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In this issue: big dams in Niger, reducing urban poverty in the global South, biomass energy in South Africa and a house with many rooms...

IIED newsletter, September 2013

News and blogs

Cyclone Nargis destroyed this home in Rangoon, Myanmar in 2008

A house with many rooms: Addressing loss and damage from climate change

The global community has been too slow to limit greenhouse gas emissions and too slow to adapt to the impacts that climate change will bring. Loss and damage are now inevitable.
Women working together to build a solar lighting circuit board. Credit: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh
Inga-1 Hydroelectric Dam
Smallholder forest-farm in Myanmar
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Our work

More patience, less protest: the new politics of the urban poor New book : Reducing urban poverty in the global South

'Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South' is the latest book from IIED's David Satterthwaite and Diana Mitlin. There is a growing recognition that the scale of urban poverty in the global South has been overlooked – and that it is increasing both in numbers and in the proportion of the world’s poor population that live and work in urban areas. This book will be an invaluable resource for researchers and postgraduate students in urban development, poverty reduction, urban geography, and for practitioners and organisations working in urban development programmes.
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Cover image: Getting the Engagement of Local Institutions in the UN Development Agenda Post-2015Getting the Engagement of Local Institutions in the UN Development Agenda Post-2015

This working paper looks at the pivotal involvement of local governments in implementing and ‘localising’ the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It argues that the importance of these local governments must be recognised in discussions on the post-2015 sustainable development goals.

More publications:

An approach to designing energy delivery models that work for people living in poverty

Report of Workshop on Bio-cultural Heritage and Traditional Agriculture: Challenges and Possibilities

Turning green the strategic way: the role and potential of strategic environmental assessment in securing a green economy

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 Land grabbing: is conservation part of the problem or the solution?Land grabbing: is conservation part of the problem or the solution?

Large-scale land acquisitions are increasing in pace and scale, in particular across parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. This briefing presents the experience of international development, wildlife and human rights practitioners, shared at a symposium on land grabbing and conservation in March 2013.


More new briefing papers:

Reducing ‘forest footprints’: tackling demand for forest-risk commodities

How can the private sector contribute to delivering climate justice?

South African biomass energy: little heeded but much needed


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Understanding and protecting biocultural heritage innovations

IIED will be hosting a side event in Montreal next month, at the Convention on Biological Diversity Working Group on Article 8(j).

Date: Wednesday 9 October at 13.15pm

The side event will present the emerging findings of research on biocultural innovations, and consider the implications for sui generis systems to protect traditional knowledge innovations and practices. The event is co-organised by IIED, ANDES (Peru) and the Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy (China).

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