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Sadly, when Spirit came a-knockin’ only the doormat understood.

This month’s Newsletter will be a bit of a divergence. Recently, Inelia Benz asked us to feel the human collective, to just sit with it... and feel it. And I felt the need to break from the continuity of what I’d been doing in these writings in order to answer some unasked questions. Frustration and impatience makes us too often trip over our own feet on the evolutionary path. I’ve picked myself up and dusted myself off repeatedly. We need to relax into the task before us.

The contents of this Newsletter may or may not, in whole or in part, appear as segments of the larger project of Book 3 of The Muse Trilogy, Liquid Immortal: The Seed of God. I’ll decide later. In all likelihood I will resume my regularly scheduled rant next month... but no guarantees. Life is like that. So please, for now, enjoy the tangent.

(If anyone has a problem with this-- say, you feel that you’re not getting your money’s worth-- oh yeah, that’s right, I never charged you anything... And the Lords of Karma said “Don’t worry, you will be billed in your next life... as a duck, or a platypus, or perhaps just as a fellow named William.”)

The hologram is updated each time that you blink,
And your memory adjusted to the new thoughts you might think.

Tiptoe Through the Tarot 

In a series of insights, I was given this idea by the Forest and Martin Dexter, my dreaming double. I find a great deal of correspondence within it... and I believe it may be the key to explicating our immediate future through this chaotic-- apocalyptic-- time.

Beginning in the year 2000, we collectively embarked upon a very specific journey, whose major signposts along the way are revealed in the changing of each and every calendar year thereafter. It is a hero’s journey of twenty-two years (or 23 skidoo?); it is an archetypal adventure through the transformative signatures of the Major Arcana of the traditional Tarot. In knowing the underlying energy for each calendar year, we can know both what to expect and what is expected of us.

It is already 2014, so we are well on our way... and by 2022 this phase of our long and challenging evolutionary sojourn will be complete. In looking back, I’ll only hit a few of the most provocative highlights, the correspondences which I’ve found the most convincing and revealing. We begin and end as The Fool, first naively trusting, and then finally returned to our cosmic innocence in a renewed acquaintance with our reformed and informed totality.

2000 - The Zero Year: The Damned Fool

Do you remember how naive we were as a world back at the turn of the millennium? Generally, as a whole, we were apt to trust that our governments were looking out for us, that the financial system was fair and stable, that the material gains on the horizon of our rapid technological advances was assuredly a good thing. Certainly, there was a fringe element who anticipated the “end of the world” at Y2K, but when has that not been the case? The world is always about to end! We were happy, blissfully ignorant fools... who figured that everything will somehow magically work itself out.

2001 - The Damned Magician

This is our initiation into the Sacred Journey...

Enter the Magician. The Magician is a master at manipulating energy to produce a desired outcome-- or at least the appearance of such. Sometimes he’s only creating illusions, but they’re very convincing! The Magician inherently seeks creative control according to his own desires. He dares to play with energies much greater than himself in order to produce the desired effect among the audience (masses). He will use every resource at his disposal to ensure that things will go his way.

Now, whatever happened in 2001 wherein the signature of the Magician can clearly be seen? 9/11 anyone? It was undoubtedly the greatest show on Earth. We were captivated and transfixed, completely within the thrall of the master manipulator. We didn’t dare question the Magician’s mastery. We were cowed. Moo!

2002 to 2007 - The Progress of Sleepwalkers

After the horror of 9/11, we were left with a pervasive and persistent unsettled feeling. We were generally uncomfortable, so it was easy to miss the significance of our intuitions... “Arabs with box-cutters... did what?” Something ain’t right here... but we were numb. The High Priestess, the second of the counted Major Arcana: intuition, appears too early in the journey. At this point, we can only sow the seeds of our future trust. Only a few among humanity choose to indulge in creativity and develop their intuition.

This is 2003, represented by the third Major Arcana, The Empress: creativity. Money is beginning to get easier and easier to come by. Naturally, people make ventures in such a climate of confidence, when the rivers of commerce flow. Many things are birthed and function as distractions from the unsettled feeling.

In 2004, these new creations needed specific material structures that “work in the real world.” Achievement became our collective goal, but we pursued it individually. Ambition with the potential to achieve power over others became a prominent theme. We flexed our muscles in the Matrix as The Emperor: Achievement Through Reason... in an atmosphere of competition as virtue. But there was something amiss... an unreasonableness...

A posture of questioning expressed itself, beginning in the fifth-- 2005-- archetypal milieu by The Hierophant, directing his questions to his faith in traditions. “Let us proceed in the directions that are well proven.” And someone dared ask “What do we know for sure?”

Oh shit, the status quo was questioned; something new was attempting to organize itself and threatened to displace it. Though ill-defined and perhaps ill-conceived, whatever it was in 2006, it was already very attractive. For the first time in generations, we took a good look at the meaning of community, and we were stumped; we’d forgotten. We had to relearn all the lessons of establishing partnerships. We learned heaps through our “failures and mistakes,” for that is the nature of The Lovers caught in a swoon. Here, the attraction of opposites creates and intensifies polarities.

And on the seventh, God rested... and we jumped aboard The Chariot to find the determination to... to... something. As a species, did we believe in a higher power or a unifying principle or the singularity of intelligence? We are drawn inward because only a soul can satisfy its own verification. “Prove to me you have a soul! I can only be certain of my own... but it informs me that indeed you are a soul too.”

2008 - True Strength

Credit and debt have a lot in common; debt is just credit that’s been used... and unused credit is no thing at all; unused credit is an abstraction, like the idea of net worth being external. How much of the world, in 2008, was invested in abstractions?

We all still remember 2008 well, a time when Brave Hearts were tested for strength... and Truth was supposed to be whittled down to its own veracity. We’re still living in its shadow-- the economic downturn, unable to derive adequate tests and measures to find out what is real... you know, the hard stuff... like, everyone’s true strength lies within their character. Status and possessions; static obsessions. When you suddenly, without warning, take away the “easy money,” everyone is left to rediscover what true strength really entails.

Without the familiar external props, egos were left bruised and battered... naked, to find a new balance between the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Can you fathom how karma is the test for true strength?

2009 to 2011 - Taking Stock of an Untenable Position

Stripped bare of our lavish garments of bottomless credit and easy mortgages, in 2009, we were forced into a certain hermeticism. The Hermit stands for introspection. He takes a critical view of his own assets and resources-- those which stand apart from any outward dependence. The Hermit took stock of himself-- as himself-- for the very first time.

By 2010, we were ready to try to re-engage our interaction with the world, realizing that we each make our own luck. The tenth Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune which represents cycles. Everything is cyclic. When we recognize the periodicity of world events, through proper timing, we can begin to insert ourselves into those events and even influence their outcomes. We were ready to try.

Justice is the name of the eleventh Arcana, and Justice is concerned with truth. Increasingly, our attempts to reinsert ourselves into world affairs brought up time and again the serious lack of justice in the world and the pervasiveness of untruth. By 2011, those of us who had incarnated here with a sense of purpose, charged with a mission, became acutely aware of the rampant corruption running (ruining) the world. It was easy to become frustrated in the face of such unremitting injustice.

2012 - And We Held Our Collective Breath

Ah, now we’re getting to it, eh? 2012 was the year of grandiose promises... for those who overindulged in prophecy. Unfortunately, the twelfth Major Arcana is The Hanged Man, representing suspension, as in stagnation. In the face of pending prophecy, the Lightworker community crawled out from the woodwork. By the end of the year, on that most cherished of dates: December 21st, 2012, all the injustices would be reversed, all the untruths exposed, the corrupted world would be turned on its end, and a new age would begin.

But The Hanged Man just hung there, upside-down. Perhaps he farted and his gas ascended, but the world did not. We spent a whole year in anticipation of something big about to happen. We thought that happenings really can occur all on their own without anyone making them happen. It had been prophesied after all... but alas, the stupid Hanged Man couldn’t read upside-down; he knew nothing of such prophecies, and so he just waited for someone to finally cut him down, for he didn’t quite feel ready to just let go on his own.

2013 - Transformation

It was Death who was kind enough to cut the poor bastard down. But Death, as the thirteenth Major Arcana, is rarely about physical termination, the ending of life. No, it is more about the ending of life as we have previously known it. Death represents deep transformation.

After our disappointment the previous year, in 2013 we collectively cocooned. There was a withdrawal... around which we now constructed a hard protective shell. Personally, I recall that during the summer of 2013 I had never seen so many friggin’ butterflies! The fields and forests were wall-to-wall butterflies-- except there were no walls. Exuberantly and uncontained, they reflected and flaunted our own deep transformations back to us... in case we were doubtful.

By the end of 2013 we had all undergone significant changes just below the level of our conscious awareness. We emerged as butterflies reborn... but we still only had the memories of caterpillars. We were remade for a New Earth, but all of our thought processes were still steeped in the old. There was still much to let go of.

And thirteen, just as a number, has great significance. In the musical scale, including all the whole notes and their sharps and flats, the thirteenth tone marks the beginning or birth into the next higher octave. The very idea of Christ consciousness really took hold and rooted in our rototilled minds.

2014 - This Very Moment

And here we are in the ever-present Now. The fourteenth station along our archetypal journey is called Temperance and requires patience. Oh groan! We’ve been waiting forever it seems!

We were forced to slow down, to learn how to verify things for ourselves. It’s an important skill when heading off into battle. And now we’re willing to learn the new skills to coincide with our transformed inner realities... so that they may finally manifest outwardly. Whatever we build now, we must know that it is sustainable.

We are becoming as tempered steel, not so apt to shatter in a fragile heap during the true heat of battle. These fortifications take time. Six years ago we first learned what true strength is; now we’ve had time to build and test some of it, to cultivate it, accumulate it.

And right about now you should be wondering “Oh shit, what’s coming?”

2015 - Unmasking the Face of Evil

The fifteenth of the Major Arcana is The Devil, who is known for trickery. Next year, 2015, is the year we collectively focus upon unmasking the face of evil. We will finally be ready to face the horror of all the deceptions layered with lies and deceits throughout our storied history. The long-awaited “announcements” and the “mass arrests” scenario can finally play out upon the world stage. We will-- all of us-- be utterly sickened by all that is revealed. Even those who think themselves well-informed in alternative circles will be floored by many of the revelations and the sheer depth of depravity.

Certainly, there are many, many cracks in the facade already. For the remainder of this year they will continue to widen and spread, but we’re not ready for the mask to fully drop and shatter until next year. Many of us feel ready now, have felt ready and braced for a long time, but as a collective, we still need time to build our fortifications and inner resolve. When the avalanche finally comes, we will all beg for respite; we’ll want it to stop because we can’t even fathom how The Devil could be so thoroughly evil. It’s his job, you know.

He represents all that is not God, all that is not natural. The Devil was born of our failure to use discrimination-- no, not the racist kind, the keen discernment kind. We took the outward appearances too seriously, while ignoring the inner realities. We favored dogmatism over our own experience.

How will we ultimately defeat The Devil? By honestly laughing in his face. In a flash we will realize that only the mask was scary, and that a pathetic, pitiable creature dwells beneath... and in our mirth at finally seeing through it all, even that will fade to naught.

Evil can only dwell in our unclaimed places. You’ll laugh at yourself to end the stoic denial.

2016 - The Post-Cathartic Makeover

After we’ve all had a good laugh at our own millennial folly, we will be ready to dismantle the status quo, especially in the material sense. On a mental and emotional level, by the time 2016 rolls around, we’ll have largely already come through the process of discarding our old ways of doing and thinking. But everywhere we turn still, we will be reminded of our institutionalized errors. In a critical frenzy we will take the opportunity to tear down the bastions of organized deception.

In this year, lightning will strike The Tower again and again, illuminating every detail of the facade of trickery, and we will actively follow in its wake to dismember all which stands between us and our burgeoning truth. Very little of the old world will still stand by year’s end... and hardly any will mourn its loss.

From the rubble, we will create a spiritual compost heap, in which the energies of millennia past will finally be recycled into a sane and sustainable future. All of the proverbial walls will have been torn down by the time we’re truly ready to build anew.

2017 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Now, finally, after having gotten our collective shit together on planet Earth for the first time, our light will shine into the rest of the universe. The seventeenth Major Arcana is The Star, representing illumination. Our light will shine newly unfettered.

And we will be answered in kind. I believe that open contact with extraterrestrial and extradimensional races and entities will first occur in 2017. We will finally be ready collectively to embrace our greater galactic reality. We will receive all the assistance we desire, along with real opportunities for sharing and mentoring among our star brothers and sisters. Notice that I didn’t say exactly who will be mentoring whom. It could very well be that the most astute among us will become the galactic teachers.

For the first time in a long time we will be eager to venture into the unknown without fear and trepidation; we will don again the mantle of intrepid explorers as was intended from the beginning. Having successfully come through the “Earth ordeal,” we will be at the forefront of discovery and new development on a universal scale.

It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but we’ll settle into our new cosmic roles nicely.

2018 - The Edge of Night

The eighteenth station on our sacred journey brings us to The Moon. Two key words for this tarot are “sleep” and “organization.” After our long waking slumber of a somnambulistic life left behind, we will embark on a Night Journey of a different sort. During sleep, the body reorganizes itself according to the needs and discoveries encountered during the day. The new darkness into which we will venture will be the “darkness” of the unknown. According to what we discover and recover-- what we are able to bring into the known-- our bodies will be upgraded in order to further our new chosen directions.

In 2018, I expect that our bodies will experience radical alterations to finally reflect the ongoing upgrades within our mental, emotional, and energy bodies. By the end of the year we may actually look quite different... more ourselves. Despite appearances to the contrary, we are always evolving, but only occasionally do our very cells seek a new order and organization. In the waxing of our newfound enthusiasm, we will grant ourselves the fullness of a new physical expression.

2019 - Radiating Back to Source

Everything on Earth is a manifestation of The Sun. In 2019, we will identify ourselves with the radiance of The Sun. As such, we will encounter no obstacle that we feel cannot be overcome. We will know beyond doubt that we are on a light journey from The Source to The Source. All darkness was just something we created ourselves as a learning tool and ultimately, an inspiration.

2019 will be a year of forging new alliances in the wider cosmos. We will find and develop the partnerships that will best aid everyone’s return journey back to Source, fully explicated, illumined, enlightened. It will truly be a new beginning, bristling with excitement such that the past earthly horrors will be all but forgotten-- the fuel for the shine of appreciation.

2020 - Clear Vision Perfect Judgment

The twentieth Major Arcana brings us to a time of reckoning, when we are compelled to step back into Judgment. This time though, we are not judging from a place of limited consciousness, steeped in ignorance. The entire Journey now lies behind us fully illumined, and so our Judgment is impeccable. We can see the totality of the moment wherein we reside, its perfection as the depiction of everywhere we’ve been as well as every opportunity still lying before us.

This tarot represents a turning point, a moment of pure awareness. It is a time when we are called upon to make monumental decisions... and this time, we are well prepared. Errors are strictly things of the past, for we have learned well that as long as we’re always willing to learn, mistakes cannot exist.

Dare I say it? We will actually become wise.

2021 - The Fat Lady Sings

Her voice is heavenly, and really she’s just pleasantly plump; we don’t call anyone fat anymore!

This is the Culmination, graduation day. The twenty-first Arcana is The World. If we are to achieve true unity consciousness in its highest expression, it will happen in 2021. Every living creature on Earth will know Oneness experientially... as a choice.

Having graduated from the Earth School, there will be nary a door closed to the new galactic human. New worlds await and beckon. We will likely seek out the toughest challenges the universe has to offer. Our consciousness is finally capable of spanning the entire cosmos. The most bizarre opportunities hold the most intrigue. We are not shy nor reticent. We are well prepared to go where no (wo)man has gone before.

We have achieved mastery over our environment by mastering ourselves. Our right conduct is now as natural as a fart after a plate of beans.

In unity awareness, we are ever centered wherever we are.

2022 - Time Ends; The Fool Is Gold

There is no value outside of ourselves, for nothing lies outside of our ability to integrate a totality that we feel in every moment.

The sellers of calendars and timepieces have a terrible fiscal year!

By 2022, we are again The Fool... but a completely different fool. What the future may hold we cannot know... until we are right there, immersed in timelessness, ticking off the experiences of every dream come true.

Nothing was impossible after all...

And we never come to the end of our potential...


Ever since this archetypal timescale inserted itself into my conscious awareness, I have felt considerably more relaxed about the state of our progress as an evolutionary world in acceleration. I know, for many of us, it can’t happen fast enough, but we also know that something this colossal takes time. It takes time to unmake time.

Have you ever read a suspense thriller, and in a reckless moment, skipped to the back halfway through to find out how it ends? It ruined the experience, didn’t it? Now there was little point in finishing the book; might as well discard it. We don’t want to be that abandoned novel on the trash heap of impatience. We’re here for the full experience-- all of us... together.

If we accept the timescale in the context of where it finally leads, how can we be frustrated? Be excited instead; look forward.

I hope this template can make it easier for us all.

Message To/From the TOURS #13 Parasite Removed & Destroyed 

During the night of May 15/16 I received the following clear and precise message in the dreamtime...

“I am the body of Humanity’s Collective. For as long as I can remember, I have been under siege. In a rare moment of undistracted lucidity, I reached a hand down to my right calf [Golden Calf: idolatry], and felt there a foreign invader, a burrowing parasite. [The calves are ruled by Aquarius.] Without hesitation, I snatched the assailant from its nefarious design against me. It struggled mightily against the shock of discovery, but could not free itself from my intentional grasp. It was long and winged, and frustratingly resilient. In that moment, in my grasp, in my disdainful scrutiny, it desired nothing more than its freedom... and in that moment, I realized that I too desired for myself that very same freedom. In an act of self-love, I squashed it. Without guilt, I report that I was deeply gladdened by its destruction. It was either it or me... one of us had to die. Alive... now... I am.”

This quick update is a straightforward notification. Make of it what you will. To me, it seemed highly significant.

Another TOURS message of a more instructional nature will follow in the next few days.

Message To/From the TOURS #14 A Sovereign Unity
(Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)


Unity consciousness entails a vast spectrum. On the one end of the scale is the quantitative, arithmetic form of unity consciousness typically referred to as the hive mind. The participants in a hive mind simply add “weight” to the pool of consciousness-- each one adding the same “amount” of weight or force. It is the “strength in numbers” of brute force. Individual predilections, talents, gifts, etc. are not valued in a hive mind, and are generally considered disruptive and undesirable. The hive mind is strictly hierarchical, where actionable decisions are made from the top down; it is dictatorial and conformist by nature. Participants are interchangeable and replaceable. The hive mind works well to maintain the status quo.

Unity consciousness based in individual sovereignty, on the other hand, is decidedly qualitative-- its qualities being uniquely determined by and through its participants. Its power of perception is geometric rather than merely additive; its capacity for affecting change (within collective belief structures) is exponential. Conscious unity among sovereigns is a non-hierarchical agreement, wherein individual predilections, talents, gifts, etc. are actively sought and engaged and clearly valued. Decision-making occurs through deliberate and considered consensus. Individual participants are not replaceable, and therefore each sovereign unity is unique unto itself, expressing different attributes according to need and aptitude. It is highly adaptable and evolutionary.

As members of the TOURS, we seek the latter.

Historically, prior to 2011, Earth, at the level of the collective unconscious, was in agreement to explore disunity consciousness. Essentially, we agreed to disagree, but our agreement was individually unknown to each of us. This was the path of exploration known as fragmentation. For many millennia, our psyches have been divided; portions of ourselves were hidden from ourselves. Who caused this? We did. We did it to ourselves... knowing the risks. How did we do it?

First we invented dreaming. We divided our psyches into two halves: awake and asleep; day and night; and from this, all of the other myriad polarities ensued. The interesting-- and most critical-- thing to understand in this is that what we typically refer to as our awakened state-- our daytime lives-- is actually the dream, the collective dream, a most persistent dream. It is maintained primarily through the cognitive exercise of “naming.” Language casts the spell that we’re under. We constantly objectify the contents of the collective dream by identifying things as being separate from ourselves and from each other. It is a habit we have learned exceedingly well. It is how we have created the relativistic realm where every “thing” is defined by its relationship to everything else. Absolute truth presents/expresses itself differently to each participant.

As we dream while asleep in our beds, we typically identify with the contents of our dreams, knowing them to be symbolic representations of our own vastness... our own psyches. What we here in Earth physicality call dreaming is a return (or at least a nod) to our unlimited selves. It is the undifferentiated state from whence we came. We have experienced such difficulty with the term “awakening” because of our inverted understanding of the dreaming mechanism.

Our agreement to tread the path of fragmentation is essentially an agreement to enter into conflict. Conflict, with its ebb and flow of power-- struggle and conquest, tends to become addictive and habit-forming. The pendulum of experience swings to exquisite extremes! We are held in conflict, in fragmentation, through trauma-based mind control. We have all contributed to setting up the systems of our own abuse... so that we could thoroughly explore the very limits of our own fragmented psyches; this was the agreement for disunity consciousness.

Now, quite recently, we made and installed the collective decision to begin entering into unity consciousness. The initial part of the process was to break the agreement of our disunity consciousness. (Yes, you may have noticed that we reside in paradox.) As our disunity consciousness collective-- our agreement to be in conflict-- broke apart, our natural tendency toward unity immediately began expressing itself by creating multiple reality bubbles throughout Earth. There are currently approximately 1500 separate realities being expressed on Earth at this time. They are expressed geographically and are characterized or defined by the dominant beliefs infusing each locale. Today, as we travel the globe, we are literally traversing separate realities, each with a unique set of conditioning parameters. This global fragmentation now needs to be healed. How do we do that?

It will be the consciousness of individual sovereigns residing in each and every reality bubble who will form a new agreement to enter into the highest (most adaptable and evolutionary) form of unity consciousness possible. This new conscious unity will override all the old belief structures which are habitually based in disunity consciousness. In so doing, the world will be healed and united... and ready for a whole new class/realm of exploration/experience.

The key to all of this is sovereignty. Sovereignty is the reunification of our own fragmented psyches; we become whole... and we become fully conscious of our individual totalities. We accomplish this through recognizing and addressing those places where our psyches are still divided. As much as we like to fool ourselves that we are highly conscious beings, the truth is that the vast majority of our personal identities still reside in wholly subconscious realms. Our egos are the 1%; our subconscious minds are the 99%. We are fully complicit in our own oppression. The remedy is to free our subconscious minds from the self-imposed shackles of our prior agreements. Those agreements are no longer relevant and do not serve our world’s agenda moving forward. If, for a second, you think that you have no unconscious or subconscious fetters personally, please consider that advertising has been around for a very long time and it is a huge multi-billion dollar enterprise... because it works. It is only one glaring example how each of us is potentially influenced beneath the level of our conscious awareness.

Next, I wish to present a tool for our emancipation, the establishment of our sovereignty. This comes from Andrew Bartzis, our Galactic Historian. Andrew has prepared Spiritual Contract Removal scripts which are designed to free us from our subconscious fetters in order that all outstanding karma from our journey through conflict might finally be resolved. Andrew is one of the very few people on the planet who presents an even more convoluted narrative of our current dilemma than I do. I concede that he is better informed than I. These scripts are meant to be read aloud as a proclamation to the totality of ourselves as a means of reintegration of the 99% back into conscious awareness. This is the awakening we seek in our daytime “waking” lives.

For now, I will simply provide the link to the Galactic Historian’s site where the scripts are located. Please read them aloud at least once... and then make your own decision as to whether to continue with them on a daily basis. If you discern no positive effect, they may be altered and personalized in order to resonate more clearly with your own individuality. At the very least, these scripts call forth and formalize the intent to become whole, healed and sovereign... and that is the empowered state the TOURS members seek.

In the immediate future I intend to provide audio recordings of each of these Spiritual Contract Removal scripts. I will do this both for my own “selfish” reasons as well as for the ease of use for my readers and the TOURS members. I will embed the audios within copies of the written scripts so that they may be listened to while reading along. Eventually, you may wish to record your own versions. The frequency of our own voice as it’s heard objectively through a recording is a powerful healer and motivator. It is something I can personally confirm from the past two years of narration of much of my own material.

Spiritual Contract Removal Scripts

(Please check back in a few days for the audio versions.)

What Does True Sovereignty Mean?
Contract Removal For Media Systems
Revocation of Banking Systems
Revocation of Government
Soul Contract Revocation for the Divine Masculine
Soul Contract Removal to Free the Divine Feminine 

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