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THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at our Philanthroparty! Pictures are posted on our Facebook page thanks to our fabulous photographer of 4 years, Celisse! We can't wait to unveil our final amount...but you have to wait a little longer to find out! 

This month is a busy one. We had members join the Pasadena Pacers for the LA Marathon kickoff which is ongoing (and free), a kickboxing class, the pancake flip-off, a hike with a shoe demo, Craftober fest at the Rose Bowl, and more! Scroll down for more info!
Check out more updates on our Facebook page! Join us afterward for
Craft-ober fest at the Rose Bowl (details below)
The annual Pancake Flip-off is Saturday, October 20. We start around 8 am and go all morning until we run out of food! 

Want to run? Meet at Garfield Park to join the Pacers for the usual run @ 7 am, then come back to eat.

What is the Pancake Flip-off? Good, good question. It's breakfast, it's a cooking contest, and it's a fundraiser. But wait, there's more. You get to eat ALL. YOU. WANT.

As you eat, remember to vote for your favorite team by putting $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills into their Green Cans. Several local running/fitness clubs will join DHRC in bringing their best chefs to compete for your VOTE$.

We've come in second place the past three let's make this our year to WIN THE GOLDEN SPATULA!!!!!

Bring bring your appetite, family, friends, and cash.
Details coming soon!
Details coming soon!

🖤 we gather, we run, we party 🖤 ⁣
the Ghost Race is here + it’s the perfect event to pull together all the run clubs in LA for one kickass party! 
The Ghost Race is a free run event happening this month in Pasadena. Participants will get special surprises, be entered to win prizes and will get to attend a huge blowout celebration at the end of the month ⁣

👻 Join the  special group on *FRIDAY 10/19* with give-aways and an after-party🍺 at Dog Haus Running Club - save the date and come run!

👻 To participate, first join the Ghost Race challenge on Strava today! ⁣

👻 You can run/walk/jog the Ghost Race route any day between Oct. 12th and Oct. 21st⁣⁣. Make sure to record your run in the Strava app!⁣

👻 24hrs after you’ve completed and recorded your race on Strava, a completion badge will be sent which will allow runners to get a cool surprise from lululemon Los Angeles⁣⁣⁣

👻 All who complete the race will be invited to a big end-of-race party on Saturday 10/20! 🍾💃🥂 (more details to come)
Meet our newest sponsor, Nooma! Nooma is a electrolyte sports drink that tastes delicious! We will have samples Tuesday, October 9th and coupons for a free drink at Whole Foods. 
The 4th Run Laughlin Half Marathon 5/10K on December 1st runs through two states, two time zones, over the David Dam and along the Colorado River. It is a point to point race that has a net elevation loss of 433 feet from start to finish in the half!

 Groups of 6 or more can get a half marathon entry, bus ride and two nights at the Tropicana for less than $200 each.
This event supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River. 
Member of the Month: BreAnn Mueller

Nickname: Bre and Breazey, but usually just BreAnn 

City originally from: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (New Berlin, WI to be exact!)

Occupation: Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Favorite beverage/food: Um EVERYTHING! But if I MUST pick/list some foods: Mexican food, tacos, CHEESE, salads, salads, and more salads (I make like 6 different salads on rotation, all importantly with some type of CHEESE in them!), lasagna, pizza, chicken, avocados, pineapple, ice cream, cookie cakes with frosting, cheese its, Mother's circus animal cookies, craft beers (Belgiums or dark ales), cabernet wine... OK, I guess I'll stop now ;)

Hobbies/Extra-curriculars: DANCE! (choreographed hip hop dance, zumba, salsa, step aerobic dance), epic hiking,  beach volleyball, yoga, kickboxing, TRAVEL, cross country road trips, psychology, graphic design, being obsessed with my sweet, senior Yorkie pup, Sonny! <3 

Favorite music to run to: Hip hop & dance music

Favorite place to run in LA: I used to run down by the beach in Santa Monica when I lived on the westside--my FAV!-- but now I live too far away to run there consistently

How did you first get introduced to DHRC? Funny/entertaining story about this: I actually met--and sat next to--Kim K. and Katy A. at a "Women in Tech" seminar back in February 2017 at the Apple store in Pasadena. We talked briefly about the seminar and about where we were from, etc, but they actually didn't get a chance to tell me about run club at that time. Then IRONICALLY one of the speakers on the panel (and somebody who later hired me to work at her company)---Dea---afterwards told me about run club... and I think I attended run club the next Tuesday that came up!  I remember after a couple meetings I noticed and recognized Kim and was like--"Wait!--I know you!!?" and then we amusingly talked about what a small world it is, and how cool that I still heard about run club and came, even though she didn't get an opportunity to tell me about it that one day!

What is your favorite thing about DHRC? - The whole sense of community, support, and family with this group! I was new to Pasadena and hardly knew anybody in the area, and in a short time I was adopted into the group and activities and really enjoyed the openness and sense of belonging I truly found with the club. 
I also love the fact that everybody is health-conscious on a whole, but also likes to have a good party time now and then, and also aren't over-the-top competitive or "judgy" if you are a slower runner. 
I am still constantly amazed and grateful to have SO many cool and wonderful people as my run club friends, and to have such an amazing group of people I consider a second family and community out here! Thank you!! :)

Favorite DHRC event: Brewery runs, scavenger hunts/runs, progressives.... oh, I love them all!

Interesting fact not many people know about you: I'm a HUGE traveler & have a very adventurous no-fear type of spirit (scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, shark cage diving, etc.)!!  I've lived in Spain, Thailand, Finland, and South Africa, and I did an around-the-world trip in 2013 and visited 17 countries that year alone! 
I try to live my life to its very fullest & do as many things I can that make me think, “This is what it feels like to be ALIVE!”
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