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Database of Ornithological Institutes

The BOU is developing a database of global ornithological research institutes (university departments, NGOs, bird observatories, societies, etc) in order to aid collaboration and communication within the ornithological community.

Please contribute to this initiative by telling us about the place where you undertake your ornithological research.

We are also interested in ornithological societies which may not conduct their own research but fund (e.g. provide research grants) and/or promote (e.g. on social media) others' research.



#theBOUblog has fast become the go to place to promote your ornithology paper and research. We publish a new blog post each Monday. Here are some of our recent posts illustrating the diversity of topics in #theBOUblog.

Bird whereabouts reveal key habitat attributes
Vitek Jirinec, Robert E. Isdell & Matthias Leu

Climate and the wanderings of a colourful marsh bird
Andrew Farnsworth

Seed dispersal by scatter-hoarding corvids
Mario B. Pesendorfer

Broadbills sing with their wings
Alex Kirschel

What do Great Tit pairs talk about?
Ingrid Boucaud

Diet of a threatened island pigeon
Haruko Ando

"To know it, is to love it"
Ricardo Correia

Impacts of driven shooting of Red Grouse
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Advances in avian tracking methods

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Warwick, 28 - 30 Mar 2017

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If you've published a paper recently, or have one due out, in any journal, then promote it on #theBOUblog. We'll also push it on social media for you!

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Griffon Vulture image Â© מינוזיג | via Wikimedia Commons | CC-Zero
Black-tailed Godwit image Â© Andreas Trepte | via Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 2.5