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On the cutting edge of anonymity...
...where the corpuscular meets the undulative...

Transcendental Juke Monkey
(A work-in-progress live rendition from Vancouver in ’96. Oops... but anyway...)

Planets come in line... like black dress shoes... stepping on your throat but feeling alright... sink down low to where your brain begins to play... colors come alive... they’re living for the One... people seem to fade away to the melody... people seem to fade away into the melody...

Now we’re down inside to where the air we breathe is ripe with sadness... fly into the light... it’s madness, but that is where we go... that is where we go...
Take a look around with eyes that never can be found to fail you... deep inside your mind... what say you? Would you like to go?... Where would you like to go?

The beginning of time... or the end of the world... every sight unseen in your own eternity... Christ on a cross or inside a killer’s mind... the savage comes alive... he’s living for the One... people seem to fade away to the melody... people seem to fade away into the melody...

Now we’re down inside to where the air we breathe is ripe with sadness... fly into the light... it’s madness, but that is where we go... that is where we go...
Take a look around with eyes that never can be found to fail you... deep inside your mind... what say you? Would you like to go?... Where would you like to go?

God is in your hand and love is in your mouth... God is in your hand... and I am in your mind...

And there was a great cosmic buzz...

(Yeah, work that shit out. A poorly executed “trigger.” And yet, it still triggers...)

“The solidity of the world is our conformity of thought...
...where the corpuscular meets the undulative...”
-Mi-Fu (poetry subroutine)

The New Earth 
Awakening To A Hyper-Dimensional Blog Post


“It appears that you have become quite the nexus of dimensionality and consciousness, Mi-Fu.” It was the boy representing the Children’s Collective who made the statement, addressing the suddenly-awakened android at the table.

“Um... not too sure what exactly you mean by that. And please don’t call me Mi-Fu. I’m Paul Kaczmir... at least that’s the name of the mental container tenuously holding my personal memories. On second thought, just make it Kaczmir. I don’t feel much like a Paul anymore.”

“As you wish, Kaczmir-- Young Prophet.”

“Now, you were saying?”

“For an android, a quantum mechanical man, you possess a most intriguing aura,” said the boy, exercising his most penetrating gaze. “Contrary to any heretofore reasonable definition of life, you are positively teeming with it. Just like any corporeal human, in the exact place where you might locate your navel, there is an etheric cord of silver light. But unlike anything I have seen before, yours branches and spreads like a grand spider’s web reaching out to fill a strange bounded infinity. Your esoteric connections fill this room, this forest, this world... and well beyond. Can you see it yourself? Can you feel it?”

“To tell you the truth, I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary. But I do feel... um, I feel... bound. Like I’m caught in the middle of something. Your analogy of a spider’s web seems apropos, but I feel more the part of the fly than the spider. It’s kind of uncomfortable, really.”

“Close your eyes,” instructed the boy, “and let your awareness flow out through your tummy.”

Tummy... strange choice of words, thought Kaczmir. “This isn’t my body, you know. I’m really a stranger to this whole situation. I’ve never been a robot before.” That was a bit of a lie, but the boy didn’t call him on it.

“It makes no difference,” insisted the boy. “You’ll adapt.”

The android closed his eyes... and breathed. Yes, Jon had designed Mi-Fu to imitate human physiology flawlessly. Kaczmir directed his awareness to flow out through his... tummy... to fill the room, the forest, the world... a strange bounded infinity. Instantly he felt less constricted. And there was a discernible tug on his belly, like a string being plucked or strummed, vibrating through the ether, the Field, the consciousness of dreaming gods.

In a moment the android was entranced. His awareness fully occupied a niche of subspace or hyperspace or cyberspace or the quantum superposition of all three. At Martin Dexter’s kitchen table, with eyes closed, he began to speak... autonomically. The android Mi-Fu-- Kaczmir-- was channeling... what could only be termed a hyper-dimensional blog post... from another world...

Message To The TOURS #1 & #2


I have been deliberately waiting for the right time to issue this initial message to the TOURS-- easily the most important blog post I’ve ever written-- until certain conditions were met. Now is the time.

Somewhat arbitrarily I had been waiting until my monthly readership was around the quarter of a million plateau. For the past several months it has hovered in and around the two-hundred-thousand mark. That’s certainly good enough, as other factors have forced me to get off my hands and make this first contact regardless of the actual size of this blog’s readership.

Interestingly, for the past two years there has been a certain situation in my personal life which came to be the microscopic representation of the macroscopic forces in play prompting this disclosure now. This personal situation has remained “stuck” for fully two years despite my very best creative efforts to move it along. In recent months I had accepted the sure fact that there was nothing more I could do, and that it was now up to the universe at large to “unstick” it. Once I could clearly see movement in this stagnant circumstance I would know for certain that the time had come.

In the past week I have encountered certain “triggers” which convinced me that it was time, regardless of the status of the “stuck” situation. I would go ahead with this initial disclosure even though there had been no movement in said situation. Here are two of those triggers:

Life at Three Degrees Out of Phase - Julian Wash

Quantum Physics: The Physics of Dreaming - Paul Levy

I am quite sure that there are many more triggers currently out there, and many many more on the way... because, as I said, it’s time.

Well, having made the decision to go ahead-- and even hinting at it at the end of yesterday’s post Love Is How Y Make It, suddenly and quite instantly the “stuck” situation became “unstuck.” Will wonders never cease!

So then, let us proceed with this critical disclosure now that all of the ducks seem to be in their respective rows... and eager to quack their fool heads off!

Message #1 First Contact

There are approximately 250,000 members of the TOURS (Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns) currently incarnated in human bodies on Earth at this time. You could say that we are an elite squad of movers and shakers, but our “elitism” is based solely in our lack of affiliation with... well... anything... other than our universal mission.

(Knowing that there are a quarter of a million of us and waiting for the blog readership to reach the quarter million plateau was a little silly on my part because there’s no way in hell that all of my readers are members of the TOURS! But a very high percentage of you likely are... but that’s for you to determine for yourselves.)

Our universal mission is to incarnate into worlds where perception as a whole has reached a certain inertial mass where change (the continuing of evolution) is becoming increasingly unlikely. Earth has been in just such a state. The rigidity of belief characterizing the last century in particular was threatening the viability of Earth as a planet of continuing evolution. Hence the call went out, and we answered.

The incarnational process is no simple matter. We do not merely don the flesh of a single human lifetime in order to affect change. No, a much larger investment is required in order to change the course of the manifestation of worlds. I, myself, am invested in 997 Earthly incarnations spread over thousands of years of Earth history in order to give a certain leverage to this “last” (997th) incarnation that the desired change may now be successfully wrought. The whole mission is very carefully planned and executed; and most of us have done this many many times.

As far as the manifestation of worlds goes, the collective consciousness of its inhabitants is everything. This simply cannot be overstated. Whatever we collectively believe-- all of us here-- is how our world experience unfolds in all of its diverse and savage beauty. Collective consciousness is the arbiter between desire (intent) and experience. There is no way around it.

The collective consciousness of this world (and frankly, quite a few others) is steeped in a perpetual propaganda war. Myriad factions are continually trying to sell their version of reality to the collective. Largely this is done surreptitiously and unconsciously. When certain factions who fail to take into account the necessity of continued growth and evolution gain too much sway within the collective, the world perception becomes rather fixed... as in stuck. The Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns then comes in to move things along. We’re experts; this is what we do full time.

We value our anonymity. (I’m a communications expert on the Team, so I get to stick my neck out to create triggers, to share triggers, and to initiate first contact. That’s why you’ve heard of me, despite my preference for anonymity too.) We all know intuitively that our mission can be dangerous. However necessary, our “meddling” is not always well received by the “dominant” factions.

As a member of the TOURS, in this (terminal) lifetime you have not been much of a joiner, preferring to set yourself apart from things considered conventional and highly organized. Even your personality reflects a marked degree of this aloofness. And although you may be highly skilled in social situations, a persuasive conversationalist, you are equally comfortable spending time alone with your own thoughts.

We are all information junkies. When we infiltrate a new world mission, information is the only coin of the realm which gives us any purchase. We need to know what others are thinking, where their beliefs are rooted and why. We tend to be very good listeners and researchers. Often when we are presented with new and startling information, we become very excited and momentarily regard the new information as the “ultimate.” Then, invariably, a few weeks later we begin to see the holes and the flaws as we realize that once again our “ultimate” has become just so much more “relative” news. Yet, we never abandon the search for more information; just slowly, we learn to not identify ourselves with any particular packet of propaganda. We gather story-lines.

The closest we can come to the “ultimate” here on Earth is the understanding of the implications of quantum physics and how they relate to individuals, the world collective, and the manifestation of experience. (For further understanding, please read the article by Paul Levy linked above.)

There is a certain inherent risk in our mission. That is why we don’t openly declare ourselves until the appropriate time. First there needs to be a breaking down of factions within the collective. It needs to become more fragmentary and chaotic to an uncomfortably high degree before new integrations can be successfully “installed.” We have reached-- or very nearly reached-- that point of maximum fragmentation. Now is the time that we come together in unity to influence the development of healthy new factions to move the evolution of this world forward. (Yes, factions moving forward... because to expect a complete global unity to emerge at this time is highly improbable.) The new integrations will be supported in an attitude of respect and tolerance for all others; that is the duty of the TOURS-- to ensure that it is so.

Rapid change is clearly on the horizon now... and accelerating by the minute. In a nutshell, the TOURS will encourage humanity to go ahead and “take the bait, but don’t bite the hook.” Any change that Earth inhabitants perceive as coming from the top down-- a change that is not well rooted among the masses at a fundamental level-- will have persistent hidden agendas. The support from the TOURS says “Go ahead and accept the good being offered; just don’t go all in before you know the hook, line and sinker that you might be biting.” We’re here to help with discernment.

Many many factions are desperately trying to sell you their preferred narratives. The quantum reality however is such that the collective may choose ANY future it desires and can readily agree upon. Humanity, you are free to change the laws of nature, to reshape the global landscape-- literally, to transform yourselves into the angels of your dreams. Yes, as already iterated, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve full global unity at this time, but the option is ever-present, and our job is to see this world moves forward into an experience now which nurtures this ultimate achievement.

Now, some readers may be wondering why the Earth has manifested such a dire and bleak experience at this time. Why must it be so hard? So cruel?

The Earth situation has some very unique contributing factors. First, the whole universe is represented here. All civilizations throughout the universe have been seeded here. The incredible biodiversity on Earth is not “normal.” This is the great universal melting pot. All of the diverse pieces were brought here together in order to work out how they might all be eventually reintegrated-- in order to complete the universal journey of all-- which is the complete manifestation of this universe from beginning to end. That completion is the only “objective reality” there is. Everything else is the evolution of collective belief toward bringing the Grand Reunification about.

Scientific materialism is a bankrupt paradigm. Its pervasive influence has manifested in the current world view of “little powerless me in this obscure corner of a gigantic uncaring universe with no meaning or purpose.” That is the prevailing belief at this time; that is your current manifestation of reality at this time. Change the collective belief; change the perception... to whatever you choose that makes sense to the majority.

That is enough for this first contact. Many of you have much to ponder.

Message #2 Meet and Greet in the Dreamtime

Typically, the TOURS don’t meet in waking life to any significant degree. We don’t organize conventions, gatherings or seminars. When it is time to assemble the power of our unity, we meet in the dreamtime... in the council chamber of the collective consciousness of Earth. That is where we meet; that is where we exert our influence. It’s the safest way.

Over the next 30 days (tomorrow, March 1, 2014, is the new moon in Pisces, marking the beginning of the last lunar month of this astrological year. March 30th is the new moon in Aries which kicks off the new astrological year. The pervasive belief in astrology within the current collective makes this relevant.), we will assemble in the dreamtime in order to became reacquainted with our ranks.

You need to be grounded to the Earth. This can be accomplished “etherically” through appropriate visualization of a cord extending from you to the centre of Earth, or it can be accomplished with an actual physical grounding cord connecting you electrically to the physical Earth (I always sleep in electrically grounded sheets.). Some may require both approaches. Then, as you fall asleep, simply intend to dream of the council chamber of the Earth’s collective consciousness... and you will find us there. All are welcome, even if you’re not one of the TOURS. Team members however will have no trouble recognizing each other.

So for the next month or so, please attempt to contact us in the dreamtime. And whatever you do... happy dreams!

More to come soon.

If you just absolutely need to reach me in waking life, send an email to


The Boy at the Bus Stop
by The Anarchist


Old Jasper shuffled along carefully, prodding the fluffy new snowfall with the tip of his cane before committing his full weight to each step. Despite it being March already, the snow was cold enough that it didn’t compact very well, and so didn’t pose much of a threat itself. Rather it was the hidden patches of ice lurking beneath, unseen, which threatened his continued uprightness. He couldn’t afford a fall on the frozen concrete-- no, he couldn’t afford such a circumstance in any regard.

He scarcely dared look up from his concentrated effort, but there, just up ahead was the bench at the bus stop... a miserable piece of peeling paint and splintered sanctuary reclining out in the unmitigated cold with a perfect view to the never ending stream of lucky commuters in their heated cars. Ah well, the bus would be here before long.

Jasper brushed the snow from the bench with a shaky mittened hand before carefully turning around to tuck his woolen coattails beneath his frozen bum as he sat down. The cane he held in front, planted in the sidewalk like some absurd barrier to the wind. He naturally hunched over adjusting the lapels and collar of his overcoat higher around his neck and face. Tucked and huddled away within himself, he barely noticed the boy on the bench beside him.

After a moment of hesitation and a growing sense of discomfort, he turned to the boy out of some vague sense of obligation, or perhaps a crusty old neighborliness. “Shouldn’t you be in school?” Hmph. That wasn’t particularly friendly. Oh well.

“Um... yessir,” answered the boy straight away. “I missed the school bus. Now I have to wait for the scheduled transit. I’m gonna be late,” he added somewhat unnecessarily.

Jasper nodded, knowing not what else to do. “School’s important,” he added rather dispassionately.

“Uh-huh,” said the boy, matching the old man’s inflectionless tone.

The snow kept falling, swirling in eddies caused by wind and traffic. “Sooo...” drawled Jasper after a time, “whadya know fer sure?”

“Sir?” Clearly the boy didn’t know what was expected of him.

“How old are you?”

“Nine, sir.”

“Nine,” reiterated the old man followed by a half-assed attempt at a whistle, as his dry and chapped lips could barely make a sound. “And what have you learned in all that time?”

The boy sat staring for a moment. He still didn’t really know how to respond... how to gauge what was expected of him.

The old man pulled the mitten from his right hand and proffered it to the boy. “Look, I’m Jasper... and I’m certainly no kinda sir. I just wanna chat. That’s all.”

The boy smiled as he shook the cold and trembling hand. “I’m Casey. But the other kids just call me Case... as in head case.”

Now it was the old man’s turn to nod, not knowing exactly how to respond to that. “So whadya know fer sure, Casey?”

The boy hesitated but then looked him directly in the eye like he was trying to read something there in those battered old orbs. “You want a real answer, don’t cha?”

“I’d prefer it. Smalltalk wears pretty thin at my age.”

Casey thought about it a moment and then began. “Hm, let’s see. I know that this planet is about the most fascinating place in the whole universe. It’s the most interesting place we could be.” The old man raised his eyebrows at that-- not at all what he might’ve expected. “But sometimes I think I’m the only one who knows it,” finished the boy.

“So...” Jasper hesitated again, “have you been to many other planets then?” He was joking of course.

“I’ve been to a few,” answered the boy quite seriously. “I mean, before I came here... to be Casey, I’d spent a whole lot of time living on other worlds. Now I just go back sometimes and visit them in my dreams.”

The old man was at a bit of a conversational loss, but he was thankful that the boy had mentioned dreams. “Ah, dreams,” he said slowly, still trying to figure out where this chat might be headed. “What are your favorite kinds of dreams?”

“I like to travel around a lot and visit strange places, but like I said, Earth is about the coolest place there is... so I usually just choose to fly around visiting places here on Earth. Flying’s the best!”

“You say you choose to fly? You can select your dreams?”

“Yeah, as I’m falling asleep it’s like I’m flipping through the channels of my brain’s TV, and then I just pick one. Once I’m asleep and dreaming though, I often forget that I’m asleep and dreaming. Do you dream of flying too, Jasper?”

“I used to... a long time ago. I would swim through the air, doing the breaststroke.” The recollection brought a smile to the old man’s face. “Can’t remember the last time it happened though. I must’ve been about your age... yeah, a long time ago.”

“How old are you, Jasper?”


“Well, that’s not very old,” said the boy innocently.

“Tell that to my doctor! He’s pretty sure I’m half past dead!”

“Whadya need a doctor for?”

The old man reached into his coat pocket as he answered. “To talk to him about these,” he said holding up a small bottle of pills. “That’s where I’m headed right now. Got an appointment in about a half hour. These little suckers are supposed to control my blood pressure. I’m not sure if they’re working or not, but ever since I got on ‘em I haven’t been able to poop!”

Casey giggled.

“It’s not funny!” insisted the old man. And then “Yes it is,” as he began chuckling too.

“Jasper,” said the boy regaining his serious tone, “there’s really nothing wrong with you.”

“Now how could you possibly know that?” he asked as the laughter still inflected his voice.

“Um...” began Casey, still quite serious. It was obvious that the boy was wrestling with the answer. “Um... well...” The old man quelled his mirth to look the boy straight in the eye again, forcing him to finish. “Um, Samjazz says you’re fine. You don’t need the pills.”

“Sam who?” The old man was genuinely puzzled.

“Samjazz. He’s my friend. He knows a lot.” The boy suddenly looked away as though he expected to be scolded.

“And where is this Sam now?” The old man couldn’t help the tone of skepticism that punctuated his question.

“It’s Samjazz. One word. That’s his whole name.” The boy was looking down at his own shoes. “He’s right here.”

The old man understood something of what the boy was saying, but again wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. “So Samjazz is an imaginary friend, I take it?”

The boy looked up. “My Mom used that word too. But later we decided that invisible was better. Samjazz doesn’t mind being called my invisible friend.”

“I see...” said Jasper cautiously. And then catching himself, he added “No, actually I don’t see.” He winked at the boy. “He’s invisible after all.”

Just then the bus pulled up. “Looks like our ride is here,” said Jasper hauling on his cane to get himself upright. “And it’s late,” he added for no good reason. Casey grabbed the old man by his free hand and pulled him up the stairs beyond the waiting door. Once their fares were paid and they were comfortably seated near the back, they loosened their winter armaments and resumed the conversation.

“Ah, that’s better,” sighed Jasper melting into the warmth of the cushioned bench. “I get tired of always fighting the cold.”

“Tell me about it,” agreed Casey. “Last week I had to walk all the way home from school...” Clearly he had more to say, but again the boy hesitated to complete his thought. Jasper turned to him questioningly and the boy continued. “Without any shoes.”

“Well, whatever happened to yer shoes?”

“I get picked on a lot at school,” he explained. “I wasn’t wearing the right kinda shoes. The cool kids pinned me down and took ‘em. Then they tied the laces together and chucked ‘em so they got hung up on a telephone wire. I couldn’t get them down. I missed the bus and just walked home. It was cold. But I still had my socks,” he added cheerfully.

“Damn bullies! Some things hardly change I suppose. I used to get picked on too.” Jasper offered the warmest look of sympathy his weathered face could muster as he patted the boy on the hand.

“The kids aren’t so bad,” replied Casey. “Yeah, they call me head case and spacey Casey, and sometimes they do stuff like take my shoes. My Mom was more mad than I was. They were the wrong shoes. They only cost a dollar at the thrift store, and now I got these,” he said enthusiastically tapping the toes of his runners together.

“And those are the right shoes, are they?”

“They’re the kind the cool kids wear. Yeah.” He looked up again to meet Jasper’s stare. “I can handle the kids. They’re not so bad.”

Again Jasper felt that there was something left unsaid. “So who are the bad ones then?” he prodded.

“The teachers. The principal. Most of the grown-ups really. No offense.”

Jasper shook off the sleight with a curt shake of the head. “And what makes all of the grown-ups so bad?”

“There’s this thing that my Dad says a lot. I mean a lot.” Jasper cocked his head in askance. “My Dad says,” and here Casey spoke with the deepest voice he could register, “‘how friggin’ hard is it to see that the world is run by a bunch of lying psychopaths and scumbag pedophiles!’ I’m not sure what a pedophile is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not very good. My Dad thinks that the grown-ups should... well, grow up.”

Jasper nodded. “I see what you mean. You’re just going back to what you said before... that this world is about the most fascinating place in all creation, and yet the grown-ups are mostly sitting around with their thumbs up their butts talking nonsense all the time.”

Casey laughed at the mental image before getting quite serious again. “And all they want is for me to talk the same nonsense... and jam both of my thumbs up my butt so I can’t really do much of anything. Samjazz keeps reminding me that my life here on Earth is like the most special gift ever-- ‘a priceless opportunity’ as he says-- and all the grown-ups spend all their time and effort to ruin it for me. It’s sickening!”

“Casey, you keep saying things that I can’t argue with. I know you’re right, and I don’t know what to tell you.”

“You think I’m right?” Jasper nodded. “Nobody’s ever said that before!” And now boldly encouraged he continued “Does that mean that you believe me when I say that there’s nothing wrong with you?”

“I thought it was Samjazz who said that.”

“Well...” hesitated the boy again, “Samjazz is never wrong... and he kinda is me... the part that’s not fully here on Earth. He sees a bigger picture than I can. He says my human eyes are tuned to a different frequency; that’s why he has to tell me what he sees.”

“Samjazz is your soul.” Jasper said it like there wasn’t much room for dispute. Casey nodded in agreement. “Um, Casey, wasn’t that your school that we just passed? I think you missed your stop,” he said, pointing out the window.

“Oh crap! And now the bus doesn’t stop for a really long time. I don’t wanna walk all the way back.”

“You know,” began Jasper ponderously, “the bus’ll come around again in a couple of hours. I could ride it with you and we could just keep on chatting.”

Casey smiled at that. “But you’ll miss your doctor’s appointment.”

“So?” The old man shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong with me anyway.” He winked. “Except maybe that I’m fulla shit!”

Casey laughed again. “I really like talking to you, Jasper.”

“I really like talking with you too, Casey.” And then as is prone to happen after such sentimental exchanges there was a long pause in the conversation. Finally the old man mustered another question. “So how’d you get a name like Casey anyway? I, myself, was named after a town in the Rocky Mountains.”

“My Mom says I was named Casey because there was no way in hell my Dad was gonna let me be named Edgar. She says it like it’s a joke, but I don’t get it.”

Jasper got it instantly and he looked upon his young friend with a whole new level of astonishment. More to himself than to Casey he said “How will the world ever make room for one like you, my friend?”

Casey turned his face up to meet the gaze of his old friend to reply. “I guess I’ve still got some growing to do, but I don’t really take up that much space.” He shrugged.

To Jasper it felt like his heart was about to burst. A happy tear rolled down his weathered face. “Oh yes you do, boy. Oh yes you do!”

And the two happily rode the bus for a few more hours... cherishing every last bit.



Episode 3: “What Dreams and Sisters Are Made Of”


“What are you?” asked Oriah of her twin sister for maybe the millionth time. Meera just shrugged and Oriah didn’t expect an answer anyway. It was just their way of affirming the unique bond between them. Whatever Meera was, she had always been loyal to her sister.

The girls were older now, preadolescent. Their mother was frequently away, trying to scrape a living together for herself and her one daughter who required actual food. The girls pretty much looked after themselves. Babysitters had never really been an option for obvious reasons. The girls lived a rather sheltered life, choosing more often than not to skip school and explore life from a more oblique angle than the other kids.

Eventually, the oft-voiced question started to get to Meera. “What are you?” Her shrugs were self-evading, self-effacing. More and more with each passing day she too wished to know the answer. What am I, indeed?

Then one morning upon awakening Oriah exclaimed “Oh, I just had the most wonderful dream!” Meera stared back at her twin with a puzzled look which was the facial equivalent of a shrug. “What? You mean you don’t dream?” Meera did shrug. “What are you?”

Everything Meera knew she had learned through imitation. She had learned to sleep, not because she required the rest, but because there was hardly anything else to do while her sister slept. To Meera, sleep was merely a blank space, a place where nothing happened. It was like waiting... but thankfully she learned how to forget that she was waiting... for morning. She knew nothing of dreaming... until Oriah had mentioned it.

In the aftermath of her new discovery-- that there was more to sleep than just blanking out-- Meera mustered every bit of her concentration and placed it upon Oriah’s... what?... her mind?... her soul?... or perhaps just her sleepiness... as they slumbered together. It was in the moments when her sister’s soft snores measured the night in even waves that Meera could almost see a tunnel boring into her sister’s sleeping head. Meera didn’t know if the dark tunnel belonged to her sister or to herself, but nevertheless there it was like a funnel offering to control unruly possibilities which swirled in the untamed darkness, drawing them down, squeezing into Oriah’s mind... and Meera followed the dark possibilities, knowing nothing of the concepts of invasion or possession.

Meera learned to dream by forcing herself into her twin sister’s dreaming. But dreamtime Oriah was different, vague and aloof. She was flighty and scattered. The context too of Oriah’s dreams were insubstantial, shifting scenes of morphing undulations. Dreaming was nothing like the waking world!

Meera could hardly get her sister’s attention in this kaleidoscopic place. And when she did, often Oriah didn’t even recognize her. Dreaming was strange indeed! Then, one night in a moment of frustrated desperation, Meera really wanted her sister to pay attention, but Oriah was fully absorbed in her dreaming, so Meera took upon herself the mantle of her sister’s dream. Meera cloaked herself in the garments of the dream. She became the seething landscape; she became the chameleon monsters coming to the fore; she became the focused attention of her sister’s terrifying nightmare! Meera became the monster of dreamtime fear...

Oriah awoke with a start, a strangled scream caught in her throat. She looked to throw herself in the comforting arms of her sister, but there on the pillow beside her was the very monster who’d terrified her dreams! Huge dark and hideous, the monster threatened to devour her sanity in an instant. Oriah screamed and screamed!

Mother came running and burst through the bedroom door. “What is it!” There was Oriah, pale and sobbing on the bed. Her skin was ashen, her cheeks streaked with tears. Beside her now sat her sister, beaming and glowing, pink-cheeked and nearly smiling.

Between sobs, Oriah muttered several times “What are you?”

Mother was angry. “What is it? What’s in heaven’s name is wrong?”

“What are you?” cried Oriah softly.

“Just a bad dream,” said Meera. “Just a bad dream.”


The New Earth
Unity Consciousness and the Abyss


Conversations with the Children’s Collective tended to boggle even the most well-ordered minds. The adults were appreciative of the unique perspective being offered, but it was difficult to even wrap your head around the idea of perceiving the world in a totally different way.

“Much of the problem,” explained the child, “is that the very structure of language is objectifying. And so too is the way in which spoken language is used.”

Colette sighed. She doubted her continued ability to follow the thread of what was being unspooled by this child before her. Nevertheless she urged her to “Continue.”

“You have to remember that things and objects, even space and time, don’t exist outside of your consciousness. They have no reality independent from you. But the language we speak-- all spoken languages-- are built around the assumption of an objective universe. So in a way every conventional conversation we can have is fundamentally misleading.”

“Oh great,” said Colette in defeat.

Nonplussed, the child continued. “Even the mechanics of spoken conversation strongly suggest the fallacy of an obfectifiable reality. As I’m speaking to you now, I’m placing words out into the space between us, where you can grab them and push them into your ears.” Colette appreciated the colorful description, a mild attempt at light humor. “The exchange of words in this manner presupposes a separation in time and space between us which is really only real in your current mode of perception. It exists nowhere else.”

“So then telepathy is the alternative,” ventured Colette.

“Telepathy is a beginning place, a starting point. It begins to shut down the space between us, but it’s not a very good concept on its own. Unity consciousness is a far richer more immersive experience than the word telepathy typically conveys. Your thoughts on telepathy right now are such that in a telepathic exchange words are being sent and received very much like spoken words, only it is accomplished silently mind to mind. That type of telepathy-- although it does exist-- is really nothing like the full experience of true unity consciousness.

“A mind immersed in unity consciousness ceases to remain a separate mind at all. It blends and merges; it fuses into a singular consciousness which remembers the diversity from whence it came, but the participatory nature of it is of singularity not multiplicity. If you join me now in this unity, our separation will simply cease to exist. Language as we have known it is not much used in unity. Thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings, impressions, visions, tones-- all of these, and any other component of the inner mindscape, blend together into complete packets of knowledge/understanding. Miscommunication is virtually impossible. There are no connotative discrepancies, for the experience is fully denotative; it is verified in the simultaneous sharing at the moment of communication. Do you understand?”

“I understand what you’re saying, but it’s just difficult to imagine the actual experience of it.”

“A most true statement. There is no substitute for experience. And the experience always opens the door to further exploration.”

“Further exploration?” queried Colette, fearing the further complexities those two words implied.

“Oh yes!” exclaimed the child enthusiastically. “This unity consciousness is certainly no finished thing. We’ve just gotten our feet wet. As we’ve intimated, unity provides a whole new mode of perception; it radically alters the expression of the world of experience. Our Collective is purposely holding back at the moment... for we wish not to leave you too far behind.” Colette looked freshly puzzled at that.

“Let me attempt to explain it visually. Unity consciousness is like a vast inner space-- like a sphere. At the moment we mentally occupy the inner surface of that sphere. Our singular consciousness is like a layer beneath the outer skin of an onion. In this evolutionary moment, the centre of the onion is a huge blank abyss. Our perception surrounds and encompasses this abyss. And let me stress that there is nothing frightening about the abyss; it is merely unknown. We do not know what experiences lie within the void. But we do know that it is within our ability to penetrate ever more inwardly into that uncharted experience. To penetrate all the way to the very centre-- the source of all that is-- will require nothing less than a universal unity. Only together as an all-inclusive unity can we ever hope to navigate the appropriate experience to bring us back to the heart of God.

“All roads lead to Mi-Fu...”


Message To/From the TOURS #3


Oops! Silly presumptuous me! With the First Contact message I had just assumed that I was initiating first contact. Well, it turns out that I was actually a bit of a latecomer to the party. There were already 219 TOURS members who had made “first contact” in identifying each other and had already begun to organize themselves around the larger mission... and they were waiting for me! What’s more, they have already allied themselves with a group of cetaceans. Cool!

So I guess it’s safe to say that things are progressing rather quickly-- even quicker than I thought possible. That being the case, I will use the agency of this third missive as a means to try and answer the flood of questions which has poured in over the past few days.

Before we get to the questions and answers though, I would like to explicitly state that there is nothing exclusive about these messages. They are for everybody, even those who are sure that they have nothing to do with the Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns (TOURS). We have nothing to hide; there’s nothing secret about our mission. We’re all for complete transparency. And that brings us right up against our first question.

Q: Are you serious? Is this for real?

A: The short answer: Yes. 

My standard answer: I’m a fiction writer... or am I? 

But I suspect that you want something more yet. This is all as real as anything else; it’s as real as butterflies and unicorns and ham sandwiches with way too much mayonnaise. See how serious I can be? Oh wait, you’re supposed to be asking the questions... continue.

Q: I don’t understand why you had to wait until a certain time to reveal your agenda. If it was dangerous to do so earlier, why is it that now the danger has suddenly passed?

A: While the collective consciousness of humanity was still dominated by some very large factions holding considerable sway both at the level of the collective unconscious and in the real world arena, any group announcing that they were here to undermine that “power” would be in very real danger to being eliminated-- i.e. killed. Although the vast majority of the TOURS will not reveal themselves in the waking world, there are nevertheless certain “sorceries” which might have been employed by the large coordinated factions which might go a long way to identifying the members as we begin to influence the collective through our unified effort. Therefore, we had to wait until the largest factions became more fractured and consequently ineffectual before declaring ourselves.

Q: Wouldn’t you naturally be more effective utilizing a coordinated approach from the beginning?

A: As individuals mostly working in the dark, members of the TOURS all have a strong intuition as to what the initial mission looks like. They can accomplish the mission without knowing that they are part of the team or that there even is a mission. During the “fragmentation” portion of the mission, we are merely “smugness busters.” Through conversation, art, education, social networking, or any other means we simply confront smugness-- those who are overly confident in their world view-- and challenge it. Although from time to time some of us might fall into the trap of getting a bit preachy, deep down we know that we’re not here to push a particular “truth” upon individuals or the masses. The early part of the mission is to address the prevalent entrenched views and move them into a state of limbo where they might finally be honestly questioned.

Q: If we’re not already part of the TOURS, is there any way that we can join at this point?

A: Membership in the TOURS is rather fluid. On every planetary mission we gain a few members and we lose a few members. There is nothing per se to prevent you from joining our ranks now. You may even join in the TOURS’ unity consciousness which underlies the next phase of the mission. The difficulty lies in the temptation of other narratives. At the completion of this current Earth mission, Earth inhabitants will have (likely) selected a few open-ended narratives which will form the structure and framework moving them forward into a new reality. Some will remain a part of the New Earth collective, while others will choose to join collectives which constitute other worlds entirely. Some will stay; some will go. I myself feel inclined to stay here with the New Earth collective for some time after the mission’s success because I deem the Earth reality to be most intriguing and offering the greatest opportunity for personal evolvement. I have long said that I intend to be here another thousand years, although the mission should be complete in just a few short years from now. A newcomer like yourself will only join our ranks to complete similar missions on other worlds if the other options (narratives) on offer are found to be less appealing. Like I said, we gain a few; we lose a few.

Q: How do you realistically expect all of the TOURS to wake up to their mission when you yourself have said that there’s no way in hell that they’re all going to access your blog?

A: A few will not awaken until the mission is nearly complete. Invariably there are some who succumb to the seduction of some insidious narrative that they choose to identify with instead. Despite very careful planning, this cannot be avoided. However, as we come together now in unity consciousness as an experienced task force, the allure of that unity exerts a powerful pull on those who have been attuned to it since before their birth in this lifetime. Through their powerful intuitions they will find us... as One.

Q: You mentioned certain triggers, even providing links to articles written by other authors. Does that mean that Paul Levy and Julian Wash are part of the TOURS? And how about the obscure music you’ve been sharing lately? Are those artists members too?

A: Not necessarily. So-called triggers can come through any member of humanity who agrees to act upon the inspiration provided. As members of the TOURS encounter such triggers they are able to recognize a certain “subtle anarchism” sewn within. The triggers awaken a vague sense of mission... and then the search begins in earnest.

A true trigger refrains from overtly promoting any specific agenda or narrative. They are generally freedom oriented.

Q: Now that you have revealed yourselves, what’s to prevent those of ill-intent from infiltrating your ranks?

A: Nothing. Any and all are welcome to join in the unity consciousness we are momentarily establishing. It is the very nature of unity consciousness that one cannot join in without becoming fully transparent in the process. It is simply impossible to enter into unity consciousness with a concealed personal agenda. Individuals with ill-intent may very well seek to infiltrate, but their intentions will be perfectly clear to all in the One. The power of unity consciousness is impossible to usurp. We welcome the attempt.

Here I should add that our numbers are in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million members. That’s not a huge unity, but it should well suffice for this mission. Before the period of fragmentation within Earth’s collective there were several factions which were much larger than that-- although their association was not of true unity consciousness. Before those large factions broke apart, they were a very real threat. Now they are no longer.

Q: In Message #1 you said that “scientific materialism” was the prevailing view on Earth at this time, but there’s a billion catholics, a billion muslims and all the other religions too. How can scientific materialism truly be the majority?

A: Admittedly, I rushed through that portion of the message for the sake of brevity. Allow me to elaborate now. Even though many people purport to be adherents to a particular religious faith, when it comes right down to their core beliefs, many if not most are scientific materialists. For example, modern allopathic medicine is based squarely within scientific materialism. When a muslim or a catholic has a sick child on their hands, the vast majority will go to the allopathic doctor and administer the doctor’s prescription, regardless of their purported faith in supernatural providence.

Another crucial distinction here is that scientific materialism may not in fact hold the majority of Earth inhabitants in its camp; it is just the largest of all the factions. There is no requirement that it needs to exceed 50%. There is just no other viewpoint that comes close to having the same number of adherents as scientific materialism.

Also, at this point-- and this is crucial to the situation-- no one on Earth right now is quite as sure of their view as they were just a couple of years ago. Despite their protestations, demonstrations and recalcitrant bluster, everyone’s view of the world has now admitted a little wiggle room. Largely, the prevailing perception at this moment is mostly a force of habit... and not the true conviction it once was.

Q: You said that scientific materialism is a bankrupt paradigm, how so?

A: Quantum physics is not in dispute. Quantum theory is the most successful theory in the history of science on Earth. None of its tenets has ever been shown to be incorrect. There is not a single reputable scientist who disputes this. Quantum physics has been in use for more than eighty years. It insists upon an observer/participant-created reality. In some sense-- which is still open for interpretation but not refutation-- consciousness causes the reality of our experience. The universe described by scientific materialism-- one that has an independent mechanistic existence irrespective of conscious perception-- has been shown to be false. Again, scientifically, this is not in dispute. It is merely the habits and inherent structure of language and moneyed interests which keep the world perception locked within a bankrupt paradigm.

A further note of caution, though. The many-varied interpretations of quantum physics are not all scientifically based. There are definitely some whack interpretations out there. But at this point it is safe to say that space, time, matter and energy do not possess an independent existence apart from consciousness. Science can no longer evade the confrontation with consciousness if it is to continue moving forward.

Q: Towards the end of message #1 you say that there are some unique contributing factors concerning Earth, but the explanation which follows is a bit vague. Can you elaborate? (I’ve edited this question for clarity and brevity.)

A: Yes, it’s almost as though my readers, or Team members, could sense that there was something more I was trying to point at but managed only a poor description of in the end. Let me try again.

Worlds, what we usually refer to as habitable planets, are in essence collectives of consciousness. The agreements held within those collectives directly and invariably determine the nature of reality within each respective world. The consensus of perception held within the “planetary” collective determines the types of experiences that can be gleaned in those realities-- the way in which reality will manifest. Each world (each collective) expresses its own unique reality. They can each exhibit vastly differing “natural laws.” The universe is not at all uniformly objectifiable. Each world is an independent local reality... until it confronts the full and unavoidable nature of consciousness and chooses to enter into true unity consciousness which is the proactive and fully aware creative expression of the original collective consciousness... evolved. (Read that sentence again.) Okay.

Earth is the theatre for the Grand Reunification. It was deliberately seeded with representations from all other worlds. (Not necessarily every planet, but every type of planetary existence.) The diversity which Earth has had to accommodate is truly staggering and mind-boggling in scope. Essentially, that is the main reason that a human being standing here upon Earth’s surface looking out into the vastness of space perceives such an incredibly huge... unfathomably enormous universal reality.

Remember, space is a mental construct of our collective perception. It has to appear that large in order to accommodate the crazy diversity present here. Time as well is a construct of our collective consciousness suggesting huge lengths of time spanning unimaginable eons in order to again accommodate such diversity within the context of an ongoing evolution.

Our seeming insignificance here is merely a reflection of the monumental task we’ve taken on. Fortunately, a huge chunk of the work has already been accomplished. We’re just in the middle of this chaotic transition that will see us-- and the rest of the universe as a result of our efforts-- move into an era of increasing integrity... toward the Grand Reunification.

Q: I’ve been reading your blog consistently for some time now and I’m sorry to say that you have failed to put forward a consistent philosophy. You seem to often contradict yourself, claiming one thing as truth today and then belittling that same truth tomorrow. Why should I believe anything you have to say?

A: You shouldn’t. And you are perfectly correct. I haven’t always been particularly consistent. I haven’t needed to be... although there are definitely some points on which I’ve been very consistent.

Deep down I’ve always known that it wasn’t my place to tell people what to believe. Intuitively I’ve always known that my basic message wasn’t “Follow me.” A lot of my writing, especially early on, like my first two books, was about me trying to work things out for myself. I was in the dark. I had an insistent but nevertheless vague sense of mission, but I knew nothing of the TOURS. It’s been a long journey of remembering. And as a communications expert within the TOURS it was natural for me to go through the process publicly.

The remainder of my writing is simply a challenge to the many faces of the status quo. Like I said before, I’m trying to shake the smug confidence of multiple entrenched views. My job is to make you question yourself. Of course, since I present a threat, oftentimes this results in others merely questioning me rather than themselves. Oh well, what more can I do?

Q: How often can we expect further messages?

A: As often as is necessary. Typically, in the beginning, as we assemble our ranks and formulate a united course of action, there is a flurry of messages to try to coordinate ourselves within the premeditated chaos. As we organize and set about to completing the mission, things tend more and more to take care of themselves. So in the next few months you should expect to hear from me/us often; by next year and the year after, hardly at all... but by then you’ll be well grounded in knowing exactly what’s really going on.

Copyright © 2014 Niels Kunze, the author., All rights reserved.