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Everything my imagination commits to the written word

eventually comes to be...



What in the world is going on? It certainly appears that all hell has broken loose on planet Earth! Well, it has.


You see, the thing of it is... is that the carefully controlled hell that we’ve been living within for oh... the last 25,000 years or so isn’t so much under control anymore... by anyone. It used to be that hell was a strict top-down dictatorship, and every demon knew his place. Well, that’s changed now; the hierarchy is busted.


For a long time I had been anticipating a “big event.” The kind of event I was envisioning would be positive in appearance to half the world and negative in appearance to the other half... something like a global financial collapse quickly followed by a new BRICS-based system coming online. (That’s just one example of many possibilities.) The dual positive/negative nature of the “big event” was why I had always advised “take the bait, but don’t bite the hook.” Through discernment, we could reap the positive benefits the “big event” would provide, while seeing clearly through the negative aspects and eschewing them. But alas, it was not meant to be.


It turns out the controllers can’t even make a fart stink at this point. The control mechanisms just don’t work anymore. The controllers have always been clever enough to know when they need to make certain concessions... but behind the concessions, in the past, there would always have been a hidden agenda which just boils down to Enslavement 2.0. They can’t co-ordinate their hidden agendas anymore. All the little petty demons are running amok. Hell’s hierarchy suffers from Alzheimer’s... as well as being drunk... and twitchy.


Anyway, the net result is a whole lot of small-scale chaos pretty much everywhere you look--within the mainstream.


But for those who have the wisdom to look elsewhere, there’s a great deal of positive change taking root pretty much everywhere else you look. As always, in our quantum reality, it comes down to individual choices. Will you stand in fear of the Islamic Boogeyman? Or maybe ebola’s gonna bite you in the ass... just like the dread swine flu, right? Or perhaps, you’ll just get on with creating the life you desire... undeterred... unfettered. The opportunity is here... now.


As I began this year with the intent to immerse myself within the Muse Trilogy and complete Book 3 over the course of about two years, I anticipated that the “big event” would capture everyone’s attention and keep us all preoccupied while I resumed my fantastical life living among the pages of my favourite novel. That’s how it is when I write these big projects; I live the storyline myself. Well, I gotta admit, I’ve been distracted. I still spend about two to three hours a day checking the alternative news. I want to know what’s holding the public’s attention... and that tends to spawn my littler writing projects.


So here I am with a split attention. The good news in all of this is that whatever I write tends to eventually come true in the real world. (The one glaring exception to this is in Book 1 (1996) where I had about 90% of the world’s population die off in September 1997. It made for good storytelling, but thankfully it never happened.)


As I look upon my own writing as crafting the future, I’m called to write certain things in these tumultuous times. For instance, in this Newsletter, I’m including a Barfuss story. Barfuss is tangential to the Muse Trilogy. It was officially introduced as a concept at the end of Book 2. The Barfuss narrative coincides very well with the efforts of The New Earth Nation which is a very real, very extensive network of highly aware seekers who are step-by-step building a world that works for everybody. (Google: New Earth Nation)


So, once again, some of these articles will be appropriate for the Muse Trilogy, while others are not. Another hybrid Newsletter is in the offing. Please bear with me as I’m making this all up as I go along... because that’s what life does.


The Hogwarts Potion Master 



The time when we climbed the Tor to unearth the Golden Elixir was a cool and drizzly afternoon. After the prolonged summer’s heat I remember it as being a refreshing treat, like popsicles and sprinklers to sun-scorched children, but we were captivated by a seriousness which belied our true mission. Among the newly-wetted forest canopy and dewdropped underbrush we moved slowly like enchanted pixies tracing fragrances to their reawakened sources. The forest after a soft rain at the end of summer is an olfactory labyrinth of exploratory delight. And we two were never ones to pass up such indulgences.


My companion for the afternoon, and truly the leader of this mission, was none other than the Hogwarts Potion Master himself. Everyone at Barfuss knew him as Pete. When I was first introduced to him-- and I’ll get to that incident shortly-- I had thought that Pete was a nickname derived from his unabashed love of Islay malts. He was positively mad for the smokiest, peatiest overproof scotches Islay had to offer. As it turns out, Pete is indeed a nickname, but its derivation is somewhat more convoluted than that.


I had first met him in the cool, damp catacombs of the Barfuss cellar. Beneath the mainhouse, among the natural thermostatic insulation of rock and dirt, there lies another one of Barfuss’s many labyrinths. This maze consists of rows and rows of shelving, archiving the unique creations of literally thousands of enterprising hands, noses and tastebuds under the tutelage and/or loose supervision of the Potions Master. Wines, meads, beers and ciders numbering in the many thousands of quite easily hundreds of unique varieties lay in dusty bottles as a legacy from countless visitors... and as inspirations for those yet to come.


I stumbled, nearly tumbled, into a nook in the cellar landscape which is one of many exits from the Inner Labyrinth to various sites within the Barfuss architecture. The Inner Labyrinth has its entrance off to the side of the main Ballroom. All of the very best parties are hosted within the main Ballroom, and typically a great number of partygoers eventually leave the party via the Inner Labyrinth... which is certainly the very longest way home.


The Inner Labyrinth-- according to my own explorations so far-- is a twisted and layered maze of tunnels and small rooms, built to resemble natural cave formations... except that there’s always music everywhere you go-- the most interesting and, dare I say, transformative music imaginable... and fragrances! There’s sinisterly enticing smells around every twist and convolution... and visual tricks and cues to befuddle the most rationally organized minds who brave it. You may choose to follow your audio sensibilities, your visual acumen rearranged, follow your nose, or simply the promptings of an unrepressed intuition. By whatever method you navigate the Inner Labyrinth, you’re sure to find ample strange adventure.


It must have been already close to sunrise when I escaped the final contortions of the previous night’s party extravagance to find myself seemingly alone in the Barfuss cellar. Dim, low-wattage LEDs cast just enough light to make out the outlines of shelving gone mad. From one maze to another, my navigational skills were overtaxed already. I just wanted to go to bed. “Hello?” I called out into the gloom, not expecting any answer, but then the slide and shuffle of careful footsteps quickly made their way to my side.


Well, that’s when I first met Pete. He had come down in the early morning hours to refill the ceramic scotch decanters from the hogshead in the cellar-- one of very few purchased liquors. He had hinted that Pete wasn’t his real name, but it took weeks to finally learn the derivation for myself.


The cellar was home to Pete; the only thing he didn’t do there was sleep. He had a small room in the mainhouse. But his passion was brewing. He had been at Barfuss since the beginning, nearly two decades now. He was the one responsible for transforming the art of brewing into potions decoction. The recipes he’d derived over the years employed every naturally occurring ingredient imaginable short of eye of newt-- and even that may have been slipped into a brew or two.


Back in the day when Harry Potter still held sway in the collective mind, he’d been ceremoniously dubbed Hogwarts Potion Master. For a short time, that’s what everyone called him. Quickly it was shortened to HPM. But for many, even that was too long and it was further shortened to just “the PM.” From there, some found occasion to refer to him as the Prime Minister for obvious reasons, but again it was too long a handle for the true art of nicknaming. At the time, Canada’s prime minister was a woman by the name of Peterson, and for the briefest interval, he wore that monicker. And from there it was only a natural jump to Pete. (I told you it was a bit of a derivation!)


I had originally arrived at Barfuss on a one-month furlough from prolonged, sustained and utterly merciless academia. I’ll spare you the particulars of that since it’s no longer relevant in the slightest. I had opted for the monthlong specifically for the opportunity it afforded in creating my own brew-- that being the approximate time required to get fermentables from the raw materials stage into the bottle.


I had always been a secret pagan, a closet wiccan, and as such I was very prone to the magic of well-crafted potions. In my younger years I had even experimented to the point where friends were willing to buy love potions and intelligence boosters from me-- though I never owned up to being the creator of such. I swear those friends swore they worked like a charm!


Real magic isn’t what most people think it is. It’s really just attending to details which are  frequently overlooked, and this current quest to unearth the Golden Elixir provided a perfect example. As Pete explained, light and heat are the primary enemies of any spirit once it’s all sealed up in the bottle. So naturally, the thing to do is lay them up in a cool, dank cellar for a few years... but not necessarily... if you believe in magic.


The Tor, as it’s called here at Barfuss, is nothing more than a sizable hill at first glance. But to anyone who’s stood at its top, it is no mere mound of dirt. This earthen node has a very noticeable energy-- intense, but pleasantly invigorating; much better than a caffeine buzz. Barfuss visitors are known to expend a great deal of energy and sweat scrambling up its steep and scrubby slopes just to get a dose of the Tor’s unique vibration. From a Newtonian conservation-of-energy perspective, it makes little sense, but physical exhaustion is nevertheless eagerly traded for a more esoteric invigoration... time and again.


The Golden Elixir had been buried in the dark of night, the eve of a new moon, about five years ago... five bottles of it. Tonight is a full moon... a super moon even! Now, the rule of thumb for any mead is that one year in the bottle is a standard minimum to allow the flavours to properly blend and mellow. If it’s a brew with many ingredients, providing a wide spectrum of flavours, then two years is more like it. The Golden Elixir was Pete’s most complex creation ever, hence the five year timeout.


At the top of the Tor, it took Pete a few minutes to locate the place where the treasure had been buried. He explained that the bottles were several feet underground in order to insulate them from the temperature fluctuations throughout the intervening seasons. He further explained that we were in no real hurry to unearth them because there was no way in hell he was going to let sunlight-- even the feeble bit filtering through the drizzly clouds-- to fall upon his precious bottles. Only with the sun tucked snugly in bed behind the western mountains would the Golden Elixir see the last remnants of the light of day. We lazily dug for about an hour.


The view from the Tor is spectacular! Barfuss itself is nearly invisible as its design reflects its integral nature-- that being... integrated with nature. But the mountains and cliffs, the undulating forest vales, dotted with meadows, is such a captivating sight-- in every damn direction-- that the feasting of eyes fills the belly of being with an energetic substance so real it nearly makes you fart-- in a good way... yes, definitely a good way!


Liquid gold in crystal, we finally raised our glasses, toasting our little pie-wedge of eternity in all seven directions. When I stuck my nose into the mouth of that cup, I was assailed with the unmistakable aroma of otherworldliness. Earth had never known this fragrance, though earthy it assuredly was. It was vaguely like a million different smells a good memory might call to mind, but would not be identified with any one. It was the blend of every flower sniffed, every food set to induce salivation; it smelled of the whole of life flashing before my nostrils.


And then the taste... ah, the taste! I’m sorry, I can’t do it. My words can only clutter the tongue. You’ll just have to come here, to Barfuss, to the top of the Tor, to stand beside Pete, the Hogwarts Potion Master, and taste it for yourself. There’s still four more bottles, four more years... Schedule yourself accordingly.


Message To/From the TOURS #16

An Open Q & A Session


Well, it seems I managed to piss off a whole lot of people with my revised timeline for the “time of transition” as described in the article Tiptoe Through the Tarot. In case you missed it, here are the audio links to that lengthy article:


Tiptoe Through the Tarot Part 1
Tiptoe Through the Tarot Part 2


As a result of this version of events “taking way too long,” my readership immediately dropped off. (Don’t worry, we’re still holding pretty steady now at about 200,000 readers per month.) Seems I wasn’t telling the people exactly what they wanted to hear, so a number of them decided not to listen. That’s great! I’m certainly all for weeding out the “dabblers” from the true pragmatists. Here’s a very brief summary of that timetable:


2000: We begin in foolish naivety.
2001: The Magician weaves his most devastating illusion on 9/11.
2002: The High Priestess sparks the collective intuition that “something ain’t right here.”
2003: The Empress encourages massive creativity through “easy money.”
2004: The Emperor’s achievement through reason keeps us focused on worldly/material affairs.
2005: The Hierophant begins the questioning process through the lens of tradition.
2006: The Lovers make us look at our predominant attractions and all the ways in which we partner.
2007: Enough questions have arisen and remain unanswered that we jump aboard The Chariot and resolve to hold the determination to look deeper.
2008: This is the year all Brave Hearts were tested and called to define the character of True Strength as the economy imploded.
2009: Without the external networks of “easy money,” introspection was forced upon us in order to reach a clearer self-definition.
2010: With the Wheel of Fortune we tried to reassert ourselves within the natural cycles– finding it difficult or impossible to do so.
2011: With the whole world still obviously floundering, we looked in earnest for Truth and Justice– and found none.
2012: The Hanged Man kept us all in suspense as the end date of the Mayan calendar came and went with little fanfare.
2013: With the illusions of a quick resolution set aside, the Transformation began in earnest– quietly, secretly.
2014: Here we are, learning Temperance, the patience and fortitude required to see this through.
2015: The mask of The Devil comes off. The great deceiver, the trickster, is revealed.
2016: Lightning (the light) strikes the tower again and again as the ineffectual systems crumble– visibly, undeniably.
2017: With the debris newly cleared, our collective light shines unfettered into the universe… and we are answered in certainty. Open contact with ET/EDs is established.
2018: The Moon organizes our collective Night Journey in which our bodies are physically reconfigured in order to meet the emerging expanded reality.
2019: We discover experientially that we are The Sun. Humanity’s Radiance forges new cosmic alliances.
2020: Our vision is clear; our Judgment is flawless.
2021: The World reaches a culmination point. It’s graduation day. Oneness as a new mode of perception becomes available.
2022: The Fool has come full circle. Time ends– in that it is recognized as only a social agreement, and the agreement of linear time is dissolved.


That’s the archetypal journey in which we are currently embroiled. The question I’ve been asked from numerous quarters is: What’s the holdup?


There is no holdup. Everything is truly progressing at breakneck speed! We need to really sit down with this process and contemplate it fully in order to realize the enormity of what is actually transpiring. Half the world still is convinced that everything is business-as-usual. The nature of what is transpiring is a complete about-face. That such a mammoth shift in perception/experience can occur by 2022 is astoundingly remarkable. The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak stretch it out to 2028 and beyond. The WingMakers speak of generations still, where the shift isn’t fully rooted in this reality until about 2070 or 2080.


Our wishing for a miraculous change happening in a day (think rapture) is actually an obstacle preventing the growth needed for such a change to occur at all. If all we’re doing is waiting, then we’re the holdup.


There’s plenty of websites offering the continuous message of “everything will be fine any day now… just wait a little longer.” If you prefer a pablum of lies, go for it. However, I fully concede that once things start becoming more publicly visible, an incredible acceleration will quickly ensue. But the actual journey from “here” to “THERE” will take time, effort, resolve and fortitude. And yet I expect it to be fun and easy if you’re well prepared.


The next topic of concern here was spawned from the recent article Once (More) and for All (Time). In it, I sought to emphasize the importance of our quantum reality which was scientifically set forth more than eighty years ago… but has still not taken root in the collective consciousness of humanity. Then, in the last TOURS Message (#15), The Demise of the Objective Universe, I began to delve into the implications of our quantum reality versus our ongoing attachment to the illusion of an objectified universe.


Through a series of emails, with one reader in particular, it became clear that the implications of accepting our quantum reality must be elucidated further. If I can sum up the question(s) posed by this reader, it boils down to this: So what?

Let me begin by saying that I firmly believe that just the acceptance of our quantum reality by the majority of Earth humans would be more than a sufficient tipping point to rapidly and radically transform our Earthly experience. And I also believe that it will.


I was reluctant to delve into the implications initially because I don’t want to be the one who’s saying “This is how it is.” The quantum reality is such that there is no “this is how it is.” That’s something we determine together through our (so far) unconscious agreements. The quantum reality versus an objective universe is such a fundamental shift that it should provide food for thought for well into forever!


The quantum enigma changes everything!


If our purpose is to explore reality, the acceptance of the quantum enigma along with the demise of the objective universe is like turning us around 180 degrees, so that we face the right direction for the very first time.


Looking at the “objective universe”– erroneously– has given us a very strange sense or definition of ourselves as an insignificant, random, coincidental and largely ineffectual byproduct of physical/energetic happenstance. From this standpoint, we have come to some very limiting concepts about power.


An “objective universe” (the Newtonian worldview) is actually a reflection of something deeper and more fundamental. Despite our grave and persistent error, we actually learned how to manipulate aspects of physicality by rearranging “objects” within the mirror reflection of reality… or so it appeared. Physical manipulations from the Newtonian perspective require a great deal of energy to accomplish!


We are now at the cusp of discovering that all that energy was being misapplied and misdirected… because we had always thought of such manipulations as occurring wholly outside of ourselves.


Experiences Replace Events


In the old Newtonian worldview, the basic building block of reality in motion was an infinite string of events– whether the explosions of supernovas or the collisions of billiard balls; physical/energetic events were what was happening. In the new quantum view, the basic building block of reality is experience. If there is no one having the experience of an event, the event does not/cannot occur. That’s the quantum reality!


Experience always presupposes an experiencer. Consciousness/perception is inextricably interwoven with any and all occurrences within the quantum universe. I’ve already touched upon the significance of this for evolutionary theory in the last TOURS message linked above. To speak of a purely physical/energetic universe existing for billions of years before the advent of life and consciousness is absurd and utterly impossible from the established quantum perspective. Such a universe bereft of conscious observation/participation cannot be upheld by the quantum reality.


(As an interesting side-note… I find it mildly ironic that in the ongoing debate between evolution versus creationism– a debate that I’ve always felt was outrageously stupid– the evolutionists and the creationists have always agreed perfectly with each other on their fundamental error: that an objective universe exists at all. The evolutionists posit its existence through the agency of evolving physical systems while the creationists have the “objective universe” being created by an intelligent designer. According to the undeniable implications of quantum theory– the most successful theory in the history of modern science– they are both equally incorrect in this regard.)


I have always maintained that evolutionary theory as it stands today has some glaring weak points. The three that I have long pointed to are 1) the origins of life– how the universe went from a purely physical system utterly bereft of life to one where life evolves into countless forms of expression– remains largely unexplained. The abiogenesis process is supposedly a random occurrence, or at least a confluence of very specific conditions, which bring about the first rudimentary forms of living cells. To date, our brightest minds working tirelessly in the most sophisticated laboratories have been unable to duplicate those conditions which just happened fortuitously billions of years ago somewhere on the surface of a dead and certainly unintelligent planet.


2. The second weakness in evolutionary theory occurs at the juncture when only single-celled organisms competing in a survival-of-the-fittest environment suddenly begin co-operating to create the first multicellular organisms– pretty much by chance.                                                                             

3. And the third weakness in evolutionary theory– and the one that really drives our discussion here– is the very origins of consciousness. What is consciousness? How does it come about? Can it be derived from purely physical (non-conscious) systems? When it comes to consciousness (mind), we simply don’t know. Modern science is uncomfortable even settling upon a consensus of what consciousness actually is. Consciousness has long been science’s ultimate taboo subject. Because of this, our sciences have chosen to remain mired in an outdated Newtonian worldview– despite knowing undeniably that such a view is in error.


When science is founded upon such a fundamental error, some very serious problems will inevitably arise. We are at a time in our development when it is becoming obvious that a correction to that fundamental error is imperative… and if the “scientists” still refuse to go there, then it’s up to the layman to chart the new course himself.


The Universe As Psyche


It all comes back to consciousness. Time and space do not exist independent from consciousness. Matter and energy have no intrinsic existence apart from consciousness. Mind is the matrix in which everything exists. Mind is the “place” where all experience occurs– remember, experience is the building block of the quantum universe.


The implications of this inverted (corrected) view are enormous. When we consider consciousness as just some lucky occurrence in a physical evolution, it’s natural to think that when the physical system purportedly producing that consciousness breaks down (physical death), then the consciousness ceases to exist altogether. However, when we recognize that consciousness must be present in order for physical systems to exist at all, then death ceases to be such a stark absolute. Consciousness precedes life; therefore, it is actually logical to assume that it also maintains some continuity through and after death.




When we entertain the Newtonian worldview, we are unavoidably faced with the problems of inexorability and inevitability. That great big universe out there is gonna do what it’s gonna do, and there isn’t really much we-- or anyone else-- can do about it. How often do I still hear the phrase “Well, that’s just the way it is,” or “That’ll never change,” or “There’s nothing we can do about that”? It’s the defeatist attitude built right into the Newtonian view. It creates the victim mentality... and then purportedly backs it with science!


Why should anyone in their right mind try to change the world? It’s impossible, so why try? And furthermore, it’s not my responsibility! It’s all very impersonal... because in an objective universe, persons are minuscule things, lacking significance or power.


In a quantum reality, however, it all comes back to you. You are the centre of your own universe, just as I am the centre of my own universe. Certainly, portions of our universes intersect or overlap. That’s a consensus we can share for as long as it proves fruitful to do so. Each of us chooses in every moment how we are going to experience “the universe.” In this regard, we have absolute power.


Reality is between you and the quantum field of all possibility. All that can ever separate you from that absolution are belief systems to the contrary. Belief systems are the tools of priests and other intercessors. And they are simply misguided. Pay them no heed. (Easier said than done, I know.)


Let’s return now to a lingering question...


Q: If we can’t trust objective science to be our guide, and we can’t reliably call upon any religious authority to properly inform us, who or what should we follow?


A: Our own experience. Can you imagine that for a moment? Imagine if we were unencumbered by any belief systems at all. In every moment we are guided by only that which we have already experienced. The sum of our experiences-- bereft of the forced dogma of others-- guides our very next step into our ever-expanding reality. Talk about life being an exploration! Our souls sing at the very thought. The concept of “impossibility” would utterly vanish! Every moment would be one of learning. And is that not what a human being was truly equipped to be?


So to sum up, the quantum reality demands that we define and redefine our personal relationship with reality in every moment. Nothing is taken for granted in fat and inertial conclusions; there are no conclusions, only infinite beginnings-- trim and lean and eager to explore. A simple example of this redefinition of our relationship with reality is the concept or belief in aging. It’s safe to say that most people believe that aging is inevitable and utterly inexorable. I have long maintained that it is not. I’m convinced; and only your own experience of such will be adequate to likewise convince you. It is a choice placed ever before you.


And before I leave this topic, I want to offer something in the way of a definition of consciousness. You can read a great deal about consciousness, it seems, without really gaining much insight into what it actually is. It’s a very tricky subject for sure. Nevertheless, I am confident that I can offer the following statement, and that it might prove useful at some point:


Consciousness is that which self-organizes.


Utilizing this statement as a springboard, we will discover that everything is conscious. Even the seemingly inanimate world of physical objects is cloaked consciousness. Entropy is the principle consciousness uses in order to organize that which is non-living. Life organizes itself in the direction of greater and greater complexity, while the inanimate world of physicality organizes itself in the direction of ultimate heat death (thermal equilibrium). It’s all consciousness self-organizing, but here in duality, the hemispheres arc in opposite directions... completing the circle, the sphere... the totality.



Message To/From the TOURS #17

Presence and Identity... And the Jenna Mae Initiative

Ego tends to look upon the world as a problem to be solved.

There is a mystery, certainly, begging to be explored...

But there is no problem.



As above... so below.


There’s a direct correlation/reflection between how identity (ego) relates to Presence (soul/psyche) and how the “objective universe” (consensus) relates to All That Is (totality).


Yikes! Sorry about the preceding sentence; there’s an awful lot packed into it... but I guess that’s what the space below is for-- unpacking. But before we even get there, I’ll point out one more similar correlation and that is the relationship between our active DNA and the vast repository of so-called “junk” DNA. Okay, here we go!


Identity Versus Presence


Youth is all about trying to build healthy egos. And yes, there is such a thing as a healthy ego. I have never subscribed to the notion that on the spiritual path egos are strictly taboo or something to be eradicated.


In our youthful lust for ego we tend to get lost in the quest for identity because we so strongly identify with our egos. Have you ever noticed how attached young people tend to be to their preferences and their dislikes? “I absolutely love this... but I hate that... and I always will!” In so doing, youth seeks to define a self that is made up of momentary preferences... and then often regards them mistakenly as eternal and absolute... paving the way for later difficulties.


Ego is a mask; identity is a costume; you have a role to play, and you need to act the part. You’re free to paint the mask however you wish, free to sew whatever costumes suit your fancy, and you can act out those preferences with as much conviction as you desire. But none of that is what you are... in any real sense.


Any label or name-tag you might paste to your chest has no bearing on the essence of what you are. Poor, christian, housewife... whatever-- these are all temporary conditions that are overlaid upon your essence... by choice. And there’s no problem with that at all, until you begin to seriously identify with the name-tags. Remember, you are very definitely NOT these things!


You are an infinite Presence, a consciousness behind the countless masks you may choose to wear, the wearer of God’s own wardrobe of costumes, exploring all of the roles that you choose to examine. There is no need to pin your identity down, to stuff it into a tight little box... for the convenience of others. Neatly-packaged identities are too easily dismissed. “Oh, you’re one of those...” Whatever that means.


Consensus Versus All That Is


And just as this is the case for individual human beings, it is the very same for the world at large. In our youthful ignorance as a species, we have liked to say how the world is. “The world is this way... but definitely not that way... and what you’re talking about is just plain impossible!” The very same makeup and finery we’ve used to dress up our egos we’ve then projected upon the world.


There is a consensus. There is an aspect or a portion of this quantum reality which we’ve unconsciously agreed to experience in a uniform manner; it’s the same for everybody. That’s what “Newtonians” refer to as the objective universe. It is, of course, no such “thing.” It is merely our agreement to experience a portion of the infinite quantum potential in a consistent, congruent manner. It is a shared dream. Compared to all that’s available, it is but the tiniest fraction of reality. And that’s no problem at all... until some of us-- many of us-- decide that that’s all there is, or that’s all there is of any real significance.


Then we get stuck in an unconscious agreement which no longer serves our growth potential. Welcome to the slow apocalypse. We’re breaking down that rigid ego-structure now... for ourselves and the world. Just as is true for ourselves, the world does not need to be pinned down into an unyielding identity, crammed into a box of finite understanding. Yes, the world is these things we’ve discovered... but it’s so very much more as well! The exploration must continue.


The Power to Act


Ego acts in the world according to the rules of the consensus. A person who strongly identifies with the accoutrements of ego is very likely to believe in the absolute-- and quite mistaken-- reality of an objective universe. As such, their power to act in the world is very limited. Egos are pretty good at filling the gas tank and paying the electrical bill.


Presence acts in the world according to the rules of the heart. A person whose identity is a nebula in the space of infinite potential has the power to recreate the world. Such a person knows that the world is not defined by any absolute “isness.” The quantum field is ever in flux and always available. Presence is always free to redefine its relationship to any aspect of all that is.


Ego is bound; Presence is free.


When attempting to change the world, it is important to operate from a place of Presence rather than ego. Ego tends to stretch itself very thin along the lines of linear time. It flits continuously from past to future, hardly ever alighting upon the only true moment of Now. Presence however, as the name suggests, can only enter reality in the Now... and knows this without question.


As embodied human beings, the breath is our immediate and always-available connection to the Now. As we simply focus our attention upon the breath, our Presence enters the space from which to act.


Allow the breath to be centered in the heart, drawing inhalations from the inward direction. And with each exhalation allow the Presence drawn from the inward direction to expand outwardly, filling one’s aura within the Now. Bring one of the heart virtues (forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, understanding, valor, or humility) to colour the aura according to the task at hand. Feel the virtue as a vibration; this may take some practice. And from there, be prepared to receive inspiration as to exactly how to act in order to “change the world” according to your intent. Just by bringing Presence into the world in such a manner often and consistently will hasten the positive shift we crave.


Jenna Mae’s Initiative


What I’ve so briefly described above is meant to be played with, experimented upon. An excellent suggestion for doing just that was given to me yesterday by one of my friends. I love it when great ideas come from others! Here’s the comment Jenna Mae posted beneath my current Facebook profile pic:


“If I hug a tree in the forest here and you hug a tree in the forest there.. Somewhere between the roots and soil from my tree and the roots and soil from your tree, we connect, right? So it's like I'm getting a Niels hug from a tree.. Let's do that. I need a hug today.”


It just so happens that I have a “Hugging Tree” along the path of my daily walk. Incidentally, Jenna has been introduced to it. I live in British Columbia and Jenna lives in Saskatchewan. We’re about a nine-hour drive apart. I completed the hug today on my daily walk in the Forest... or rather, my Presence completed it.


My further suggestion is that we can all do likewise wherever we are on the planet in order to share a group hug with each other daily. The trees are quite happy to be our intermediaries in this endeavour. I will make a point to continue the practice everyday. I welcome and encourage everyone-- whether a TOURS member or not-- to get in on the action. As we practice, we may even get some startling glimpses into the special perception of Unity Consciousness.


Happy hugging!

Three Wishes

by The Anarchist


Jeanie had been granting wishes for... well, ever, it seemed. For ages and ages she’d doled out the heart desires of deserving patrons in neat little packets of three. Why always three? Tradition. Beyond that, Jeanie didn’t know. People expected it-- once they got past the initial skepticism of wishes being real at all.


And how was deservability awarded? In the old days, it had simply been a matter of rubbing the lamp which Jeanie had called home and... voila. But Jeanie had fled the turmoil in the Middle East long ago and had subsequently ditched the lamp. People just weren’t interested in oil lamps in the West anymore, and Jeanie got easily bored waiting between rubs anyway.


So now it was just the rubbing that did the trick; no lamps involved. Being a magical creature and all, Jeanie was generally considered to be quite attractive. There were many-- men and women alike-- who wanted nothing more than to ‘give Jeanie a rub.’ Those who rubbed Jeanie the wrong way... well, they were just politely asked to move along. But those who got the rub just right-- in a multiple-orgasm kind-of-way-- were reciprocated with the proverbial three wishes.


“You’re kidding, right?” panted Sam breathlessly. “Three wishes? Really?” He was still caught in the inertia of the aforementioned initial skepticism. Jeanie nodded in what must have been a very convincing and sincere way as Sam exclaimed “Awesome!”


Sam was very unlike the others, noted Jeanie after they got dressed. He wasn’t nearly as impulsive or wishy-washy with his deliberations. He was careful and methodical-- after the inevitable inquiry about being able to wish for more wishes. No, for the last time people, you can’t wish for more wishes. It’s practically the only rule of wishery-- that, and the stipulation that you can’t wish for things that would require permanent alterations to the basic laws of physics. But other than that... the field was pretty much wide open.


“Even if my wish is really complicated?” asked Sam. Jeanie answered the question with a dismissive wave of her hand. Whatever. This is magic. Go for it.


“Okay...” began Sam, digging his mental fingers into the strange wish unfolding in his mind. He was searching for the best way to unpack the complexity of what really should have been a simple thing-- something that should have been the way of things already long ago... in a common-sense world. “Okay, I wish that all of the governments in the world who are operating as publicly declared democracies would have absolutely transparent fiscal accounting.”


Jeanie looked at Sam like he might’ve just stepped out of a polka-dotted spaceship. This was certainly not the usual shiny new car, sprawling mansion, or even the fanciest thingamajig with full accessory kit and the expandable attachment. “And how exactly would that look?” asked Jeanie genuinely puzzled.


“Well,” explained Sam, “it would have to be online, on the internet. Every government already has a website, so that should make it easy.” He was still trying to sell it to Jeanie... or maybe just to himself. “It should be a straightforward accounting of all the money coming into government coffers on the one hand. You know, from things like income tax, sales tax, licenses, registrations, fees and such. And on the other hand there would be a full transparent accounting of where all the funds are being allocated. They wouldn’t have to disclose an itemized list for things having to do with national security though. They could just give a lump sum figure going to various secret projects without having to reveal exactly what those projects were... but at least we’d know how much... and how it relates to everything else... proportionally... you know.”


Jeanie closed her eyes and began rubbing her temples. When she finally let go of a big sigh, Sam realized that this was not yet the procedure for wish-fulfillment. He continued to unpack and unfold the wish to make it more plain to the magical creature before him. “There would have to be some explication of the number of businesses forwarding sales tax and an annual resultant sum. Or for income tax, for instance, there would likewise have to be given the number of citizens paying income tax, the number of citizens receiving refunds, and the total amount of revenue generated as a net aggregate. And of course the amount received should ultimately balance with the amount being allocated to all governmental programs and expenses...”


Jeanie held up a hand and sighed again. “I get it,” she said. “You weren’t kidding about the complicated thing, were you?” The question was rhetorical.


“So can you do it?” asked Sam


Jeanie, like any self-respecting genie, was well practiced in giving looks of utter condescension. The sudden fierceness in her eyes said unmistakably “Fuck yeah.”


Cars and houses and bright shiny baubles were instantaneous things. Jeanie could make those materialize without so much as a grunt. Sam’s request, however, required considerably more groundwork. Ideas needed to be seeded in the right minds... and certain blockages needed to be removed from other minds. But the idea was actually pretty sound, and truth be told, Jeanie was glad for the challenge and the change of pace.


A moment later she said “It’s done.” Sam walked immediately over to the computer on his desk as though he wanted to check straight away, but Jeanie explained further. “A complex wish like this takes time to actually manifest-- fully, but rest assured that it will happen. And for your second wish...?”


Sam hummed and hawed without actually knowing what the heck hawing was. “I’d rather see how this one turns out before I get to my second wish... if you don’t mind.”


Jeanie found that to be mildly insulting but relented since Sam was really exceptionally good at rubbing her just the right way. She was in no real hurry to move on.


Within a few short weeks it was becoming quite clear to Sam that his wish was unfolding exactly as he had foreseen. Governments the world over-- whether small local municipalities or mammoth federations-- were suddenly committed to making all of their financial maneuvers perfectly transparent. It was like it became a competition among them-- who could be the most transparent. The public was finally able to see in simple stark terms how public monies were being spent. Everyone wondered how no one had thought of such a common sense thing before, but then shrugged and accepted that it was indeed a welcome improvement to the former fiscal shenanigans shrouded in secrecy.


“I’m ready for my second wish,” said Sam one day thereafter. Jeanie squinted her eyes in consternation-- the kind of tight squint that would allow her to be blindfolded with a piece of dental floss if need be. It was a look which clearly said “Now what?”


“It’s complicated,” warned Sam again. Jeanie sighed... and then Sam sighed before continuing. “I get so frustrated with all of the lying,” he began, “in politics mostly.” Now Jeanie opened her eyes wide and gave them a good roll. “It’s supposed to be the job of the press to keep the fuckers honest, but journalism is hardly anything more than the propaganda wing of the government these days. ‘According to anonymous intelligence sources...’ anything can follow that statement, and it can’t possibly be verified.”

“And what would you suggest might remedy the situation?”


“There has to be some standard for truth in journalism. Everybody gets the news from a million different sources these days, and many of those sources report wildly differing facts, theories and angles. Clearly, they’re not all correct. Some of them... many of them... perhaps all of them... are lying. And what really drives me nuts is when a particular news outlet reports the supposed facts of a breaking story one day and then the very next day many-- or even all of the facts-- have changed, and there’s absolutely no accounting for the change. They never go back and say ‘Sorry we got this wrong... or, we were misinformed.’ They just change the narrative of what happened as though we’re not even supposed to notice. Drives me nuts!”


“Sam, what’s your wish?”


“I wish there was a global accreditation body holding all journalists and news outlets accountable for what they report. They could rank all of the press outlets from the largest international conglomerates to the tiniest independent bloggers according to how truthful their reporting is. And they would have criminal prosecutory power to lay charges for the most egregious violations. I mean, nations go to war-- or not-- according to what’s reported in the press. It shouldn’t be that so-called journalists can just fabricate whatever the fuck they want-- or what their governments want-- in order to sway public opinion. If a journalist is caught in a lie, there has to be serious consequences. The state of journalism today is a total joke as it is!”


Jeanie was beginning to admire Sam. It wasn’t often that wishes needed to be discussed at length. It was fun and interesting for Jeanie. A few concerns came immediately to mind though.


“Who determines the truth of a breaking story? Can’t the accreditation body be bought off by the wealthiest players? And how culpable is a journalist who’s been given false information but accurately reports the lie?”


“The truth eventually wins out,” answered Sam. “The rankings are fluid and dynamic, changing daily as the truth becomes known over time. Whoever’s reporting the truth will be vindicated eventually... and will rise to the top of the list. And the accreditation body has to be absolutely transparent. It has to be clear to everybody why one news agency ranks higher than another... according to a publicly visible record, and it all has to be based on the known truth. The wealthiest players can’t buy a position at the top if there’s no clear justification for such a ranking. And finally, if a journalist is careful to only report that certain facts are presented according to specific sources-- and those facts later prove to be untrue-- the sources can be held criminally responsible-- if it can be shown that they were knowingly providing false information-- but not the journalist who was just honestly reporting what was given in good faith.”


“I get the gist of it,” affirmed Jeanie.


Again, ideas needed to be planted in various specific places and some blockages eased, but Jeanie reminded herself that ‘this ain’t no amateur night!’ And the second wish was granted.


It took some months for the international accreditation bureau to become established and functioning, and then it took several months more for the rankings to attain any real significance within the public mind. But suddenly, the public had a tool for digging into the veracity of any world event. They finally had a starting point for asking “Hey, what’s really going on here?” With the power to prosecute liars criminally, the news was still spun like carnival candy floss, but it contained far less outright bullshit. And over time, even integrity returned to journalism. No... seriously.


In the meantime, Jeanie had to ask Sam about his third and final wish. She asked again and again, but Sam always claimed that he couldn’t think of anything more that he wanted. His first two wishes had already changed everything about the state of the world. “And besides,” he smirked, “as long as I don’t use up the third wish, you’ll stay with me.”


“So is that your third wish then?” she asked coyly. “To have me stay with you?”


“No,” said Sam emphatically, “I don’t want you to stay with me because I wish it. I want you to stay with me because you wish it.”


Jeanie looked out through the window like a queen surveilling her realm. And with a nod she answered “We do make a damn good team.”


And the whole world lived happily ever after.


Copyright © 2014 Niels Kunze, the author., All rights reserved.