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Newsletter, November
A blog series on business and sustainable development, our new podcast on energy access, D&C Days re-launch and more in this month's IIED newsletter.
From community nurseries to multinational corporations: businesses of all sizes can contribute to sustainable development (Photo: K. Traumann/CGIAR Climate)

Bringing business into the conversation on sustainable development

IIED's new blog series looks at how businesses and investors are increasingly connecting with the sustainable development agenda. It explores the challenges and opportunities faced by business and investors as they start to look at delivering positive social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns. 

The series is part of IIED's work to promote new ways of working and new alliances in order to address global development and environmental challenges. Read the news story for more information and links to the newest blogs.

The sunbird is found in western and central Africa. The Connect project aims to communicate information about biodiversity to policymakers (Photo: Brendan Ryan, Creative Commons via Flickr)
Blog by Rosalind Goodrich

Information value chains – from data to research communication

What’s needed to sustain the flow of information from field data to policy communication? Rosalind Goodrich reports from a meeting that considered how to get biodiversity information to the heart of government decision-making.

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"Every policy process should be able to access biodiversity information and use it to consider the implications of a decision on the environment, as well as on people and the economy."

–  Rosalind Goodrich, IIED Head of research communications
Make Change Happen podcast episode 2
Make Change Happen podcast

Latest IIED podcast puts the focus on energy access 

The second episode of IIED's ‘Make Change Happen’ podcast, Delivering energy access for all' highlights the importance of energy access as a driver for sustainable development.

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Development & Climate Days, 8 December 2019
D&C Days has moved to Madrid!

Join us for the 17th Development & Climate Days at COP25

D&C Days 2019 will take place on Sunday, 8 December 2019 in Madrid during the middle weekend of this year's UN climate change talks. The event was switched to Spain's capital following Chile's decision to pull out of hosting the climate talks in Santiago.

Find out more and register to attend
Inspecting the quality of fibre obtained by capturing and shearing wild vicuñas. A successful trade ban and sustainable use plans have increased vicuña population numbers (Photo: SERNANP)
Guest blog by Olivia Wilson-Holt

Who’s listening? Community voices on illegal wildlife trade 

To effectively fight poaching and illegal wildlife trade, governments, NGOs and their partners across Latin America must listen to, engage with and provide incentives for the communities that live alongside wildlife.

Read the blog with a report from a recent community voices event
Mangroves being planted as part of a climate change adaptation strategy in the Philippines (Photo: Jessie F. Delos Reyes/USAID, Creative Commons via Flickr)
Blog by Barry Smith

Towards better assessment of adaptation results

How can countries align their climate adaptation assessment mechanisms with other frameworks? Barry Smith highlights opportunities for achieving effective adaptation monitoring and evaluation.

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The critical role of science in guiding UN climate negotiations
Backgrounder, 2 pages

The critical role of science in guiding UN climate negotiations 

The role of scientists in informing and guiding the UN climate change negotiations is critically important and the most recent report on holding global temperature rise to 1.5°C received a particularly contentious response within the UN decision-making body. In the face of an escalating climate crisis, governments must use the best available science to take rapid and proportionate action.

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Accelerating energy access with aggregation
Insights, 4 pages

Accelerating energy access with aggregation 

‘Decentralised energy systems’ complement grid extension, but need public and private investment of over US$20 billion annually to meet the ambition of the SDGs. Looking to 2030, IIED has identified aggregation as a promising accelerant to energy access, one that should interest impact investors, institutional financiers, foundations and others.

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IIED Briefing papers
IIED Briefing papers


Ensuring COP25 delivers increased ambition in 2020

Thriving in diversity: smallholders organising for climate resilience

Proposed solutions for inclusive shelter in Hawassa

Shelter for all: towards more inclusive housing in Mogadishu

Towards holistic solutions to Nairobi’s affordable housing crisis
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