In this month’s and share a new IIED animation, download a recent issue paper on inclusive green growth in Kenya and find out about our plans at World Water Week later this month.
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Watch and share IIED's new SDG animation

Watch and share IIED's new SDG animation

Bringing the SDG's to life; real change for real people, a three minute animation commissioned by IIED , sets out to capture the universal ambition set out in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourage world leaders and citizens to act. We are keen for our animation to be used as widely as possible so please watch and share!
Cecil the lion, who was controversially hunted and killed last week, is pictured in 2014. But a ban on trophy hunting may not save lions and have unintended consequences (Photo: Vince O'Sullivan, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

RIP Cecil the lion – what will be his legacy? And who should decide?

Outrage over the death of Cecil the lion has led to calls for a ban on trophy hunting, but would this have the desired results?

The Mercato in Addis Ababa is Africa's largest market. This month there was another major gathering in Addis Ababa as thousands of politicians, policymakers and civil society leaders came together for the third Financing for Development summit (Photo: alvise forcellini, Creative Commons via Flickr)

Why universality is a taxing agenda…

Read the latest blog from IIED director Andrew Norton, as he reflects on the Financing for Development conference in Addis and the challenge of 'universality'.


Spotlight on... smallholder farmers and large dams in West Africa

Spotlight on... smallholder farmers and large dams in West Africa
The Global Water Initiative (GWI) in West Africa publishes regular policy briefings and fact sheets. These provide examples and advice for supporting smallholder farming in large dam-irrigated schemes, as well as on how to ensure fair compensation and security of land tenure for communities affected by new dams.

Topics covered so far include: agricultural advisory services; local development funds; and processes for obtaining free, prior and informed consent. GWI is an action-research and advocacy project. We work with family farmers and governments to shape policies and practices that support livelihoods and food security in the context of large multi-purpose dams. The project is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and implemented by IIED and IUCN.

New publications this month

Humanitarian response to urban crises: a review of area-based approaches
Elizabeth Parker, Victoria Maynard

In recent years there has been increasing interest in area-based approaches among humanitarian actors responding to urban crises. Through analysis of case studies, as well as available policy literature, this paper proposes that, in an urban context, area-based approaches have three defining characteristics: they are geographically targeted, and adopt a multi-sectoral, participatory approach.
Inclusive green growth in Kenya: Opportunities in the dryland water and rangeland sectors
Inclusive green growth in Kenya: Opportunities in the dryland water and rangeland sectors
 Caroline King-Okumu

Green growth promises to provide the economic incentives that resource-dependent dryland communities need to achieve sustainable inclusive economic development. The main objective of this analytical study was to assess the drivers of change in Kenya's arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) areas, with an emphasis on the water, rangeland management and livestock enterprise development sectors.
Democratising international investment law: recent trends and lessons from experience
Democratising international investment law: recent trends and lessons from experience
Lorenzo Cotula

Around the world, citizens’ groups are stepping up advocacy on international investment law – by scrutinising treaty negotiations, intervening in investor-state arbitrations, catalysing grassroots mobilisation or promoting public debate.  This report discusses the conceptual underpinnings of a fundamental challenge to “democratise” international investment law; reviews trends in citizen engagement with international investment law; and distils lessons from some recent civil society experience.


Land rights, international law and a shrinking planet

Inclusive governance of informal markets: the street vendors of Surakarta

Making the links between woodlands and wellbeing: a multi-stakeholder approach

IIED at World Water Week 2015

Family farmers growing rice on their plot of land in the irrigated perimeter of Sélingué dam in Mali (Photo: Mike Goldwater/GWI West Africa)
IIED along with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as part of the Global Water Initiative in West Africa are convening a side event at this year’s World Water Week, which runs from 23 - 28 August 2015.

The event, Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa, will share some of the lessons from the work of the GWI in West Africa, and exchange experiences with others from across the globe about how to make large multi-purpose dams benefit local as well as national development.

When: Sunday, 23 August (4-5.30pm)
Where: Room FH 201
More information on the IIED website

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