Advanced Yoga Training with Mia Park this month! Tai Chi workshop with Tim! Upcoming CEU with Tim for Acupuncturists! 
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March Newsletter

Tai Chi Workshop this Week!

The following Taiji principles will be covered:

What is internal practice?

  • Understanding yin/yang, empty/full, substantial/insubstantial
  • 5 Loosening Exercises-listening to body movements
  • Taiji form-listening to the forces
  • 8 Push Hands exercises-listening to intention, activation, forces
  • Meditation-how to go deeper (body, emotional and mental levels)
Attendees of this workshop must have experience doing taiji. No beginners, please.

Date, time and cost below:

Sat., March 12th: 2pm-5pm

Cost: $60

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March Siva Special

Bring a friend to class for free!



How to Take a Better Intake for Acupuncture 
with Tim Suh

This CEU course for TCM practitoners and students will cover Review of Symptoms, Physical Exam and medical report writing to back up insurance claims. 

$120 for 4 hours of CEU/PDA
$60 for TCM Students

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

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Subtle Body Sequencing: An Advanced Yoga Training
with Mia Park

This advanced yoga training is intended for teachers and experienced students who want to deepen their understanding of subtle body techniques in their practice and teaching. Our physical bodies function in tandem with inner forces that comprise the subtle body. The power of a yoga practice depends on the ability to access this inner, subtle body. Working with this nuanced energy can bring deep mental, physical and emotional healing, as well as bring a deeper sense of fulfillment and enrichment to your practice as a student and teacher.

Expect daily yoga practices that include asana, pranayama, meditation, marma points, bandhas and mudras. 

You will be introduced to the philosophy, theory and practical application of:
  • Prana Vayus
  • Koshas
  • Gunas and Doshas
  • Marma Points and Nadis
  • Bandhas
  • Mudras
  • Meditation and Visualization
You will practice these techniques and practice teaching them. Journaling homework will be given; please bring paper and something to write with.

There will be a one-hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday. This workshop must be taken in its entirety, no daily drop-ins permitted.

**CE Units available**

Dates: Fri., March 18th: 6-9pm
Sat., March 19th: 10am-5pm
Sun., March 20th: 10am-5pm

Cost: $250

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