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The Earth. First. Newsletter


Our so-called technological advancements 

provide more elaborate crutches,

so that we can at least enjoy

our newly-acquired disabilities.



Our task is to invite the Spirit in...

Yes! Fill me with Life unfettered!

From the depths unplumbed inside...


In integrity, we serve any light agenda by Being earthlings first.



Fool! Loosen your truth’s moorings... and be sure to hang on to your silly hat.





Now that we’ve finally stepped outside of fraud-time... away from the gregorian calendar temporal prison, perhaps Now we can get on with it!


Almost everyone I know has good intentions. The problem is they don’t precisely know what those specific intentions might look like. Many are just hoping for the best, intending that hope can cover the need for otherwise having to create anything defined or specific-- you know, something real.


And then there’s those who think our task is to create particular outcomes; the only way we could reliably do that is if we could control and manipulate everything in the universe. We cannot successfully intend the way we want the world to be; but when we intend with precision and specificity how we ourselves would like to Be, then the universe immediately sets about assembling the very best circumstances for evoking that particular Being... The mirror is bound to reflect.


Just look at Nature... unstoppably creating every manner of Being imaginable! You and I and Nature-- we share the same Life, allowing... inviting... the colour-burst flow of Spirit exploding to dye every thread of the weave in all these costumes of Being... infinite. What if we consciously chose to align ourselves with THAT?


Instead of pitting our not-so-different biology against pretty much all of the other biology on the planet, mightn’t we be better off co-operating for once, with that shared Spirit of Life?


Life comes to us all, Here, through the planet-- and more distantly, the sun-- but Earth First must surely be the orientation of Life itself. Every tangible thing comprising life, sustaining life, fostering life, evolving life, comes directly from/through the Earth. And surely conscious Living Beings would choose to assign meaning and significance in support of Life, no? 


It’s not: what is the meaning of life?... It’s rather that Life is the seed of meaning, in the confusion of being... infinite Beings.



We will finish transforming the world now

by becoming more intentional.

Isn’t that what any creator

Must eventually do?

Revocation of Hidden Meanings in Language


As a user of language in both spoken and written form, as well as in my private and personal thoughts, I hereby declare all the forms of language I employ to be free and void from any hidden or occult meanings. It is henceforth demanded that the language I use is free from any attachments whatsoever, for whatever purposes, that are hidden or otherwise unknown to my waking, conscious I AM presence.


The words I use mean only what I intend them to mean, as is commonly understood by the majority of the users of language as the overtly expressed denotations, along with the accepted connotations of popular usage, of those specific words... and nothing else. The words employed by this I AM presence, expressed in the ever-present Now, cannot and do not communicate any permission or allowance for any covert purposes that lie outside of my conscious awareness. It is my conscious awareness solely which determines the intent, direction and target of all my language-based communications. Whatever my communications might mean to others in contravention of the above has no bearing on, or consequence for, this I AM presence; such is a misconstruction belonging solely to others. I AM not responsible for what you may think I mean.


I mean what I mean, but I still allow for the allegorical layers of infinite meaning to penetrate the organization of my words, allowing for depth, richness and poetics to arise among their precise denotative overt meanings. But there is nothing sinister lurking in intentional grammatical ambiguities-- no secret agreements suggested or implied. My words, spoken, written or contemplated, are oriented toward personal unfettered growth, learning and sharing; they shall not be misconstrued for purposes in opposition to this basic orientation.


The energetics surrounding and interpenetrating the specific geometries of all written letters, punctuation and common symbols is hereby bound to conform in purpose and action with the overt intent of the context in which they are used. Any subtle or hidden energetics lying outside of my conscious awareness that alter, subvert or deny the meaning of my intentional choice of written words are hereby transformed into supportive energies, or else rendered inert. Any sacred geometry built into our written text for any purposes contrary or detrimental to the clear communication for which language was derived and is used is hereby completely overridden by the natural right and intent to communicate without obfuscation. The written language is a tool which I claim Now, clean and clear from any occult rituals or hidden spells which may have been covertly inserted at its inception or subsequently added. Each and every written word passes through my field of consciousness and Being free from anything appended by another outside of my conscious awareness. My words are clean and are my own.


These words serve no master but the intent that I choose.


I mean what I say. It is said. It is done.

Implied Gratitude


Dear Earth--

motherly provider of damn right everything--

I sincerely hope that it will suffice,

that when I say things like

“Oh man! That is so fucking good!”

and endlessly repeat

“Oh my God! That is so delicious!”

that in such utterances

the implication is clear:

There are great horkin’ gobs of total gratitude

built right in to such exclamations!

I may not come right out and say “Thank you”

all that often,

But what I continually do express

is like a core nugget of gratitude...

all dressed up with frills... and bombastic attachments...

Ah well, in any case,

The gratitude is heavily implied--

if I haven’t been clear enough

in my appreciation.


I came to this crazy planet

for the food and the music;

The variety and refinement

of these arts which feed my Being

on all levels

Are more than enough to make up for

this living with lunatics!

And besides,

Too often it’s the craziest ones who can really cook!

Message To/From the TOURS #33

Breaking Ranks


We all knew-- coming in-- that Earth was a special case; what we weren’t particularly clear on was... in what way. The Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns has been around-- with its fluid membership-- for a very long time. We are infiltrators and liberators, and experts to boot. We have incarnated into many worlds and timelines... with the same objective each time. Each world, every civilization, has its unique disposition and quirks, but always, at least, the the goal was the same-- to liberate an ignorant populace from covert tyranny. At first glance, in this regard, Earth seemed no different.


One difference we all noticed as we awoke to ourselves and our mission was the pervasiveness of the ‘ascension meme.’ This time, the liberation was to coincide with an unprecedented planetary ascension. We have all known ascension-- in the past-- as an individual aspiration; the very idea of an entire planet ascending simultaneously was certainly new to us... but it didn’t seem incompatible with the overall TOURS’ mission. So far, we have worked within the parameters as they were given, trusting that this planetary ascension was in fact the same-- or very similar-- as the goal of liberation. It is not-- as I currently see it.


And now we are divided. This division is something fundamental. All I can do is describe the full situation which divides us... and let every individual reconcile the division in their own way... and we may never become united again in our efforts here on Earth-- for this division is utterly cosmic in nature; the game has changed... the goal has changed.


Earth is not just another astral world. I have spoken of it in the past that Earth provides an organic connection back to the internal Source-- from whence this entire external light creation has come. Earth is the path Home... a literal lifeline.


Earth has Life; it is infused with Spirit-- and that is the reintegrative pathway Home to Internal Source Creation. This is a planet of bio-regenesis.


Ascension is an astral agenda-- a movement through the external ‘spiritual’ hierarchy. Ascension moves in the opposite direction of bio-regenesis.


A planetary ascension at this time, in this place, would be a planet-wide agreement to officially insert Earth into its hierarchical place within the Galactic Ascension Machine-- becoming just another one of billions-- if not trillions-- of (astral) worlds comprising the external light creation... and such an agreement would literally kill the planet. The external light creation-- what we refer to as the universe-- is a Source creation/experiment in separation. By purpose and design, the external light creation is disconnected from Internal Source Creation. Though its inherent energy is vast, it is intentionally finite; the external light creation-- this universe, this experiment-- has an expiry date. All of the experience gained here in this external light creation must finally be returned to the Living Source... to complete the cycle.


The ascension scheme would have us believe that Source lies at the apex of the hierarchical order-- that it is the highest or outermost. Source lies in the inward direction, or the opposite direction; it is not connected in any way to the hierarchical order of light creation. We, as earthlings, are that Source-connection.


It is the Life-- or Spirit-- which comes through the internal core of the planet that brings us all home to the Living Source. This Life/Spirit which animates you here is the gift of bio-regenesis which reintegrates all light creation (astral) experience, to which the soul has been privy, into living knowledge. Our souls-- collectively-- have experienced the full gamut of light creation, primarily through the pineal gland in the brain-- our connection to the mental planes (the astral). All of this experience comes alive in us--bodily-- as living memory, to be integrated and returned to Source. That is the ultimate purpose of this planet. And this is something that the TOURS have never encountered before.


Earth cannot agree to a planetary ascension. It would be wholly incompatible with her essential purpose... and would literally destroy her. But due to her inherent internal connection to Source (infinite creational energy), there is an astral agenda which seeks to capture, subdue and use Earth as a battery to extend the existence of the external light creation beyond its natural term. So far, Earth has thwarted every latest attempt of this sinister astral agenda. To a great extent, she allowed herself to be captured and subordinated in order to draw in every unresolved universal drama of the light creation. This is the place where it all gets worked out and finally resolved. She allowed her back to get pushed right up against the wall in order to lure everyone’s (covetous) attention. And now she makes her stand... and reveals her grand purpose.


I stand with the planet; Earth first!


In the coming days we will delve much deeper into this little ‘plot twist.’ Already, from a few email exchanges, I can see that there will be many questions and probably a few disagreements. Ascension is deeply programmed into our souls, but one thing to remember is that if it requires you to give up your biological life willingly, you are being asked to give up your greatest gift and treasure, your true path Home. To me, nothing is worth that!


And just one thing more to consider at this juncture... We are currently witnessing the dissolution of the planetary Matrix reality-- the ‘civilized’ overlay which twists and obscures Earth’s true purpose and essence. Please keep in mind that a really good con has contingencies and fallback positions built into it from the beginning. What this essentially means is that at certain critical junctures, the con artist purportedly throws up his hands and says “Okay, okay... you got me. I might as well come clean.” But the admission is just a cover for another deeper layer of the con. Without at all trying to sound paranoid, what we are very likely to see in the next year or two is the complete collapse of the planetary Matrix-- an inevitable eventuality. However, the aggressively propagandized ascension meme is designed to release us from the smaller planetary Matrix so that we will willingly agree to participate in the much larger astral-wide Matrix of the hierarchical order of the external light creation. We will witness the collapse of the little prison, with all of its attendant drama, so that we can be invited into the mega-prison of the Galactic Ascension Machine... powered by the battery of Earth and her earthlings’ internal connection to Source. (This scheme cannot work.)


My advice: above all else, prize this life, rooted in your biology, and hold inviolate the life of this precious planet with her richly diverse biosphere. Together, we are the doorway and the path Home.

A Brief Statement on Free Will


I have to believe in the sanctity of free will; the ability of my conscious I AM presence to make choices and decisions has to have direct consequences for my Life experience. Otherwise-- if not-- then the occurrence of my apparent consciousness is a baseless illusion, and all of my choices are moot; or simply, that I am conscious is meaningless and utterly pointless. However, I observe that Nature is not frivolous in her endowments.


As a Living Being, I contend that I have free will in varying degrees of potential and practical application. The scope and functionality of my will to choose is free to the precise degree that I am aware of the myriad choices before me in every moment. The more choices available to my conscious awareness in every moment, the freer is my will to choose.


The evolution or growth of my freedom of will is an achievement of awareness; the first step to growing my awareness is the simple realization of just this. If Life’s purpose is growth and evolution, then it naturally follows that the overall expansion of my awareness-- my field of choices-- ultimately serves Life’s purposes. Therefore, I have the unassailable right in every moment to define the parameters of my current awareness, and to know where precisely my awareness is being hampered or curtailed artificially by heretofore unperceived forces.


I have every right to clearly define the experiences to which I AM available, and to know the choices in every moment that best facilitate those experiences. In the event that those choices remain hidden or seemingly unavailable, I assert the unassailable right to know the full nature of the obfuscation, therefore granting me the freedom to act in my own growth interests at all times.


Quite simply, free will-- that ever-present aspect of my conscious I AM presence-- has the inviolate right to self-determination. My will selects the scope of my will, which determines the nature of my experience.

The Commerce of Freedom Here


Nature defines my freedom


in this earthly experience,

Chiefly through my biology

and its integration with the biosphere.

My experience of freedom


Must stand among the Living.


So then,

Ignorance, it appears to me,

Is the obvious enemy

of my Free Nature;

For, what I don’t know

about optimizing my biology,

And all the countless ways

it can interact with the whole of Life...

Limits my experience



Our history,


Is one of selling off our freedom


For the ultimate promise

of a saviour:

The Great and Absolute Banker

will magically restore ourselves to ourselves

Because, for some reason,

we don’t think we can do it...




And do we even have time

for freedom


How do you stretch freedom

along a straight line?

It’s not platonically geometric either;

It’s all curvy

and sexy--

This Freedom



I remember I thought,

a time before


That total independence

was the epitome of freedom


But as it turns out,


It’s total INTER-dependence,

With All Life

as though it’s One,

That epitomizes freedom



Just imagine

What it might be like


If All, 

at Once,

Were in harmony


So very different from

This selling of ourselves and others

For promises bound in linear time,

I would imagine...



We Are 

Here Now

And perfectly free

To deal with it.

The Origin of Meaning in the World


As the one who brings meaning to the world, I find new depths of creativity in my audacity to change the meanings of any, or all, of the infinite symbols within my Life experience. Whatever objects, words, people, concepts, actions, behaviours, in their infinite variety, I encounter in my experience, these are the utterly blank symbols to which I alone assign individual and general meanings, according to what I’ve learned and how I’m programmed. I fully realize that what I perceive as ‘the world’ of my experience has no intrinsic meaning of its own; meaning comes from me, from within. The world brings me infinite blank symbols-- including people and their actions-- for me to experience, and from my internal creational proclivities I bring specific and unique meaning to everything in that experience. In this moment, I realize the tremendous degree to which the world prefers secondhand meanings. I acknowledge, therefore, the awesome responsibility of Being the one-- and only one-- who assigns meanings to the quanta of my experience... accepting or rejecting secondhand dogma at Will.


As I consider the process of healing, I appreciate that it is a process of changing the meanings--both individually and collectively-- of the minutiae comprising a traumatic episode. Healing-- which typically occurs through time-- is primarily the transformation of the meaning of an injurious event. Trauma is brought to peace by adjusting the meanings of events... for myself, for my own damn reasons.


But the whole trick for changing meanings is that the new meanings have to be believed. All learning is the adoption of new meanings. The world of my perception expands (yielding more choices) in concert with the rate at which I create and assign new meanings to the symbols within my experience. If ever I settle upon immovable meanings, the world ceases growing in all of those places.


To change the world is to alter its meaning and the significance of all manner of things; and that is my super-hero-power! I am the bringer of meaning to the world, and all I need to do is tell a new story, that only I have to believe.

Declaration For Transparency


Standing Now in knowingness that my internal Life-Spirit is the very same Life-Spirit internally linked to the planetary Being who is the provider of all that I Am in this living earthly embodiment, I call for total transparency in all my dealings with the inhabitants of, the visitors to, and the communicators with, this Earth. I stand firm in Living partnership with Earth Mother in this demand for forthright clarity in all interactions, exchanges and communications upon this planetary timeline for which Earth Mother is the ultimate arbiter. I accept and support the planetary Will in matters of what will and will not be permitted to manifest within this organic timeline, providing that all such manifestations be fully disclosed in complete transparency to all who reside here. It is these eyes, lit with the Life-Spirit coming internally through the core of the planet, which see all in complete transparency. It is my position, as an earthling, that any intentions harbouring deception at their core cannot be supported by the Life-Spirit we share; Spirit cannot Live in deceit.


I demand transparency as the only solvent necessary to insure an obvious equality among all Living Beings; transparency renders us All equal. I recognize that privacy is a symptom of the disease of elitism; if no one has any secrets, there’s no need for privacy. I AM willing to give up my personal need for secrets for the institution of complete global transparency... and for as long as transparency is maintained, equality is assured. Conversely, persistent perceived inequality is the measure of a lacking transparency.


I declare that I have a natural right to transparency. As it is this I AM presence who wields freewill in the experience of this Earthly reality-- making the decisions, I have an intrinsic right to know the actuality of the experiences I perceive-- transparently. Quite simply, I demand the truth. Obfuscations will not be accepted.


I declare in this Now moment that intentions borne in deceit lie stillborn; for certain, Life and Spirit cannot enliven deception for long.


I also do recognize however that deception is a rightful player in this earthly experience too. Some deceptions are benevolent, others are harmless or humorous. I trust Earth Mother as the supreme arbiter in all such cases, knowing better than any which intentions support Life and Spirit, and which would cause undue harm. I stand in transparent alignment with the core values of Earth.


In transparency, I am confident to walk the surface of this Earth, in internal communion with this Earth, and in communion with all earthlings... as the exploration of Being... an Earthling.

Where Art Thou?


Art is the future of technology.


As we learn to live more through the heart, we want to be moved, to be presented with an opportunity to change, according to how and what we feel.

There is a natural inclination to grow; Heart supports growth.

Entertainments are-- by definition-- distractions for the mind. If they are artfully crafted and presented, they may even touch us very deeply. It is the Heart which appreciates this artfulness; the mind will relish cleverness in intricate detail, as the Heart just wants to FEEL the infinite possibilities. And naturally, as a path with a heart, this leads to a future where art is our most valued technology.


That art is transformative is certainly not new. Religious artifacts and architecture in every culture are a testament to this. But these are brand new times! In every way imaginable, we are invited to grow deeper into our Being, to be enthusiastic explorers in this hall of mirrors... to be the embodiments of greater and greater potential with each new discovery, revelation. We need multidimensional tools, and I like the idea of using tools guided and co-crafted by precisely the unique multidimensional energy milieu in which we currently find ourselves.


Angie Schuyler’s trance art keeps us up-to-date with the latest advancements in simple, personal, transformational technology. This strikes me as art that’s meant to be used. Each image should be grasped and manipulated with dexterity and vigor; they should be wrung out to see what more might be squeezed from pulp and pits, even as our eternal thirst seems momentarily quenched. It is the consumer of this art who paradoxically comes to it as the unmoulded clay... or perhaps, the granite block; we are all of differing densities. And then it is the artwork-- the tool, this latest technological gizmo-- that goes to work on the beholder. And a relationship is formed.


We want artwork that holds our attention. We’re not after just some meaningless fling; we want the longterm relationship... and we’re all wise enough now to know that in order to make any good relationship prosper, we have to be willing to change. The piece of art ain’t gonna change; it’s just a bunch of squiggles on a piece of paper, after all; it might as well be set in stone. But with each new perspective gained during the evolving relationship with this artwork, space is created-- space which invites you to claim it with each expanding expression of your own Being.


Meditate... breathe... and then go grab your crayons! This is also artwork that begs to be defaced. Colouring is the consummation of this marriage. The doodle-art progeny created are novelty expressions, akin to your own DNA in their uniqueness. And when you’re finished, it’s not so much that you’ve really altered the original-- it’s still there, underneath-- but it’s more that you put something of yourself into it, a giving of self-expression... for the opportunity of claiming that expression AS Self, tangibly... demonstrably.


And talk about a distraction for the mind! Let imagination run wild. Each piece of Angie’s channeled art tells countless stories, gives sage advice, offers comfort and encouragement... as nothing more than a visual stimulus reflecting the energies already engulfing the totality of our Being... Now. It’s all there, in each One, fractally complete... you just have to pick out the pertinent whispers from the back-chatter of your mind. Maybe Angie’s art won’t quite move you to tears, but it’ll definitely loosen up the layers, so that when something really does move you, you’re less likely to catastrophically shatter that old crusty shell.


On the path where art is the highest technology, all concept of value is sharply skewed toward love. After all, we want to invest in and employ the things that make us feel good. Eventually, as we grow into the totality of our expression, we will choose to only surround ourselves with loving things... only to discover and embody-- fully-- what we’ve always and forever BEen.


Don’t you just love this!


All of Angie's PRmia art drawings can be viewed at her website, Mystical Moment.
Single copies of of Angie's trance art can be purchased for $.99 each-- suitable for colouring-- at her  Etsy Page for Perceptions and Reflections Art (PRmia).
You may also join me as a patron of Angie's art by signing up at Support Angie Schuyler as a monthly contributor.

An Oath to Neutrality


In the sure knowingness that neutrality widens my perspective from the limited choices of an either/or-polarized stance, I aspire to remain in neutral witness to my experience in the ever-present Now. By not automatically choosing sides in every conflict I encounter, I survey a larger, transcendent field of choices, including those choices that might best restore a natural balance to any said conflict. From a neutral perspective, I acknowledge that all polarized pairs of opposites have a right to exist, even at their extremes-- and every expression in between; but in neutrality, I can choose to refrain from participating in polarized or dualistic agendas... and still act through my Being. The thrust of my thoughts and behaviour, coming from neutrality, is ever in the direction of seeking the remedy and resolution inherent in restoring and maintaining a natural balance within all situations. Living Nature is my guide.


It is easy for me to see that the very Spirit of Life does not, and cannot, choose sides in polarized conflict; for Life or Nature is the greater, transcendent context which is wholly unable to inveigle itself, to invest itself partially, in fleeting linear strife. Nature remains neutral, motivated only by an inherent need for balance; for only in balance can such diversity and complexity-- as is found here on Earth-- find lasting expression and fulfillment in this experience. In just such a way, I identify with the greater, transcendent context in which conflict may arise, rather than trying to reduce myself to a one-directional faction within the conflict, trying desperately to ‘win.’


I share neutrality with Nature, with the Earth, with the planetary Being and with my Innermost Self; in neutrality, I am in good company!


In no way does Being in neutrality limit or discourage my ability to feel the full range and intensity of my emotions in all situations. Rather, neutrality grants me the infinite space in which to experience my emotions authentically, in a way that allows them to inform my considered behaviour, as opposed to immediately spurring a conditioned reaction instead. Neutrality is not bland, washed-out, or featureless... just as it is not crass, maniacal or fanatical; no, the neutral perspective is the infinite space in consciousness that allows and contains them all-- all the qualities of Being-- in simultaneity. And as my experience Here Now begins to ripen, I see that the Neutral Witness sees easily through the relative plane of endless polarity; it sees right through it, to my Innermost Self. In neutrality, I hold up a mirror to myself, and to the world, in order to discover where their perceived differences still lie. And those perceived differences, between the world and me, are just persistent places, where I’m drawn into polarity.


Neutrality is the path homeward... for integrating every experience I’ve had, in this lifetime and any other... for bringing them all equally within my Being, and presenting them-- without bias-- to the Living Spirit at my core.

Earth First... Contact


Gosh, it must be twenty-two or twenty-three years now since all this began. And seeing how I’m pushing fifty, you might wonder what the hell was going on before that! Well, quite simply, I was a ghost, an animated something-or-other just going through the motions of ‘living’ and really understanding nothing of Life itself.


Twenty solid years of city ‘living’ had rendered me rather sophisticated and... well, urbane... in my ignorance. Something inside me screamed “This endless pretense can’t be the root or purpose of Life!”


So let’s say twenty-three years ago, maybe 1992, I found myself beside the river-- Dutch Creek to be precise-- on the Point. The Point is a place where the impassable shale cliffs protrude right out into the main current of the river. There’s a flat spot from where you can safely watch the unbelievable violence of the river slamming into the side of the rocks, only the spray licking at your feet. On the downriver side there’s a deep pool, good for fishing or a midsummer swim. God, I love that place!


(The Point is also precisely the place where my friend Jake left his body and his Life, one May afternoon while we tripped on ayahuasca. He was only 19 when his Spirit flew up in a moment of confused ecstasy, as his body fell away into the merciless river. But in 1992 that event was still nine years hence.)


My thoughts, on that afternoon in 1992, were with the planet. I had always easily accepted Lovelock’s hypothesis; of course the Earth was a living Being in her own right! I was in a bit of a funk, a lament. Although I was in a place of pristine wildness, where Life pressed in on you from all sides relentlessly, I had recently come from the city, where absolutely nothing made any sense beyond a pathological need for material gain. I felt the planet’s pain-- borne mainly from generations of neglect. What could I do?


I laid my hand flat upon the shale slabs at my feet, and silently in my mind I talked to the Earth. I tried apologizing on behalf of my species, but a tiny feeling spoke back saying “It won’t help any to hate your own species.” Is that what I was doing? Yeah, in a way, I guess it was. I could only speak for myself. All I could think to do in that moment of deep questioning was to make a solemn promise. At the time it seemed pathetically inadequate, but truthfully, everything has proceeded beautifully from that very moment onward. (I’m sure even Jake would agree.)


I simply promised-- a pledge with my hand on Earth’s own heart-- that I would do whatever I can. That was it. It was enough. So much that is astounding, inspiring, enlivening has come forth in thousands and thousands of written pages, read now by many thousands, perhaps millions, of this species I once thought to hate...


But no! Human, I love you... in this slow but undeniable reconnection!

Copyright © 2015 Niels Kunze, the author., All rights reserved.