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IBIS - now the no. 1 journal in ornithology 
Plus the BOU blog: does eyelid colour have a function?
The 2011 Impact Factor rankings now list IBIS as the no. 1 journal in ornithology
In 2008 IBIS was no. 5 in ornithological journals in ISI's rankings. Three years later, with an Impact Factor of 2.43, IBIS is now ranked no. 1 of the 20 ornithological journals listed by ISI.

 The rise is a testament to the hard work of all those associated with IBIS in recent years.
The rise began in 2002 when Andy Gosler (University of Oxford) was the sole editor when we moved the journal to our new publisher, Blackwell Publishing (now Wiley Blackwell). Andy oversaw the move to an online submission system as part of a bespoke journal online management system which he managed with journal assistant, Claire Devereux. When Andy retired as editor in 2005, the BOU replaced his part-time position with a team of five editors, Paul Donald (RSPB), Jerry Wilson (RSPB), Dan Chamberlain (then BTO, now University of Turin) and Ruedi Nager (University of Glasgow), headed up by Mike Brooke (University of Cambridge) as Editor in Chief. Rauri Bowie (University of California-Berkeley) was appointed in 2006 and the following year Angela Langford was appointed as our full-time journal manager. The same year an old friend of IBIS, Patrick Smith, joined us as proof-reader (having previously worked with us as a staff member at Blackwells). In 2009 Paul Donald replaced Mike Brooke as Editor in Chief, providing us with continuity and succession for the first time. The stability of the editorial team since 2005 has played a huge part in IBIS’s growth.
Behind the scenes lies a much wider community of authors, reviewers (now listed annually in the last issue of each volume) and Associate Editors (listed on the inside front cover of the journal and online). The editors will be the first to acknowledge that journals and the peer-review system rely totally on the wider scientific community to write, submit and review all the papers IBIS and other journals publish. To our community we say a huge thank you for your important work in making IBIS the journal it is today.

IBIS was massively loss-making before 2002 (to the point that the BOU nearly went under in 2001) before our move to Blackwells. Since the move, the business side of the journal has been managed by the BOU’s Steve Dudley and the IBIS Management Committee chaired up to 2011 by Jenny Gill (University of East Anglia) and latterly Ian Hartley (Lancaster University). Other members between 2002 – 11 have been Mark Bolton (RSPB), Keith Hamer (University of Leeds), Andrew MacColl (University of Nottingham) and Jim Reynolds (Birmingham University), and BOU Officers Alistair Dawson (CEH), Chris Perrins (University of Oxford) and Peter Oliver. This wider team helped in managing both the business and editorial policy sides of the journal, overseeing a rise in journal growth and income. Financially, IBIS is increasingly important to the BOU, particularly during the current economic climate, and helps the BOU to continue to deliver key activities to the ornithological community such as bursaries, research grants and conferences.
They say reaching the top is the easy bit. Staying at the top is a much harder task. But we’re confident in both our own BOU-Wiley Blackwell team’s abilities and the desire within the wider ornithological community to maintain IBIS as the top ornithological journal.

The BOU would like to thank the Wiley Blackwell team, in particular Debbie Wright (Journal Publishing Manager), Graeme Henderson (Production Editor), Paul Eddowes and Jack Yuille (Journal Publishing Assistants) and Davina Quarterman and Jo Cipolla (List Marketing Managers).
The BOU Blog

A recent study has found that the contrasting eye colour and eyelids of some wildlfowl has a defined function.
The Univeristy of Birmingham's Graham Martin explains more.
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