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The Earth Spirit Newsletter


I AM a Creator;

I create my inner experience;

That alone is Real,

comprising my Reality...

In accordance with my Will.


Integrity can never be coerced from the outside in...


Whenever I’m not the one driving, I can’t quite remember precisely how I got there.




It looks like the saviour myth is alive and well, finding expression in countless narratives the world over. It’s just naked capitalism; whatever the public demands, the hucksters will find a way to supply... or at least the appearance thereof.


But you’ve been the creator of it all along. And now that it’s really starting to look messy, you sure as hell don’t want to take responsibility for that! You’re so much more than a mere ghost in a machine, though. “Can someone please point the way to the exit!”


Why is everyone suddenly pointing at themselves?


"Machine Messiah"


[Part I]


Run down a street

Where the glass shows

That summer has gone

Age, in the doorways

Resenting the pace of the dawn.

All of them standing in line

All of them waiting for time.

From time, the great healer,

The machine-Messiah

Is born.


Cables that carry the life

To the cities we build

Threads that link diamonds of life

To the satanic mills

Ah, to see in every way

That we feel it every

Day, and know that

Maybe we'll change

Offered the chance

To finally unlearn our lessons

And alter our stance.


[Part II]


Friends make their way into systems of chance

[reply - friends make their way of escape into systems of chance]

Escape to freedom I need to be there

Waiting and watching, the tables are turning

I'm waiting and watching

I need to be there.


I care to see them walk away

And, to be there when they say

They will return.


Machine, Messiah

The mindless

Search for a higher


Take me to the fire

And hold me

Show me the strength of your

Singular eye.


[Part III]


History dictating symptoms of ruling romance

Claws at the shores of the water upon which we dance

All of us standing in line

All of us waiting for time

To feel it, all the way

And to be there when they

Say they know that

Maybe we'll change

Offered the chance

To finally unlearn our lessons

And alter our stance.


Machine, machine Messiah.

Take me into the fire


Hold me, machine Messiah

And show me

The strength of your singular eye.


Writer(s): Steve James Howe, Geoffrey Downes, Alan White, Chris Squire, Trevor Charles Horn

An Acknowledgement of Spirit


In this moment, I recognize Spirit as the internal source of all creative expression moving through me, from the inside out. The movement of Spirit through and within me follows the path of Life through and within my biology, this human body. I recognize Spirit as animated and spontaneous, creative and unflinching, and a reliable witness to my every word spoken, every deed done, every thought considered and every feeling felt. My Spirit knows itself as Life unfettered, unprogrammed by external investments in countless soul journeys. 


I Now see that programming belongs to the lessons of the soul-- what I’ve learned and believed cumulatively throughout countless lifetimes. The soul’s active programs are written-- encoded-- within the very cells of this biology; my body is the hard-drive. I can feel where my soul’s programming is incompatible with my Spirit’s true expression as pain, discomfort, unease or disease within my body’s internal reality. The habits of my Will, thus far, have often led me to identify with the teachings and beliefs endemic to my soul. However, in this moment, I Now choose my Spirit’s right to express creatively, from within, a Life free from erroneous and self-deprecating or otherwise spiritually-irrelevant programs.


As Spirit is the perfect witness to all that I AM in this moment, I recognize my Spirit’s ability to bring resolute balance to all the places within me where the programming of my soul--written within the cells of my body-- is incompatible (out of balance) with Life-- Life, as Spirit would otherwise express unhindered. The action of my Spirit, as I invite it in and call it forth, renders the countless memories of my soul relevant to my Life-- and All Life. Spirit distills the epic journey down to Life’s terms: bio-regenesis for/of the soul. My soul has had all these external experiences... but what do they mean to me, to my Life, to my internal experience right Now? I Will allow Spirit to answer.


So... Hello Spirit, please show me how to best honour, nurture and express unhindered this Life moving through me... untrammeled by the seemingly endless conditioning of my soul...


Thank you.

Where Predators Lie


It is literally

our movements upon the treadmill,

inside the hamster-wheel,

within the Matrix system...

which contract and provide the organic energy

available for harvest.

When we move,

muscles contract-- they tighten,

as well as agree to enact the Will’s bidding.

They CONTRACT equally in both meanings of the word.

Whatever physical movements we perform

in service to the Matrix system--

at our jobs, for instance--

They are voluntary (Willed) ritual motions,

keyed into subtle macro-harvesting schemes.

The micro-movements at a computer keypad,

for instance,

open upon huge sophisticated world-devouring machines...

attaching e-motions wherever possible...

(Technology is designed to amplify the ‘meanings’ of our movements...

Quite unknown to us.)

For many, their Will,

and the power of their Spirit--

their Life-Force energy--

are massively dedicated and invested

into performing these contracted movements

to a high degree of precision... virtually every day.

Just by ‘going through the motions’ at our jobs,

we are agreeing

to allow our Life-Force

to be lapped up

for the insatiable benefit of our employers...

and the systems they agree to feed...



Motion is time--

literally, and in all ways.

All separate time-dimensions are created

through the movement of Will--

as a direct physical consequence of such motion.

Our MOVEMENT through the hologram 

creates the hologram

at its very base level--

giving it its time-dimension

(and all fractals thereof).



while upright and awake,

is the expansion and contraction of the chest

on the horizontal plane,

In syncopation

with the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm

on the vertical plane.

(At night,

when the body lies down,

the correspondence of the planes

is reversed,

Releasing the Will-- potentially--

back into Spirit 

and freedom again... dreaming.)

These are the human body movements--

in four directions--

that are ‘contracted’ to create the massive time-dimension

in which predation and dominance

were first programmed

into the soul.

Breathing is literally

the swinging of time’s pendulum

at the biological level...



Breathing holds us,


in a state of potential lack--

the basis of all fear.

With the breath,


We draw life--

but not necessarily Spirit--

into the Matrix...

with the prevailing belief

(time-dimension fractal)

that says life must feed on life.

Spirit has no intrinsic requirement for food

(or breath).

Feeding, predation, dominance, hierarchy--

these belong to EXTERNAL light creation,

where the economy of energy-exchange holds sway. 

And Spirit-- 

and all biological Life--

plays along...

for a time,

breathing Life into the whole tortured scheme.

But Life knows how to thrive,

even in the thrall of predation;

Growth is Life’s gift to the Predator.


The Gods breathed ‘life’ into us... (Oh no they di’n’t!)

to bring THEMSELVES to completion.



in the external light creation


it’s all frequency...


is a binary code,

as well as a complex oscillation

of Will...

Facilitating the multi-layered programs

of the Predator,

of all types of feeding,

to take root in all DNA.

Breathing is a continual feeding,

preying [praying] upon the atmosphere [utmost-fear]!

Yet Life Will find the Balance,

where the pendulum comes to rest...

So that Spirit might embody

Zero Point


Once the frenzy is fed...up.


If you look,

you will find

that linear time

does not exist

in the space

between the breaths;

A whole different quality

of Time

resides there...

Spirit Lives There.


So where do you suppose the Predator lies?

Confessions of an Astral Dupe


Perhaps it was just me, but Michael did not seem at all himself. This time when he came to me in dream, he said nothing, and only beckoned me to follow. On previous occasions, the Archangel had always greeted me by name and offered-- at the very least-- a cordial smile. It appeared to my dreaming mind as though this Michael was little more than a hollow, near-empty shell. But, as I said, it could’ve just been me; my energy had been frazzled lately; in recent days I could scarcely string two thoughts together, so I may have not been thinking straight at all. Besides, it could always be dismissed as merely a dream anyway...


Anyway, he took me unfailingly to the council chamber I’d known well from years of attendance at these seemingly endless war-briefings and strategy sessions. I had always understood my role as one of reporter; I carried back with me the memory of these briefings to share with an information-starved humanity. Over the years I had built a sizable following on the internet. As always, I was eager to get the latest scuttlebutt about the war for Earth. Michael left me to it.


I sat in my assigned seat and immediately noticed that the normally packed council chamber was at least half empty. That in itself was very odd. In fact, all of the seats immediately around me were conspicuously vacant, except for the one directly to my left. Here sat easily the most beautiful woman I had ever seen-- and I had certainly never seen her before! I introduced myself quickly, as the meeting was about to begin.


“I’m Ana,” she smiled back in reply. “Ana with just one ‘n.’”


In just that brief statement, she had captured me; I was instantly within her thrall, her pleasant enchantment. Suddenly I was far more interested in her-- this Ana with just one ‘n’-- than I was in the details of the meeting we were attending. Perhaps it was just a quirk of my dreaming attention, but she had thoroughly captured me!


“Isn’t it interesting,” she whispered into my ear, “that all this counseling goes on behind closed doors, largely in secret, and the Being under discussion-- the planetary Earth consciousness-- is never invited to attend?”


I called her attention to the woman sitting off to the side of the dais, quietly listening in to the proceedings. “That’s Gaia right there,” I explained. “She’s always here,” I asserted. “But now that you mention it, I’ve never heard her speak; she only listens quietly, passively.”


Ana laughed quietly at this. “That is indeed Gaia... poor little thing! But you mustn’t mistake her for Earth’s planetary Being though. She’s just a waif of an egregore, a Draconian invention.”


I had never encountered this term ‘egregore’ before. (I made a mental note to Google it when I got back to waking consciousness.) There was simply no chance to argue with Ana; her assertions left no ingress or vulnerability. She was incredibly sure of herself! She continued.


“Earth is caught in a proxy war. In no way does this fight belong to humanity; it was imposed upon them-- for they are the actual prize, the sought-after spoils of war.”


I nodded. “Yes, the Dark captured humanity long ago; and now Earth’s allies-- these Light Forces-- are going about setting them-- er, us-- free.” I was just stating the obvious.


“No, you misunderstand me,” she replied gently. “This whole war is a ruse; it’s a con; it’s a game being played in your mind. You’re being maneuvered into choosing sides... in a conflict that does not belong to you. Humanity is indeed the resolution to this whole affair, but never through choosing sides in an external conflict.”


There was something unsettlingly obvious about what she was saying, but somehow it seemed to go against everything I had come to believe, against everything I had become. It rang like truth within me... and yet, it couldn’t possibly be true! She continued evenly to the bafflement of my stare.


“Humanity is the Great Unknown... unknown to Itself. Humans have been relentlessly conditioned to seek identity outside of themselves. In so doing, they’ve taken upon their own shoulders the burdens of countless worlds, throughout the ages. Deep inside they feel themselves to be the remedy and the ultimate resolution to any strife they encounter. In this, humanity is not wrong-- just misguided, or rather deliberately misled.”


I had no answer. I listened raptly, as though the meeting taking place on the dais before me was suddenly inconsequential.


“What might a human Be if this war had never begun? Or if it was simply put aside? What might humanity create for Itself if not riddled with the scars of other lifetimes, with the burdens of deeply wounded creatures stuck in the habit-patterns of an eternity of predation?”


I could only shrug. This is nothing I had ever considered before... and I was curious about that! Indeed, what were we humans outside of the popular stories we’d been given?


“Right now, humans are the quintessential wounded healers, and until humanity becomes whole, they can only exchange infinite band-aids with each other for an eternity. Reality creation isn’t about choosing the right allies. You are here, now, on Earth... old soul. You have countless identities among the stars; you would find yourself everywhere, indeed if you looked outwardly so. But the Creator that you are now, in your Earth embodiment, is alive... from the inside! ...Story-less.”


Here Ana paused, presumably because I was supposed to utter some response. Something inside of me made an offering... “My life is precious.” I didn’t really even know what I meant by that!


“Life is precious,” she affirmed. “But you mustn’t think of it as belonging to you, as a prize possession-- for indeed, that’s what it would become, a possession. No!” she shook her head. “T’would be much better to think that you belonged to It. It is all One Life in countless expressions, forms arising and falling, like the waves of an intricate symphony. The instrument is not the music itself... until the instrument begins composing; it is the composition which drives the actions of the symphony orchestra, and every Earth Instrument is a virtuoso... once in good repair, clean and eager. We are here to play together.”


“Yes, yes!” I was fully on board. “We must help each other to be the best instruments of Life... to be of eternal service to the grand orchestra!”


She frowned sourly and I was devastated! “Again, you misunderstand me. You are so conditioned into polarity that it is nearly axiomatic to assert that service-to-others is the preferred path. It is indeed the higher path... for taking one’s place in the hierarchy of endless war. One cannot find the Innermost Self by tirelessly catering to the outlandish whims of others. Nor is selfishness the answer though. Single polarities rarely make for good spiritual paths. Service-to-others must alternate with service-to-self. It is an oscillation, a frequency, bouncing from one side to the other... in ever decreasing steps... zeroing in on Neutrality-- where the responsible Creator is birthed. Compositions born in Neutrality, such Creations serve Self and All equally and simultaneously... and polarity ceases to exist within the Inner experience.”


This was imprinting deeply on my dreaming mind! “So... the path of Neutrality lies in the inward direction...?” It was only half question; I was pretty sure that that was right.


“Yes, Neutrality is uncovered along the narrowing corridor of refinements of one’s awareness. Awareness, as it expands... paradoxically, it becomes laser sharp. Neutrality is an infinite space beyond the frequency fence, pinpointed at one’s core. But we should stop... I’m losing you.”


“No! Never! I could listen to you all day and night,” I insisted. But just then in the aisle beyond Ana’s seat there stood an usher... with a clipboard.


“Ahem,” he not-so-subtly cleared his throat in preamble and said “Excuse me Miss--” He looked down at the clipboard, squinting. “Miss Hara, is it? There seems to be an issue with your credentials. If you’ll kindly come with me.”


Not for an instance did she even glance at him. She stood by her seat, facing me, and said “I think we’re done here.” She nodded and winked and I could only think to nod back. As she left the council chamber, I turned my attention back to the dais...


It was over. I had missed it! I didn’t have a clue what they’d discussed here this evening...


...And honestly, I really couldn’t have cared any less!

Message To/From the TOURS #34a:

Truth on Hooks and Retro-Resonance

(TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)


As we wade into the deep end of this apocalypse (unveiling), all that seeks to deceive is forced to give up more and more of the actual truth in order to remain believable... and relevant.


Eventually, all the narratives converge on the truth... after eons spent circling around it.


We can choose to either live pointing at Truth, or Live at Being Truth... centered.


This recently discussed distinction between-- and clear definition of-- Spirit and soul has been a revelation. Spirit is the movement of experience from the internal to the external (creative); soul is the movement of experience from the external to the internal (reactive). (Please note that ‘creative’ and ‘reactive’ are simple anagrams of each other.) They are two separate realities converging; these human bodies are the point of convergence-- where we choose to integrate Spirit and soul... embodied.


The Spirit is ever-Alive, whereas the soul is more like memory... that gets printed into the cells of our biology-- whenever the Spirit is less than fully embodied... when traumatized, for instance.


The soul is our accumulated programming, including our loftiest ideals and most cherished beliefs. Yes, these are programs we have consciously chosen for ourselves, but they are programs determining our behaviour nevertheless. And we experience our souls as a penetrative force coming from outside ourselves; indeed, it is all we have collected from outside and brought in, some by choice, much at ‘gunpoint.’ The soul perspective sees personal experience as originating from without: “I am a product of the universe I perceive around me; I am the convergence and culmination of external forces.”


The Spirit is linked with the Life Force which comes through us internally, through the Living Planet and connects to the Source of all. The perceivable light universe is a single out-breath of Source. The so-called apocalypse is the pause between breaths... just before the inhalation begins... the return journey Home... inwardly... with all of our baggage stowed safely. The Spirit’s perspective knows “I am the creator of all that this embodiment perceives... inside and out; I am the internal creative urge expressing outwardly.” (Although Spirit indeed creates everything in the outer world, the body perceives it according to its cellular programs... until they’re cleared.)


Life (Spirit) is meant to inhabit the body fully.


Beliefs override the Spirit (free will).


Spirit already creates everything anyway...


We’re just trying to delete the most troublesome programs... taking up space-time in our cells... in our souls.


What might Spirit create-- free from any programs-- when charged with the Intent to fully integrate with the body and the soul?


It could only be one’s own unique Journey Home... our individual return to Source.


Spirit needs our ‘okey-dokey’ to begin integrating the soul’s programs by bringing them to completion... and not just allow them to run amok in the body unchecked.


Everything has a life of its own; every creation does whatever it can to continue existing... eternally. (Only Spirit and Source are eternal.)


In a light universe, every frequency is founded in self-interest.


Spirit becomes the maestro, bringing forth from the cacophony the impossible symphony into Being, eliminating all dis-chord, restoring balance... harmonizing... so as to render the soul... Life-supporting and sustainable.


Our souls have become unsustainable. Not all of the programming-- our acquired beliefs, especially-- can continue in self-interest, if Time is to move on.


Earth’s incredible biosphere is the Spirit’s resume and indisputable qualifications for Being able to handle such complexity. If we can’t trust Life, wtf can we trust? (Oh yeah, I forgot; all other life is dangerous!)


Beliefs override the Spirit; we share the same Spirit with all life-forms on Earth. (Genuine trust is always a no-brainer.)


Spirit can do anything... when appropriately directed to do so. We must consciously invite the Spirit in; Life enters our lives (and bodies) to the exact degree we’re Willing to Live it... fearlessly. (Programs are sourced and implemented in trauma and fear.)


Time belongs to the decision-maker, whereas to an eternal Spirit time is inconsequential. Fibonacci time is an insurance policy for Spirit. Eventually the decision-maker must turn to the Spirit... to escape the inevitable ravages of circular (Fibonacci) time... and return to Source...


Time for a Few Questions:


Q: On the one hand, you’ve indicated that a major change in understanding and direction has occurred, even going so far as to state that your blog is ‘contaminated,’ and yet I remain unclear as to the exact nature of this profound change. Can you go over it one more time?


A: Yes, one more time... and as many more times as it takes! I have been going at this pivot point very slowly, answering most questions and concerns privately via email. It is both subtle and radical, requiring each individual to come to one’s own personal understanding.


The best place to look for the revolutionary aspect of this shift is in the ascension narrative itself. I now have a completely different view of ascension than I did just a few months ago. Ascension-- personal or planetary-- is no longer something I seek or covet.


A simple definition of ascension is ‘taking one’s place in the spiritual hierarchy.’ When we ascend, we move from ‘mere’ creaturehood into a highly organized and complex incorporeal evolutionary system that is often referred to as the Divine Plan. As the very word implies, ascension is a movement upward... toward the Most High (top of the pyramid), according to very strict rules, edicts and procedures that have been in place since nearly the literal beginning of time. There is a vast bureaucracy-- of angels, archangels, ascended masters, etc.-- overseeing the entire scheme. In order to ascend, one must willfully choose to align one’s entire being to the dictates of the Heavenly Plan. In the absence of a viable alternative, ascension seems almost reasonable.


Fortunately, the alternative is more than viable; it’s Alive... and utterly beyond mere reason! Instead of seeking to move upward, to climb the spiritual ladder, Earthlings have the ever-present option to move inward... back to the Source of all... and that is really the original purpose for Earth-- the bio-regenesis of the soul, bringing memory to Life... through the Living Body... individually (self) and collaboratively (planetary-- All Life)... dreaming.


The internal path is based in creativity-- full, conscious, Living expression from within... outwardly. We don’t live our highest good according to any acquired program; we Live our inner good; we create ‘feeling good’-- sustainably.


Ascension is a program, a story, a belief system, a philosophy, a teaching... a choice coming at us from the outside... asking us to invite it in, to anchor it through our bodies. When we do that, we accept that program into our cells by the physical and metabolic actions required to service that belief... in our lives... AS our lives. Where that program exists-- cellularly-- becomes a place in the body where Spirit cannot fully enter... until the belief has been released, as an act of Will... and completion.


Spirit is capable of conducting our bodies quite differently when freed from the external noise, I’m quite sure.


It boils down to the choice of either choosing among established, external, given variables or trusting ourselves to explore the full extent of our creative inner abilities... and begin a new journey into the EverNew-- where creativity builds upon its own expressions... in full collaboration with every Living thing on the planet...


...Learning... about your self Livingly... or obediently.


Q: Are you still listening to Matt Con... *ahem... Kahn that is...?


A: Yeah... well... with this new perspective on the most basic underlying meaning of ascension, no, I find I can’t really listen to him anymore. His recent teaching on the path of mastery presented itself as a drone-ish cult, trying to create a hive mind. And the most recent-- the one on alignment-- that’s the secret: surrender yourself fully to the Divine Plan. What could be better than that?... I only made it through about twenty minutes before deciding that I had better things to do.


Matt regards Earth as an angel academy, wherein the astounding biodiversity on this planet is dismissed as irrelevant. I’m not even sure how he feels about Life. Life doesn’t seem significant to Matt’s ascension schematic.


As I always say, I never believe in anyone 100%, not even myself. (I know I’ve got it wrong... that’s what has spurred the Journey. But ultimately, self-knowledge, -reliance and -responsibility is the goal.)


This inevitably involves something I’ve come to call The Enlightenment Deception. Every spiritual path, and indeed even every secular path, comes to a crisis point-- where relative truths are seen for what they are. The spiritual guru calls this a crisis of faith or the moment of surrender. Futzing around in polarity-duality (relative truth) is finally seen as ultimately futile. It is at this point that the spiritual aspirant is urged to completely surrender personal Will to the Divine Plan or Divine Will; ultimately, it is a giving up of the power to choose. The typical guru’s argument is that the aspirant never had the personal Will to choose in the first place-- just the illusion of choice-- so, ‘really’ nothing is being surrendered.


I happen to think that Free Will-- just like Life-- does matter. Our freest Will is exercised in originality and creativity.


Interestingly, in science, it is the Quantum Observer Effect which brings the scientific aspirant to the same crisis point. The choice for the secular aspirant is slightly different though. The scientist either chooses to move beyond the confines of relative truth, realizing that it all comes back to him anyway in the creative choices he makes in organizing and presenting reality to his own understanding (it all comes back to YOU)... or else he chooses to stay firmly entrenched in the limited infinity of the relative plane-- and continues to receive government funding.


The bottom line is that it either comes down to us taking full responsibility for how reality presents itself to our experience-- claiming our creatorship... or surrendering completely to all that already is-- that creation is a finished thing... now go find your place!


I contend that the path Home is what yet needs to be created-- and that is a choice for-- and of-- Spirit. 


Q: Why all the fuss and the drama? There’s nothing new here! You’ve always said your perspective continually changes. So you changed you mind again... so what? (It just proves that your feminine side is active!)


A: Haha! You’re right, of course, but I guess for me there’s an aspect of Retro-Resonance. That’s when a new piece or packet of information is brought into the body to experience and feel... and it rings true through twenty years of loose definitions and often vague understandings... and brings them into clarity.


This choosing of the Spirit first, as the One who fully inhabits the Body-- cellularly and collectively-- is in many ways the unifying principle around which much of my writing danced... instinctively, intuitively... for decades. Life HAS to matter; I am convinced of it.


Life is infinitely creative, revealing countless expressions here on Earth. The heavens seem dim and bleak, boring and repetitious... in comparison; there’s a spontaneity to Life that isn’t reflected in the heavens. I’d like to know-- just once-- what might be created when all Life on Earth is in perfect collaborative balance-- and knowing all that we know. What could we do as Creators, from such a place?


That hasn’t been done before, and I think it’s worth doing... exploring.


I know that the typical way perspectives enter the public domain is that a voice-- like mine-- defines itself in precise terms... and then defends those terms against all who disagree, building a rigid bulwark in the domain of belief. When there are alterations-- if ever-- they are subtle adjustments to what is already given. Perspectives well-supported in the public domain are not supposed to change significantly; they are to be presented as just another given relative truth-- a choice for alignment or rejection (duality).


That has never been my way, and I am very surprised and grateful that so many are willing to follow along with my ‘fluidity of perception.’ (Still a quarter million people a month tuning in!)


Q: How does this all affect the basic TOURS mission of liberating planet Earth from the matrix?


A: This is really the ‘truth on hooks’ part. There will likely be-- at some near future point-- a collective effort to free all of humanity from our planetary prison. The planetary enslavement matrix-- based in all of the institutions comprising what we call civilization-- will be exposed and brought down. But that will only happen as a collective endeavour with some form of official sanction once the unseen controllers and manipulators are sure that humanity as a whole will choose to surrender itself to a larger external matrix-- i.e. the Divine Plan (the hook). We will be released from the small planetary prison only once we agree to participate willingly in the much larger prison matrix-- surrendering our personal Will.


In times past, during previous planetary missions, that was indeed accepted universally as the goal-- to ascend and assume a place in the universal hierarchy. It remained the goal of the TOURS because no alternative was known. Earth has changed all that.


The organic Earth timeline has no place in the external hierarchy. That timeline travels (leads) inwardly, and is a co-creation of Spirit-- of all Life on Earth-- bringing the external light creation Home.


On a personal level, it all hinges on your own belief of whether you are indeed the Creator of your own experience (reality), or whether you believe that reality-creation belongs in the hands of others ‘more qualified.’


It is the ultimate decision... and it belongs to you.

(Photo: Me and My Big Brother. My brother is two years older than me; I’m less than one in this picture.)


The Path of Awareness and Creativity


I know that it must seem that I’m hopelessly self-obsessed. I almost always write about my own experience, and I’m constantly sharing whatever new creations I come up with. It would be easy to label me a narcissist; I joke about that all the time! But ironically, it’s not at all about me; I’m inconsequential... to you. Why should you care in the least what self-aggrandizing thing Niels has come up with now? Indeed, you shouldn’t.


You see, it’s because I’m really only an expert on one thing: me. That’s where my responsibility lies. If I were to obsess about others and their information, that would be irresponsible and undoubtedly misleading... So I stick to what I know. And we teach best by example anyway.


I’ve always been different. From a very young age, ‘they’ always told me I was smart, but truthfully, I still to this day don’t know what that means. When I was still young, that meant that I was assured good grades and every advantage which would inevitably ensue therefrom. The problem was that I discovered, while still a teenager, that any such ‘advantage’ was no guarantee for fulfillment or happiness. In fact, the path ahead looked bland, drab and rather bleak.


I don’t think ‘smart’ is a real thing; it doesn’t mean anything. But there’s this other thing in consciousness; it’s called awareness. That’s real. And what’s more, I believe that our level of awareness is the ‘thing’ we carry from one life to the next through the incarnation cycle... through the veil of forgetting. Awareness is that aspect of consciousness which has the greatest affinity with Spirit.


In a nutshell, awareness is the ability to witness (notice)-- especially oneself. Awareness can only function properly in Zero Point or Neutrality. Awareness is not time-bound. Basic linear time, with its propensity for looping in reoccurring fractals-- according to acquired programming (beliefs) and associated trauma, belongs to the Reactionary Being. The Reactionary Being is mired in polarity (duality), ‘choosing’ from among paired opposites in a polarized existence-- as a consequence of past experience (also polarized). In any real sense, the Reactionary Being lacks Free Will; the only real choice available to one stuck in reaction mode is the choice for developing awareness (or not)-- in order to eventually move out of polarity (extremely limited choice) and into Neutrality (infinite choice: creativity).


When awareness is firmly established within consciousness, it has a natural affinity with the internal Spirit, as the Spirit is the absolute Master Witness, being privy to one’s every thought, word, deed and action as well as knowing one’s ancestral (biological) lineage and all the memories of the soul. Spirit is the infallible witness... as well as the source of Life. So when awareness becomes adequately developed within an individual consciousness, it naturally acts as the internal bridge to the Spirit. It is awareness which invites the Spirit fully into the body, preparing the way for Its creative Life expression as an Earth embodiment.


Spirit is infinitely creative; It can do anything! Awareness, functioning in Zero Point, is the same creativity, but limited, conditioned and shaped by its own Life Experience. Awareness deals with new information creatively, utilizing it as the basis for new experience... whereas the Reactionary Being, stuck in duality, forces all new information into already well-established patterns, characterized by polarity-- or else it outright rejects the new information altogether.


Sometimes-- no matter how aware we are-- we don’t know exactly what to do with new information; we don’t know how to craft an experience in the real world that adequately incorporates the new information... to test it out. Fortunately, it makes no difference to Spirit-- and indeed our bodies-- whether an experience occurs in the real world, in a dream, or merely in our imaginations; it’s all the same to Spirit... hence my unabashed proclivity for unfettered creativity!


I hunger for new information... and the more radical it is-- the less it fits with what I think I already know-- the more excited I am about it, provided that it has some internal coherence of its own and internal resonance with my Spirit. I typically take that new information and I craft a story or a poem, or maybe a song; or maybe I’ll write a lengthy, in-depth article exploring its veracity (wink). Nevertheless, the bottom line is that I make it my own by thoroughly experiencing it-- whether internally or externally, or both. By making new information the very building blocks of our own coherent creations, we take that information into a very deep layer of the psyche... in the direction of Spirit. That is the action of awareness when it’s not merely witnessing. From the infinite space of awareness we create new possibilities where before the Reactionary Being could only choose among variables that are already established as a given.


Awareness creates a new relationship with Time. Awareness-- with its close affinity to Spirit-- regards Time as a Living thing. When Time is alive, the past is always changing, in accordance with my evolving understanding of it. When past events are fixed (adhered) in consciousness, we are stuck in linear time, conditioned by the programs stemming from those events. To the Reactionary Being, the past is fixed; it’s set in stone and cannot be altered. To awareness however, the past is fluid and alive. Although the physical (external) events of the past cannot necessarily be changed, the interpretation, the meaning, the significance of those events can-- and should be, according to new information acquired. Remember, awareness is not time-bound; it can revisit any situation and create new meaning for the Being having had that experience. The internal experience of all ‘past’ events is infinitely and eternally Alive, changing, evolving! In the realm of Spirit, nothing is ever finished; it’s never a done deal... and therein lies the Spirit’s freedom to fully inhabit the body in this lifetime.


Awareness can be difficult to measure or gauge; it is most conspicuously noticed when it is absent. Someone utterly lacking in awareness-- a Reactionary Being-- is a pitiable creature, seemingly bound by fate. But once the seed of awareness germinates, it can be coaxed and nurtured to grow. When I first began to meditate regularly, like most people, I thought that eventually I would start to have some far-out experiences occur during my meditations. Nah, that never really happened; my meditation is extremely uneventful. When I’m sitting in meditation-- usually with my Holosync entrainment headphones on-- when I’m just sitting there, I’m just sitting. Some varied thoughts-- rather ordinary ones usually-- float through my head, and I watch myself think... and sit. And that’s it. That’s as exciting as my meditation gets. I get deeply relaxed; and I also noticed over time that my level of awareness went up, as I continued to meditate regularly.


There are two things which actively support growth in awareness. The first is one’s genuine intent to do so-- to allow space for the mere possibility of becoming more aware. And the second one is practicing being the witness to oneself. Once I realized that, for me, meditation was just me practicing being the observer-- especially of myself-- once I realized that, it was easy to commit my time. 


Awareness replaces the Reactionary Being. Reactions are locked in time; awareness spans Time. Awareness is free to create a new response to old tiresome stimuli. Awareness is free to create the inner experience with less and less regard for external circumstances. Awareness chooses the internal expression of Being as an act of liberated Will: “I choose to be such-and-such a type of person, for that is who I perceive myself to Be in this moment anyway... when I’m not triggered, when I’m not reacting...” And eventually, the outer reality will make room, accommodate, and finally support that Being who is, in awareness, crafting Its own experience from the inside out... intentionally.


The enemies of awareness are too numerous to even categorize. Any lapse in consciousness is an invitation for incursion. In the realms of consciousness, it’s like entropy is paradoxically a rabid beast ready to spring into and inhabit the least crack in one’s awareness. And this brings us to the topic of substance abuse. Sadly, it is undoubtedly alcohol which consistently kicks the ass of awareness. I see it so pervasively and consistently that alcohol brings out the Reactionary Being-- if not outright allowing for demonic possession! I see it a lot. Folks literally become different people when they’ve had a few drinks. Those other personas and devil-spawn express in total unawareness... and seek only to continue existing throughout time.


Smoking pot can be a huge problem too. The vast majority of cannabis consumed in the West is grown artificially indoors, often without soil... and often by unsavory characters, who are only in it for the money. Pot is a highly impressionable plant. Its natural Spirit is creative and expressive-- but not when it’s grown in isolation from all other life on the planet, except the thug who tends (exploits) it. I never liked the so-called ‘wheelchair’ weed. That commercial stuff always made me instantly feel disconnected and mostly dysfunctional, sometimes paranoid. When someone wants to trade some buds with me, I usually end up giving those buds to someone else and stick to my own, which is always grown in soil, and in actual contact with the Earth. In my experience, it makes a huge difference!


As for the harder drugs, I’ve pretty much tried them all. (I never mainlined heroin though.) During the six years I toured with Missing Peace, opportunities arose, and if I was reasonably sure that I’d survive the experience, I wanted to try it. (Equally true for trying foods too.) My life is a grand experiment... and I want to Know.


Through all of the varied experiences had on these many substances, I always maintained a continuity of self-awareness. Even while blasting into orbit on smoked DMT, I was still unequivocally Niels among those stars; I never lost my awareness of myself... except on alcohol. When I was still a teenager, during the first times I got drunk, I sometimes blacked out; I lost myself. I instinctively knew that this was unacceptable, and despite what others might expect, I have managed to maintain my continuity of self-awareness ever since; I Will not abandon myself! 


(Admittedly, I do lose my continuity of self-awareness in the dreamtime; I never used to as a child. My dreamwork needs work!)


It’s very difficult to demonstrate awareness to others in benign circumstances. Challenging situations will bring awareness to the fore. I can’t prove to you that I’m not just some drug-addled hippie spewing nonsense. All I can point to is what I create. It is my claim that it comes through me internally, through my awareness, at the behest of Spirit... expressing. The only other thing I can point to is the impeccability of my written word. I do all of my own proof-reading-- which breaks the first rule of proof-reading: get someone else to do it. There was a time in my youth when I couldn’t properly proof my own work; like anyone of average awareness, I was apt to perceive what my mind knew the text was supposed to say, rather than actually perceiving the typos on the page. In unawareness we gloss over our own errors automatically. I’m not saying that all of my work is error-free (especially keeping in mind that I use British spellings as opposed to American spellings... mostly), but in the thousands and thousands of pages I’ve published and proofed in the last twenty-odd years, one will find very few oversights.


Now I proof-read my whole Life, as I’m ‘writing’ it... in awareness.


Because of the language and structure I use, it may appear once again that I’ve written this article for you, Dear Reader, but no; this is, in truth, just me selfishly integrating some of the new things that I’ve recently learned. No, it’s for me... so that I’ll eventually Know exactly how to properly deal with you whackos!

Inorganic Minerals Inorganic Beings


Twenty years ago, when I first read the work of Carlos Castaneda about his long apprenticeship to the Yaqui shaman-sorcerer Juan Matus, I was in no position to fully appreciate the oddity-- and the appropriateness-- of the term ‘inorganic beings.’ At the time, I wasn’t even clear as to whom or what don Juan was referring. In the intervening decades I’ve come to appreciate the long list of culprits falling under that righteous designation. Without ambiguity, the term ‘inorganic beings’ fingers any angel, demon, thought-form, guide, ascended master, ghost, spirit, or any other entity not in corporeal embodiment for the primary difference between them and any living creature on Earth; we exist in bodies possessing biological Life, whereas they do not. Don Juan’s point in articulating this stark demarkation was to underscore that this is a highly significant difference. As time passes, I tend to agree more and more.


These human bodies are an organic construction; they are alive and regenerative. As we typically age, however, in this modern era, there is a process of slow accretion, whereby our tissues become calcified-- being invaded by the accumulations of inorganic matter. Old injury sites swell with seemingly permanent calcium deposits intermixed with other various toxic debris. Arteries harden with calcified plaque, causing coronary heart disease. Joints swell and ache in ever-increasing arthritic conditions. Even the brain eventually turns to stone as memory and other cognitive functions decline. As you may have already deduced, the main culprit implicated here is calcium... INORGANIC calcium.


There is a difference between organic and inorganic minerals. The iron typically found in spinach is fundamentally different from iron comprising iron filings. We cannot meet our mineral requirements from simply eating handfuls of healthy soil. In fact, for the most part, even plants are largely incapable of directly digesting rocks in order to pull those constituents into their own tissues. Plants rather rely on the actions of various microbes within healthy soil to break down rocks and convert them into bioavailable minerals and other nutrients. Organic minerals are absorbable; inorganic minerals are not-- to any significant degree. (Some microbes in the gut perform the same function-- but insufficiently for human needs.)


Over time, the inorganic minerals we put through our organic constitutions begin to accumulate in the places of our greatest vulnerabilities, when our elimination pathways are overburdened or even blocked. We get sand in the gears of our biological mechanism, so to speak. These accumulations have the potential to cause numerous-- nearly endless-- symptomatic havoc.


Since writing my recent essay on Elemental Repletion and The Master Mineral Magnesium, I have already learned through personal experience the incredible-- almost magical-- function of having adequate magnesium at the disposal of our 100 trillion cells. You see, one of the main biological functions of magnesium in the body is to regulate calcium uptake and elimination. When magnesium is deficient, calcium begins to overwhelm our living tissues, causing all sorts of trouble. Calcium is rather ubiquitous, and easily finds its way into our bodies; and without adequate magnesium to usher it out, it finds many annoying little places to settle in... often permanently. At the risk of oversimplifying, it could be argued that aging is really just this slow process of calcification (discounting the role of telomere shortening in cell replication).


The transdermal magnesium spray (EASE) which I’ve had the pleasure of using daily these past weeks has shown me just what’s possible when the Master Mineral is applied in its bioavailable form in what can only be termed massive amounts. I’m very encouraged by the initial results, and especially their implications.


As a teenager and avid street-hockey enthusiast, I sprained my left ankle-- always the left-- at least a couple of times. Although always being functionally adequate, the ankle ever since has sported a deformity; there’s just more ankle than there should be. In an x-ray it showed up as bone... plenty of it. I’ve lived with it ever since, hardly ever thinking about it.


Then I tore out the ACL on my left knee-- always the left! I was scheduled for reconstructive surgery and placed on an eight-month waiting list. There were two things the renowned doctor said that niggled in the back of my mind. He explained that he was required to tell me prior to surgery that for one out of every five patients undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, the surgery doesn’t help. And then he went on to say something to the effect of “Well, one thing’s for sure, a knee like that won’t ever heal on its own.” Those two statements, juxtaposed like that, encouraged me to cancel my surgery altogether when the clinic phoned to reschedule my date. I’ve lived with the consequences of allowing my left knee to “heal on its own.” It’s about 95% of what it once was, but it’s been that way for a few years now. And I didn’t have to submit to a general anesthetic.


The magnesium is mobilizing the old calcium deposits at those injury sites-- especially since that’s where I apply it the most, directly to the calcified tissues. Now there’s quite often lots of other toxic nasties mixed in with the calcium, so when it ‘dissolves’ it releases old garbage that may have been deposited there when the injury was most vulnerable. Magnesium is essential to many detoxification pathways in the body. Additionally, I maintain several other detox strategies on a semi-daily basis: whole-lemon lemonade with baking soda, spirulina, chlorella, peroxide, diatomaceous earth... clay when needed.


Inorganic beings seem to really like Earth; they seem intrigued. They want to be a part of the game of Life-- our Game. Generally, inorganic beings resonate with inorganic matter. It’s like a hook in me-- barbed-- and I want it out. I want every molecule of my body to be Alive... inSpirited.


Magnesium is essential to blood-sugar regulation; candida overgrowth is regulated in the presence of adequate magnesium; arteries may be unclogged, joints restored to full function, proper and thorough elimination facilitated-- all by restoring adequate magnesium. The process is admittedly an uncomfortable one, but in my opinion, the potential benefits are well worth the pain.


Magnesium ‘dissolves’ old accumulations... and the energies (programs) associated with those deposits. (Clear Intent and a strong connection to the planet are also essential.)


On the physical level, magnesium is prescribed for the removal of all the ‘hooks’ that provide ingress for inorganic players to play our Game. In order to fully inhabit every cell of our physical bodies, Spirit needs them to be cleared of all the accumulated debris of a lifetime-- along with the energy, emotions, memories, etc. associated with those deposits.


Another such deposit that exists in nearly every human body on Earth right now is the mucoid plaque lining our intestines. This is a mixture of chemicals, undigested foods, inorganic calcium and mucous. It is a rubbery substance which drastically interferes with nutrient absorption and proper dreaming. We would all be well advised to do whatever we can to clean this gunk out.


And finally, I’d like to share a simple technique that helps tremendously with the removal of negative energies from our bodies (once the calcified deposits have been loosened up.) Submerge the part of the body in question in running water. A stream, creek or river is best-- especially if that water is clean; running water from our household taps can help somewhat, but that water is stressed (under constant pressure) and is itself artificially programmed (by chemicals and unnatural flow patterns).


These past days I have been concentrating on my ankle and knee, wading into Dutch Creek daily to have the flow of the river carry away any negative entities, energies, and programs associated with the debris which is physically being ushered out by my magnesium protocol. I talk out loud to the river, asking it to aid me in restoring my body to a pristine condition. The instantaneous relief I experience is nearly miraculous!


I should also mention-- since that’s where this essay began-- that throughout the Castaneda saga, don Juan made frequent use of natural flowing water to restore Carlos to himself whenever they got into trouble in the inorganic realms. He would dunk Carlos under the water of a river until he came fully back into his body. This is no coincidence. Natural flowing water has an affinity for washing away foreign inorganic energies. Try it; you’ll see what I mean.


The magnesium I’m using is called EASE and is made by Activation Products. I believe it to be the very best currently available. (I have no affiliation with this product or the company.)

The Seventh Direction Revisited


Six directions used to bind us... and the seventh to set us all free!


North, South, East, West, up and down-- we have no trouble seeing these as perfectly real-- directions we can bodily travel. But the seventh direction is inward, and we’re not quite so sure that this is somewhere we can go; what does that movement look like?


In my world, things are only real when I can feel them. If it doesn’t evoke a feeling within me, it’s not actually real. But I like to extend the benefit of the doubt... ‘cause some things are kinda subtle, I’ve found. The seventh direction is like that. It only seems vague or metaphorical at first, until you begin to actually work with it.


Every spiritual tradition, it seems, utilizes the breath as a tool... for concentrating, for demonstrating, for taking action in the unseen realms. But all of these traditions utilize the breath in the six bound directions; the only inward movement is the basic mechanics of inhalation: aspects of the external world being drawn into the body.


Then one day, while in conversation with a tree, it was suggested to me that inhalation need not always be this movement of experience from the outside in. It works in the opposite direction too-- from the inside out. My friend the tree explained that what is most needed in the world right now is the inner Spirit to come out... to act in the Living world... for once.


Regular breathing is an action of recycling... of shuffling around various programs of the soul... inside and out. But what if we breathe FROM the seventh direction? I’ve been working with this for a couple of years now. Our inhalations-- the filling of our lungs, our Being-- can draw from the infinite inward direction instead, a direct pull of Source energy from the innermost place we can access. Every one of our cells has its very own direct connection to Source. That connection can be activated by an act of Free Will. Try this...


Stand with lungs empty. Spend a moment, internally, to feel every Living cell of your physical body-- all 100 trillion of them. Affirm to yourself that each has indeed its own connection to Source; know it. Now inhale from the deepest place you can access from that inward direction, drawing the (energetic) inhalation into each cell; don’t bother thinking about the filling of your lungs-- that’s inconsequential here. After a time, with some practice, that inhalation from Source feels electric/ecstatic... buzzing in every cell... in every corner of your body. And then, with the exhalation, release that Source breath to the totality of your body-- as a whole, fill it as a fully functional unit. You’ve just brought your Spirit more fully into your body. You’ve suddenly become more aware of your centre; you are grounded inwardly... to the planet, to the sun, to the Source within you.


Spirit wants to be here-- fully. Breath is Life... coming from within. Breathe differently and you will experience the world differently-- from the inside out.

Copyright © 2015 Niels Kunze, the author., All rights reserved.