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This will be the last newsletter for 2015. We'll be taking the next 2 weeks off. Today we are revisiting the most popular articles of 2015. 

Everyone at Only Influencers wishes you a happy and healthy  holiday season and we'll see you again in 2016. 

The Most Popular Email Articles of 2015

Deliverability, Engagement, and the Theory of Email Marketing

by Dela Quist

Ever since the final session at EEC 2015, it’s been a seismic few weeks for the email community when it comes to understanding deliverability from the perspective of the inbox providers. In that session, a seemingly innocuous question from yours truly turned what would have been a worthy, but predictable panel on deliverability featuring 4 major inbox providers (AOL, Comcast, Gmail and Outlook) into one of the most controversial and talked about panels in the history of the EEC.

It would be disingenuous to say I wasn’t expecting some controversy to result from my intervention, but even I have been surprised by how visceral the reaction has been. Looking back, I should have been more prepared because my question exposes a deep and enduring fault line within email marketing with a simple word at the heart of it: engagement.

Putting revenue to one side (because everyone claims their approach will lead to more money), the two sides can be broadly defined as follows:

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The First 90 Days as an Email Marketer

by David Baker

Have you taken on a new role?  With the average tenure of email marketers at just under those of politicians and CMOs, new leaders and managers need to think about the first 90 days both tactically and strategically.

I love the book “The First 90 Days" by Michael Watkins.  Aside from personalized newborn-baby books, I’ve likely bought more versions of this book as gifts for industry colleagues than any other book.  It's so compelling to me because it made me re-evaluate things I knew intuitively but didn’t quite know how to structure.     

Many people in new jobs remind me of a local 5K race.  When the gun goes off, half the group sprints for the first 100 yards with visions of victory are in their mind, only to fade to a walk/trot after they get out of spectators' view.

The First 90 Days lists 10 core principles, which I wrote down on a yellow Post-It note and taped to my monitor screen. It sat there for close to 5 years: 

  • Promote Yourself
  • Accelerate Your Learning
  • Match Strategy to Execution
  • Secure Early Wins
  • Negotiate Success
  • Achieve Alignment
  • Build Your Team
  • Create Coalitions
  • Keep Your Balance
  • Expedite Everyone

With these principles as your framework, you can dig in to the six most important things you need to do in your first 90 days.

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7 Tips to Nail Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

by Daniel Pucket

Not in the business of hearts, perfume or roses? No biggie, you can still crush it with your V-Day campaign.

Did you know that people are willing to spend on average $130.97 on Valentine’s Day for their significant other (US National Retail Federation)? Heck, 3% of pet owners will even give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets! That’s why you are missing out on some big bucks if you aren’t crafting killer V-Day email campaigns, even if you aren’t a jewelry store or chocolate shop. Here are 7 tips on creating an incredible Valentine’s Day email, for ANY company or product.

Craft a killer subject line.

Valentine’s Day email volume is second only to the Christmas holiday season and your subject line is your first (and perhaps only) chance to make an impression. With buckets of email campaigns landing in your reader’s inbox, you need to ensure your subject line crushes it. 

Experian Marketing Services found that the key features of the highest performing subject lines during V-Day were gift and card ‘ideas,’ personalized greetings, including a heart symbol and using the word ‘sweet.’ So, keep those ideas front of mind when you are looking to catch they eye of your reader.


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The Three Mobile Email Techniques

by Elliot Ross

Did you know that sometimes your users will open email on a mobile device? I know, it was a shock to me too. But here we are in 2015, and after at least 5 “the year(s) of mobile email”, we’ve mostly got past the idea that we have to at least do something to consider this.

There’s plenty of stats and reasons why mobile is important – we won’t focus on those here (though, for the record, it’s around 55% opening on mobile for the average audience). However I have seen a bit of misinformation and confusion around mobile email design lately, so I thought it’d be useful to look at the three main approaches to improve the experience for mobile users.

Spoiler alert: the best approach is to adopt all three.

Mobile Friendly

As a base level, it’s a great idea to incorporate basic mobile friendliness into your design.

What we’re trying to achieve here is essentially a ‘desktop’ email, but one that looks ok and is still usable if appears zoomed out on a mobile device.

Common ways to do this include:

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Attention CMO's: Get Technical or Die

70% of email marketers don’t have time to think of subject lines, and only 5% use advanced analysis techniques"

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the power struggles between the teams traditionally responsible for information technology and those responsible for marketing. Heidrick & Struggles sums up the collision of these two functions very well:

“Yesterday, CMOs and CIOs had little in common except places at the executive leadership table. Today, they are being driven together by the proliferation of technology platforms, the torrent of big data, and the almost limitless choices and power customers now enjoy. Tomorrow, the two roles could converge in a single position.”

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