Champions.
Date:             Monday 6th July 2015
Time:            TBC
Venue:          TBC
The events page of the Champs Public Health Collaborative website is updated on a regular basis with all forthcoming events. Visit the site here.

Matthew Ashton talks Domestic Abuse at Our Life 'Unscrewing the Lid on Alcohol & Housing Conference'.

Matthew Ashton, Lead Director of Public Health for Domestic Abuse, and Director of Public Health at Knowsley was invited to present at the recent Our Life ‘Unscrewing the Lid on Alcohol & Housing Conference’.
Using early findings from the high profile Champs Public Health domestic abuse campaign, ‘Be a Lover not a Fighter’, Matthew informed delegates about the aims of the campaign that looked to raise awareness of the prevalence of domestic abuse, and how alcohol is strongly linked to the issue. 
Matthew said: ‘Alcohol can play a significant role in many domestic abuse cases. It is important that this link is recognised and that organisations across Cheshire and Merseyside that provide support to communities bear this in mind when dealing with domestic abuse and alcohol related problems.’
The ‘Be a Lover not a Fighter’ campaign evaluation is in progress and findings will be shared as soon as the report is ready. Information will be shared in future news bulletins and on the Champs website.
Learn more about the 'Be a Lover Not a Fighter' campaign here:
Our Life is a social enterprise providing support to organisations to engage local communities on complex and challenging wellbeing and health issues. Learn more here: 

Tobacco display ban.

On April 6th a new law came into force making it illegal to display tobacco products in all shops and businesses in England and Wales. The new law follows on from the tobacco display ban for all large shops which came into force in 2012. The ban has now been extended to all other shops and businesses, making it illegal for any retailer selling to the public to display tobacco products.

You can read the Tobacco Free Futures recent press release regarding this here.. clicking here.

Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Clinical Networks (CMSCN) Conferencing and Events.

CMSCN has released the study day programme for 2015-16. Click the following link for further details.