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IBIS - new issue highlights 
Volume 155  |  Issue 3  |  July 2013

July’s issue of Ibis contains 13 full papers and five Short Communications, plus the 8th edition of The British List - the official list of birds recorded in Britain.

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Our featured paper presents the results of a long-term study of the demography of Red Grouse in upland Britain, revealing a number of inter-related patterns that can be attributed to climatic change. They found that although laying dates have advanced by around 10 days between 1992 and 2011, there was no evidence of a phenological mismatch between chick hatching and prey emergence, and concluded that the study population is resilient to the climatic changes it has experienced so far. In their accompanying Commentary article, Dan Chamberlain and James Pearce-Higgins point out that such long-term studies of a number of demographic mechanisms  are needed in order fully to understand and predict the impacts of climate change, a salutory lesson in an age of short-termism.


Other papers in this issue include: 

  • An egg rejection experiment showing that prinias can use ultraviolet (UV) reflectance to detect and eject foreign eggs, but that non-UV relectance has been more important in the evolution of strategies against nest parasites  |  View abstract  
  • A reassessment of an earler (2010) paper assessing the fitness correlates of intronic variation in the CHD1-Z gene; a larger sample size confirms the surprising result that variation in the CHD1-Z gene may indeed have arisen as a byproduct of selection acting on females during the egg and chick-rearing stages of the reproductive cycle  |  View abstract
  • An assessment of the taxonomic relationships within the ibises (Threskiornithidae) based upon an analysis of skeletal characteristics; contrary to results obtained in molecular based phylogenies, the present analysis supports a basal divergence of crown group Threskiornithidae into a clade comprising Threskiornis and Platalea and a clade comprising all other ibises  |   View abstract
  • A study of the genetic population structuring of a large raptor, Bonelli’s Eagle, suggesting that western Mediterranean populations may exhibit a metapopulation structure, but that the small, isolated and ecologically unique population in SW Portugal has the lowest diversity and highest differentiation, meaning that it should be treated as a distinct conservation management unit  |  View abstract

Other items
  • Book reviews | View
  • The British List (8th Edition) | View
  • BOU Union Medal - Neil Bucknell | View
  • BOU Godman-Salvin Medal - Rob Fuller | View
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The ecology and conservation of birds in alpine and upland habitats

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