A school of fish swim along a reef. The first 'Insights' examines models for investment in marine protected areas (Photo: Philip Hamilton/Blue finance)

IIED launches new 'Insights' series linking business and sustainability

IIED's new series of 'Insights' is aimed at bringing together business, investors and civil society to work on effective sustainable development solutions. The Insights will explore a variety of current environmental and development challenges and examine practical ways that business and investors can contribute.

Laura Kelly, director of IIED’s Shaping Sustainable Markets research group, says IIED aims to support business to deliver positive change. In the first of the new series of ‘Insights’ case studies, we look at a business model that could be the key to bridging the marine conservation funding gap: read 'Navigating ocean investments'.

"The increase in interest in finance and business helping to address the environmental and social crises is very timely – but how do we ensure that these efforts have real impacts and reach the poorest?"

–  Laura Kelly, IIED’s Shaping Sustainable Markets research group
Navigating ocean investments

Navigating ocean investments

Threats to our ocean are climbing both public and political agendas, but positive intentions must deliver concrete initiatives that protect the ocean and involve the coastal communities whose livelihoods depend on it. Marine protected areas (MPAs) are a promising example. With a rigorous science-based approach, effective management and the right investment, MPAs are one of our best tools for protecting marine biodiversity.

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