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In this newsletter: mountain gorillas in Uganda, a new book examining the implications of land deals in Africa and a project to conserve Bangladesh's national fish. 

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Uganda gorilla park

Uganda: Can a gorilla park deliver more benefits to local people?

A project aims to help poorer members of the community receive more benefits from a national gorilla park in Uganda through research and by advocating for change with national and local authorities.
Feeding the world
Climate change adaptation in Brazil
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Our work

IIED's worlk on global fisheries Buy me an ocean: incentives for marine conservation

Global fisheries are under increasing threat from a combination of factors, such as high-tech harvesting which has led to overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change. Recognising the importance of the fisheries sector for supporting millions of livelihoods, IIED is carrying out research that aims to propose solutions and ways forward, faced with this threat.

Providing economic incentives coiuld be one such solution. IIED is working on a project to increase the effectiveness of a scheme that rewards people who help reduce overfishing of the Hilsha fish in Bangladesh. As one of countries staple foods - the Hilsha fish is of national importance to Bangladesh but increased demand for the fish, has led to pressure on the fish species and on the 3 million who depend on it for their livelihood.
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From survival to competition From survival to competition: informality in agrifood markets in countries under transition

In the context of rapid urbanisation, resource scarcity, and the need to assure food security and safety, it is necessary to look at the implications of informality in agrifood markets where the majority of people still produce and trade. This case study explores these implications through the lens of a country in transition- Peru.

Other recent publications:

Meeting small-scale farmers in their markets

Mapping the changing face of investment

China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform: Report of an inception event and future agenda

The role of community-based natural resource management in climate change adaptation in Ethiopia: Assessing participatory initiatives with pastoral communities

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Climate resilent growth in Kenya Ensuring devolution supports adaptation and climate resilient growth in Kenya

Effective governance of natural resources is crucial for adaptive capacity and climate resilient growth. Poor governance and exclusion of local voices (particularly from planning and management of natural resources) has eroded dryland communities’ distinctive capacity to adapt. But building on Kenya’s new constitution, a devolved Climate Adaptation Fund is being piloted in Isiolo County. It puts local priorities at the heart of the development agenda, and can integrate local adaptive strategies and innovations into national policy, providing insights that could also help reform development planning systems in other drylands.
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TEDx Talk: now online

In last month's newsletter we told you about a TEDx talk from Dr David Satterthwaite, senior fellow in IIED’s Human Settlements Group. In the TEDx Talk, which is now online, Satterthwaite tells the story of two innovative funds that have enabled low-income communities in more than 200 African and Asian cities to build and upgrade houses and improve water, sanitation and other important services.

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