Did you know it's National Disability Employment Awareness Month?  And next month is Epilepsy Awareness Month! 
Check below to see what's going on in our area.  Let us know what's going on in your area.

Volume 1, Number 2

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From Our Director:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  According to the Office of Disability Employment Policy (, it stems back to 1945 when Congress enacted a rule naming the first week of October as “National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week” and has morphed over the years to include all disabilities and in 1988 became the month it is now.
Whether you have epilepsy or not, you’ve likely dealt with employment issues throughout your lifetime.  As an advocate and an individual with epilepsy, I’ve heard numerous stories of discrimination in the workplace, in job interviews and even people being fired for having a seizure at work.   The biggest mistake I hear is that they bring up their epilepsy during an interview.  Remember, you are not required to do so.  After all, would you tell them if you have high blood pressure or a thyroid condition?  They are interviewing you for your skills and experience, not your health background.  If you are required to go through a physical, disclose your epilepsy to the doctor leaving them to determine if you can handle the job duties. 
As an individual with epilepsy, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations courtesy of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( For example, my employers would let me take a nap during my post-ictal state or allowed for a flexible schedule when I had the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. 
Last month, I had the pleasure of hearing Gary Karp as the keynote speaker at the Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative Conference.   Even though his disability stems from a spinal cord injury, much of what he said can be related to people with any type of disability, even hidden disorders such as epilepsy.  Check out his site for more information on reasonable accommodations, what is a disability, disability etiquette, etc.
Epilepsy in the workplace has been in the forefront lately due to Coach Jerry Kill’s battle with epilepsy.  I’m sure many of us can relate to what he has been going through, well, except for all the press coverage.  We are grateful for all the support he has received, especially from the University, his coaches and players, but we also applaud him for not letting epilepsy stop him from following his dreams.  He has opted to take a temporary leave of absence to work on his epilepsy treatment, but we hope to see him on the sidelines again soon!
For now, you might feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, and I can’t wait for the day when all of society looks at people for who they are, not what they have.  In the meantime, keep fighting, get out there, follow your dreams, and don’t let epilepsy stop you!
Meghan Kennedy
Executive Director

Purple Ball 2013

Are you ready to dance! The fourth annual Purple Ball to benefit Epilepsy Education Everywhere is going to happen on Saturday, November 16th, at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in San Bernardino.  Come join the festivities!  Special thanks to Dancing in Riverside, World Gardens Cafe, Creative by Design, Signet Sounds and many other sponsors!

Epilepsy Awareness Day Disneyland

Walk down Main Street USA in purple for the first ever Epilepsy Awareness Day this November 7th!  Epilepsy Education Everywhere is a partner in the very first Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  

Purple Proclamation Project 2013

The Purple Proclamation Project is intended to get municipalities like cities and counties to declare November as Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Would you like to get your city to declare November Epilepsy Awareness Month?  Click on our proclamation guidelines here and our proclamation template here to see how you can do it!

Making Donations

Check our donation page to make a quick and easy contribution to Epilepsy Education Everywhere. Don't forget...all donors get a gel bracelet!

Go Purple!

Yes, go purple for Epilepsy Awareness Month!  Whether you pick one day to go purple, or decide to go purple all month long, thank you for helping in your support of epilepsy awareness.   Tell your friends and make it a group venture.  We'd love to see your pictures on Facebook!  From purple ties to purple socks, we want to see purple out there. Don't have purple in your wardrobe--how about a purple ribbon or a purple gel bracelet?
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