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Issue 27: February
by Vanessa Gravenor

A group of screens lie upon a gray industrial floor, entangled within one another like roots in a rhizomatic structure. Each of the screens project different images of alternate digital worlds. Is this digital culture showing its inherent networked structure?  A flat first inquiry.  On the walls, one sees other screens deconstructed and ripped apart. There is an organism, perhaps a motherboard, or the screens internal thinking system, laid bare. It is connected, like an umbilical cord, to the monitor screen, which displays a psychedelic system (a kitschy sequence of images—for sure—reminiscent of Las Vegas).

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by Caroline Picard

Chicago-based painter Andrew Holmquist thinks and works through multiple mediums to reflect—not only on the act of painting and its central position in his practice, but also the (primarily male) body moving through space. His latest exhibition, Stage Left, includes 26 new works ranging from paintings on canvas, ceramic collaborations, a collaborative fashion sculpture, a collaborative film, and two red-tinted freezer partitions that divide the gallery into three parts. While remaining fully in the realm of abstraction, each work points to one or several human figures, always in motion and never quite coherent.

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by Hiba Ali

For people of color, the existence of communities is framed within the Western political framework as perpetually “new” — as though to presuppose a previously absent history. Nexo/Nexus: Latin American Connections in the Midwest, currently on view at the DePaul Art Museum, contravenes and corrects this narrow socio-political assessment. The works featureed are sourced entirely from the museum’s collection, organized by Bibiana Suàrez — DePaul Professor of Art and Vincent de Paul Professor of Art, Media, and Design— and Delia Consentino, DePaul Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture. The two poignantly address the interconnected experiences of Latin American artists rooted in the Midwest region, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. 

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Earth/Nature + Individual Preparation = Sovereign Integral Realization, Document Gallery, 2016. Custom display monitor, media player, 2'43" loop, courtesy of artist 

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