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Funding ornithological research
BOU grant and bursary schemes now open for applications

The BOU offers two different award schemes for those undertaking ornithological research around the world.

Both schemes are now for applications for projects running from spring 2014.

BOU Small Ornithological Grant Scheme
This scheme provides awards of up to £2000 per project and is aimed at supporting small projects outright and to part-fund medium-sized research programmes. Deadline 30 November 2013.

View - grant guidelines and application form
View - previous awards

BOU Career Development Bursary
Our bursary scheme supports students and early-career ornithologists (between first and higher degree programme or immediately after completion of a higher degree) undertake short-term (up to 10 weeks) research positions away from their home institute. Successful proposals will aim to develop the skills that will be useful for the applicant's future career in ornithology. Awards of up to £2500 are available.
Deadline 30 November 2013.

View - bursary guidelines and application form
View - previous awards


The ecology and conservation of birds in alpine and upland habitats

The BOU 2014 annual conference
University of Leicester, UK

1 - 3 April 2014

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AOU 2013
Chicago, US
13 - 17 Aug 13


SCO 2013
Winnipeg, Canada
12 - 14 Aug 13

Norwich, UK
27 - 31 Aug 13

Cluj, Romania
17 - 21 Sept 13

Waterbird Society
Wilhelmshaven, Germany
24 - 29 Sept 13

Wilhelmshaven, Germany
27 - 30 Sept 13


Cork, Ireland
23 - 24 Nov 13

AOC 2013
Auckland, New Zealand
4 - 7 Dec 13

IOC 2014
Tokyo, Japan
18 - 24 Aug 14

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Photos © Daniel Cox (bird ringing), Malice Smith (Whimbrel) and Christina Ieronymidou (conference)
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