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“I have a hunch that intuition is very real.”



Yup. It’s another hybrid Newsletter.


You may have noticed that it’s not really so much about completing projects like books or sticking to rigid outlines and formats-- what I’m doing here. I rather enjoy the freedom to answer concerns in the moment as they arise. I’m still intrigued by the chaotic happenings in the world, and I relish the opportunity to place them within my own well-meaning context. Hopefully, I can alleviate a few fears along the way.


I am happy to report that so many of the voices I listen to on a daily or weekly basis are suddenly coming into harmony. Internet personalities which I know haven’t met anywhere except in my own observance are talking like they’re all reading now from the same page. Two years ago there were many divergent streams competing for recognition in this apocalyptic landscape. Now it seems many of them have merged into a mighty river, carrying the whole world forward. I know it’s still difficult to see unless you’re looking in the strange places I frequent, but trust me; the symphony is finding its meter and rhythm; dissonance is quickly falling away.


I’m confident that Humanity’s Song will soon emerge... a new melody, sweet and strong and pure...


“It may often appear that I am merely saying the same thing

in a thousand different ways...

Well, that’s because I AM.”


Message To/From the TOURS #18

There’s Street-Fighting Everywhere... But We HAVE Turned the Corner!


Unity consciousness has begun... although it may not seem like it at all. So what’s going on?


Let’s begin with a bit of review. I’ve certainly presented this information before, but some things-- some very basic things-- bear repeating.


In duality, darkness is a creation of the light. This seems very counterintuitive, I know, but it is essential to understand. For surely darkness is an absence of light...? No, it poses as light’s opposite in the primary dyad of polarity in a dualistic experience. In duality, light and dark exist together as compliments (completions) of each other. You can’t have one to the utter exclusion of the other. Light implies darkness; darkness invokes the light; such is the reality in dualistic experience.


Pictured above is a classic double-slit interference experiment. There is a single source of light, depicted here in red. The light enters ‘the area of experience’ through two equal slits-- or openings... and interferes with itself. The interference gives an undeniable experience of duality-- even though the light source is singular. Projected upon the screen (our seemingly objective world is just such a projection) are alternating bands of light and dark. The darkness is created wherever the crest of one light wave meets the trough of the other light wave, canceling each other out. It is a special case (or region) where light plus light equals darkness. All is a creation of Source filtered through a specific perception-- duality. This is precisely what has been referred to as ‘the illusion’ throughout the ages; it is where we currently reside.


Victory of the light! is a meaningless statement. All there is is light; that’s all there ever has been! For light to triumph over darkness keeps perception locked into duality; it keeps perception locked squarely within the illusion. Within the illusion, light and darkness are aspects of the very same thing: Source.


We are Source... and we are individual. The paradox of this is resolved in unity. We are not separate; nothing is separate. Both general relativity and quantum mechanics insist upon the singularity and indivisibility of the uni-verse. There’s very good reason why it’s called a universe. (An excellent book which demonstrates this verity is Andrew Thomas’ Hidden in Plain Sight which very simply and very adroitly synthesizes general relativity with quantum physics, creating a unified ‘field’ theory-- the holy grail of theoretical physics.)


Unity is the way out of duality. But unity is a tricky thing when viewed from within the illusion. We cannot merely come together, pretending to set aside our accumulated prejudices from countless lifetimes in duality, and hope to achieve true unity consciousness. Karma would still stand between us.


Karma (debt) is incurred only when we act from an off-centre position in duality. An off-centre position is our stance whenever we choose to give precedence or significance to one aspect of polarity in a dualistic pair of opposites... at the expense of the ‘other.’ Choosing ‘this’ over ‘that’ and acting upon that choice (preference) necessarily incurs karma. Choosing light over darkness creates a debt to darkness-- which not only has every right to exist, but must exist whenever such a dualistic choice is enacted, for the very choice itself perpetuates the perception of duality and maintains the illusion. Within the illusion, there must be both light and darkness.


The illusion is transcended in unity. Neutrality neutralizes karma. The neutral perspective-- which acknowledges the full spectrum of each polarity but gives precedence to none-- does not generate karma through its actions. (The Buddha’s middle way.)


Duality requires judgment. Judgment determines what is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Such determinations very literally create the illusion. In unity, there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad;’ there is only what is. Judgment tries to determine what should not be. It is a fool’s errand. We are creators only-- in unity. When we attempt to become destroyers, we become mired in the falsity of dualistic perception.


Phew! That’s our general situational update. Now, let’s get to this specific moment in time.


We are rapidly coming to a place of neutrality. In our everyday experience, we are learning again and again that dualistic judgments ultimately don’t solve anything. They perpetuate and exacerbate our difficulties instead. But as we maintain a neutral perspective which allows what is to simply be what is and refuse to engage ourselves in biased choices of denial and/or destruction, we begin to reclaim, step-by-step, our individual sovereignty.


Sovereignty disengages us from the illusion. We acknowledge its existence, but through neutrality, we begin to step outside of the illusion. Only sovereigns may engage in true unity consciousness. That’s what we’ve been doing.


Sovereignty requires us to break everything down to the individual level. We become only ourselves-- without the garments and disguises of duality’s deceptions. As only ourselves-- without any external props of false power and prestige, without hierarchy of any kind-- we finally identify with Source. We are Source-- all of us, equally-- and there is no longer any need to define ourselves by dualistic means (preferences, biases and denials). We’ve played that game already; collectively, we are fully saturated with that experience. It’s time to dissolve the illusion.


We made the decision collectively to dissolve the illusion long ago-- years ago already-- but habits of perception die hard. We’re watching the breakdown now. The most perceptive among us (likely most TOURS members) are realizing our sovereignty and learning how to maintain it through the neutral perspective. Your emotional nature should now be coming fully under control-- self-control. That is a sign of sovereignty, neutrality; you cannot be swayed by dualistic arguments which attempt to force you into choosing ‘this’ over ‘that.’ Fear has no hold over those who identify with Source.


In the meantime, all those who cling to dualistic judgment as the means to navigating the illusion remain steeped in heavy karma. We see it playing out everywhere! The only way to overcome fear is through facing it head-on, experiencing it. Everyone is being stripped bare... until they realize sovereignty on their own, until they choose neutrality, until they realize the absolute verity of unity... an identity with Source.


We are all one. Deny it all you like... and remain in the time-bound illusion. Act from a position of neutrality in every moment and unity consciousness will pretty much assemble itself. That is the nature of consciousness... and here we are.

Dream Diary

Holding Space With the Inner Eye


Note: This article is a companion piece to the Forest Report from September 8th. That Report contains further links which places what follows into proper context.


With successful forays into the DreamRealms already under my belt, it was with confidence that I stated my intention to dream at the unfathomable depth of the Collective. I wanted to better understand the true state of humanity’s collective consciousness at this moment of Now, and to better understand the current role I was fulfilling there.


The Dream Talisman, my rudder and guide, the beaver’s tail which Sitka had presented me with, was safely tucked into the ground beneath the Purple Cliff... along with Raven’s magic brush-- his feather, appearing as an oiled quill. I felt powerful as I drifted off to sleep, nearly invincible, but hopefully not too cocky.


It was late into the night, coming up on morning when I finally drifted like a wafting, falling feather down into the depths where the Collective resides. The quality of the darkness, the utter blackness, is such that it begins to feel like the dark takes on a quality of substance. It is no longer merely an emptiness, a lack of light. It is a solid thing offering resistance to any casual penetration. Here, even dreams have to be carved out of the featureless ‘foam’ wherein the Collective is enveloped, insulated from the incidental observances of wayward individual travelers. It is not an easy place to be... to dream.


I wasn’t completely alone, although it certainly felt that way at times. My bodiless, and so far silent companion, was none other than the Architect of Dreams himself: Beaver. Beneath the safety of his domed lodge, Beaver was quite used to the sublime depths lurking far below. He was adept at holding his breath, stilling his thoughts, to travel below the common currents of emotionality where most dreaming is done. We were plunging ever deeper.


“This is the chamber of the Collective,” he announced upon our arrival. I had been here before in the company of Genaro at the behest of Grandfather Mahat. It was like a vast cave, a natural cavern carved out over eons in the strange substance of utter and infinite darkness. And every individual of humanity’s horde was represented here like a tiny candle striving to illuminate our place in a vast universe. The lights seemed tiny and somehow insufficient, while the shadows seemed deep and imposing.


“Space here is a function of vision,” explained Beaver. “This entire cavern has been carved by the eyes of visionaries.” I didn’t really understand, but Beaver continued. “The darkness here feels to a dreambody like it has substance. It is the Void... but filled with every possibility that this world may realize. Those possibilities take up ‘space’ in dreaming. When a visionary, such as yourself, comes into this place with intention, a new nook is carved within the black substance of the Void. You are like a miner, chipping away, with imagination as your primary tool. You, and those like you, create and hold space for the rest of the Collective to eventually claim. Though you may feel like a dim flickering candle in a deep crevasse-- inadequate in your dreaming, you nevertheless fulfill an irreplaceable function. The doers among humanity often lack the vision to explore novel possibilities. The visionaries hold the space while the doers slowly trickle in to experience the new opportunities they would’ve otherwise missed. It is a partnership, a sacred one.”


I understood. I had already seen time and again in the waking world where what I had held as mere possibilities in my imagination would be taken up by others and realized as developments and experiences-- though there was no overt connection between us. The connection was here, at the level of the Collective, where we were always connected, always in support of each other. On the surface, we were still knocking about like haphazard atoms in a solution set to boil. But below the heat of waking life among egos, we were united, co-ordinated and steadily progressing.


“Everyone plays his part... to a sublime perfection masquerading as chaos,” said Beaver poetically. “Have you seen what you wanted to see, understood the gap in your need?”


I nodded... and immediately began ‘swimming’ toward the surface, toward wakefulness. 


I awoke to the soothing sound of pattering rain... yawned and stretched to begin my day.

Thirteen Years... And the Truth Rolls Over




The Truth About Gumby



“Hey, I recognize you! 


You’re Gumby.”


“Though quite understandable, you are nevertheless mistaken.”


“Well, who are you then?”






Prediction: By this time next year, there will hardly be a person in the world who still believes the official version of the events of 9/11, 2001.


What happened on September 11, 2001 in the USA was pivotal; it was mythic; it was downright archetypal... and it was a trigger for many colossal events to follow. And every year around the anniversary of the event, we are urged to never forget, as the fairytale promulgated by the mainstream media is rehashed like a hypnotist reinforcing old post-hypnotic suggestions. Just sayin’...


It’s been thirteen years now... and what do we know about the number thirteen? In the traditional tarot, it is the major arcana representing death and transformation. It is the number associated with Christ consciousness. In the western music tradition, the thirteenth semitone begins a new octave (seven whole notes and five sharps and flats = twelve equal steps). Some consider thirteen to be the unluckiest number, while others revere it as the most propitious. Thirteen is my favourite number.


I like numerology.


9/11, 2001 = ( 9 + 11 + 2 + 1 = 23, 2 + 3 = 5) 23/5


5 is the number for change, adventure and magic (pentagram anyone?). The double-digit correspondence for 23 in Numerology and the Divine Triangle speaks of protection, contracts and travel. A direct quote from the aforementioned passage, “Follow the advice you receive from superiors or those in a position to know more about the subject in question than you do,” applies on so many levels to the 9/11 phenomenon.


Thirteen years ago, a drastic change was thrust upon us. We adapted the best we could and watched the repercussions ripple out across the world. What an adventure it’s been!


The magic spell was contracted to provide protection for 13 years. Then the spell undergoes a transformation-- a death and resurrection kinda thing-- as the whole thing moves into a higher octave.


9/11, 2014 = (9 + 11 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9) 27/9


9 is the number of completion. It speaks of changes, endings and inspiration. “Events take place quickly at this time, with many stops and starts, because you are experiencing a period of change and transition.” Paul Case suggests that “You must make the final selection between assimilable material and what is rejected as waste.”  


The double-digit correspondence for 27 speaks to birth and the start of new business. “Things are growing, blossoming and bearing fruit under this vibration.”


Any person who has undergone real growth has surely learned that turning our greatest tragedies into our greatest teachers and treasures is not only possible but quite desirable. As a world, we can do it too. And we will.


The rest of the world views North America-- we Canadians and Americans-- kind of like their slightly retarded half-brother when it comes to 9/11 lore. Is it any wonder, when still half of our populace believes that two planes crashing into the tops of two buildings will naturally result in three buildings turning to dust and collapsing into their own footprint within hours? It’s physics, right? Oh wait... what universe is this? And hardly anyone wonders why the Pentagon, probably the most surveilled building in the world, has never released video footage of the airliner crashing into its wall. You know, the one that mostly vaporized on impact? Or otherwise vanished through a small hole in the wall... never to be seen again!


There’s hundreds if not thousands of unanswered or unacceptably answered questions from that day. On this anniversary, the alternative news media is saturated with all that ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff. But that brings me to one point I’d like to make.


I’ve made it public that I question the official version of events on that day. I’ve been presented with a set of ‘facts.’ I’ve looked at them for a very long time and tried my best to fit them together. But they don’t add up. And as I say so, I usually hear in response from the stubborn ones “Well, if you don’t believe the official version, what do you think happened?”


What I think might’ve happened is completely irrelevant. I have no insider connections, no special investigative leads or talents. I wasn’t there. There is, of course, no reasonable means by which I can be expected to know what actually happened. I can’t; I don’t. So what?


I’ve evaluated what I’ve been given... and come to the conclusion that it’s bunk. It’s riddled with lies and omissions. At a very basic level it doesn’t make sense! And that’s not me being a ‘conspiracy theorist;’ that’s me being just your average critical thinker. No counter-theories required, thank you very much!


The truth allowed itself to be laid facedown for a period of thirteen years, during which it-- and we-- took it repeatedly up the ass. And now the truth rolls over...


Happy anniversary everyone!

Terrorists Don’t Know the First Thing About Comedy!


It’s disgusting!


It’s your big debut. You stand and deliver the goods just like you rehearsed it. Your sidekick kinda flubs one line, but they tweak that in the editing. No problem.


The James Foley beheading video is a huge success; nearly everyone who views it laughs and laughs! And it feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


And then you go and break the first rule of comedy. You tell the exact same joke to the very same audience… and all you get are a few embarrassed snickers. Can you blame them?


You’ve got to keep the material fresh!


Now everyone’s just scratching their heads. What are they supposed to think? Are you seriously telling the same joke twice? It makes them question the first one. Maybe it wasn’t a joke at all; maybe it was intended to be serious. Now everybody’s confused.


The media’s no help. They don’t even get the joke at first. Understandable. Government officials told them to take it seriously. They ‘authenticated’ it in their best deadpan voice. Only later, when they said “Ah… gotcha!” did the media clue in. And everybody has a good laugh.


But now this… It’s not comedy. It’s certainly not terrifying! It’s just sad.


Somebody needs to go back to Clown College!


(This article is a followup to my treatment of the original beheading video in The Beheading of Western Journalism… good for a laugh, perhaps.)

Blood-Money for Everyone!


“Smiles everyone. Smiles! Welcome to Fantasy Island.”


This is about the Global Currency Reset (GCR), the Revaluation (RV), NESARA, and the New Financial System (with Basel III compliance).


It’s for everyone who’s ever heard of any of the above or additionally Swissindo, OPPT, The Office of Poofness, The Zap Report, any of the many Currency Gurus; it’s for Dinarians and the holders of other choice foreign currencies. Have I forgotten anyone?


“Just those folks over there holding their Dongs,” (Vietnamese, that is).


Yes, well... I’ve followed the ‘news’ of the GCR for a couple of years now. Did you know that it’s happening tomorrow? What day is this? Doesn’t matter. It’s always happening tomorrow! It’s been happening tomorrow for two years already... and longer, from what I’ve been able to gather.


Personally, I have no vested interest in the GCR. I hold no foreign currencies. I’m not one of the millions who stand to become millionaires... um... tomorrow. I can look upon the whole thing and smile, but I know that for some folk-- many folk-- this is no laughing matter!


I never thought I’d be writing an article on this topic. It’s really none of my business... except that it’s as much my business as anyone else’s. You see, we’re all in this together... whether we’re holding massive dongs or not. I’ve recently come to understand a little bit more about what the hell is going on... and I like to share.


The whole thing’s a scam... and... the whole thing’s perfectly legit. There really are good, honest people who are trying their level best to get this thing to fly. There is a very legitimate need for a new global financial system. The old one’s broken. But the thing is, it was designed that way-- that’s the scammy part. You see, the scam isn’t being perpetrated on only the Diarians and Dong-holders per se. The scam is for all of us, or at least it was... until Heather came along.


Who’s Heather? Heather used to represent the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). That whole thing has long since been dissolved though, and now Heather represents only Heather... as it should be.


But it’s all about what Heather did-- bless her soul-- back in December of 2012. The whole story is plastered on the internet for any researcher to verify, but in a nutshell, Heather initiated some UCC filings which essentially foreclosed upon all the corporate governments of the world and the Federal Reserve board who controlled the global financial system since at least the Bretton-Woods agreement of 1944. Those filings stand unrebutted.


Now, ever since this has become public knowledge, there has been the consistent question of enforcement. “Yes, Heather, it’s been quite lovely that you’ve foreclosed upon all these arch-criminal enterprises, but who’s going to enforce it?” Without enforcement, nothing changes... or so it seemed.


I finally get it... what Heather did-- I get it. There’s law-enforcement and then there’s Law Enforcement. Universal Law is self-enforcing. Just like there are no gravity police, Universal Law doesn’t require a tangible force to back it up. Universal Law is just the way it is. Anything that is against Universal Law doesn’t and can’t exist; it’s unsupportable.


You can go ahead and read the paperwork of Heather’s filings, and maybe you’ll understand it; maybe not. The paperwork isn’t really the thing; no, the real accomplishment was an energetic thing. Heather set up specific energetic conditions that are in accord with a new mandate, a new covenant for Earth experience.


In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a shift going on right now. Some are even calling it apocalyptic. Collectively, as a planet, we’re moving from one type of experience to a whole new type of experience here on Earth. The old type of experience allowed a global financial system based on usury to manifest and eventually flourish. Secrecy and all manner of skullduggery was allowed. Collectively, that’s just the kind of experience we were here to explore... until recently.


That old system is finished. Heather just added the punctuation-- a nice big fat period. But so far, it appears to be a bit of a waiting period. What are we waiting for?


Heather’s maneuver energetically sealed the deal in order that it would henceforth be impossible to reboot the old usurious system, no matter how shiny and spiffy it was redressed and reworked. Even a brand new system-- Basel III-compliant or better-- won’t work if it involves any degree of usury. It just won’t fly; it’s not supported by Universal Law. What is demanded is that any new system must transparently show exactly where all the value within the system comes from.


This is all about value.


In a quantum universe, objects, things and stuff have no intrinsic properties. I know that’s a hard one to swallow, but hey, that’s physics. At least with ‘value’ it’s easier to show that such a property doesn’t inherently reside within the object itself than if we were talking about properties like ‘color’ or ‘width.’ For instance, what is the inherent value of gold? You might be tempted to look up the trading price, but that wouldn’t really answer the question, would it?


Let’s use our imaginations. Instead of a currency revaluation, let’s pretend that the keepers of the collateral accounts decide instead to distribute all of the gold equally among all of Earth’s inhabitants. Everyone gets an equal share. Now we’ve all got a chunk of gold. You go to your local shopkeeper to buy a few items:


“I’d like to purchase these things please.”


“And how will you be paying?”




“Hm. Do you have anything else?”

“Um... well... I’d really like to pay with gold.”


“Yes, but I’ve already got plenty of gold. Everyone does. Do you have anything else of value?”


“Look, I really need to pay in gold. If I can’t buy things with it, the gold doesn’t do me any good, does it?”


“Quite right. No argument here. But I don’t want it either. I can’t eat it and I can’t make a very good hat from it. Keep it... and come up with something else... if you’d still like to purchase these items.”


You get the idea, right?


All value comes from us. We are the designators and the very source of all value. Value is a living thing; it changes from moment to moment... according to our variable needs and desires.


Any and all forms of money are conveniences for the exchange of value among persons. Money is not intrinsically or inherently valuable. We are.


The only way we’re ever going to get a new monetary system that flies is by transparently enshrining the fact of our own infinite worth. The new system must reflect the true source of value. Money cannot be a deceptive device any longer; it cannot again be a tool for covert manipulation. Everything about money-- where it comes from and what it truly represents-- must first be laid bare, utterly naked. No more shenanigans!


I’ve laid it out previously in the article Mickey Mouse Economics (the third article in the June 2013 Newsletter) how the creation of money through debt with compound interest attached is just a not-so-subtle ponzi scheme. In other words, it’s usurious. The creation of money cannot remain in private hands. And it cannot involve interest-- especially compounded. We need to finally understand these things-- thoroughly.


The new covenant with Source, the new mandate, Universal Law will not support any type of usurious system. We’re done with that-- forever.


Now, I fully expect that there will still be those who’ll try to make just such a thing fly nevertheless. Here’s how it might look:


We’ll all be taken to the top of a very high fiscal cliff. Some smooth-talking huckster will stand before us presenting the new financial system. Most of us won’t understand a word he’s saying, but one or two of us might notice that the new system metaphorically resembles a big ol’ clunky rock. With great fanfare, the huckster will explain how this rock-like thing which he’s calling the new equitable system will carry us all into a golden age of prosperity for all. And then, very dramatically, he will launch it. And we will all watch it fly from the very high fiscal cliff. “But excuse me sir,” a child will speak up. “It’s not really flying so much as it’s rather plummeting,” she’ll point out. “Nonsense!” cries the huckster again and again, right up until the moment that it crashes on the ground, proving once again that gravity-- and all Universal Law-- works... without any need for enforcement.


C’mon. You didn’t really think that we could build the foundation for a brand new reality upon worn-out lies and the ill-begotten blood-money from the old fragmented paradigm, did you?


They’re gonna keep trying every which way they can to come up with some covert means of keeping control, while those with fistfuls of blood-money dinars, dongs and fizzbangers keep cheering them on. It’ll go on and on... always coming to fruition tomorrow-- “We promise!”... until finally we all get it-- that we’ve already got it.


There is no value outside of ourselves!

Copyright © 2014 Niels Kunze, the author., All rights reserved.