12 artists to invest in now

12 Artists to invest in now.

At New Blood Art we have a good track record for tipping artists who go on to do well and I’m often asked: Who would you invest in now? The truth is that every artist on the site has been carefully selected; I am very discerning about the artists we represent, there has been tight curation throughout the site and I have confidence in them all. However, there are always some artists who are particularly exciting for various reasons and who stand out from an investment angle. Investing in emerging art can be very lucrative and we have examples of artists whose prices have jumped from 3 to 5 figures in just a few years.

What makes an artist a good investment and how can you spot them? Well, I have the benefit of insight into the practice of the artists we represent and I communicate with them regularly. Being aware of what’s on the horizon for them, knowing how focused they are on what they are doing, sensing they are currently undervalued, seeing their work develop, recognising how much interest we are receiving from a range of clients in a particular artist etc. all these factors help to inform the advice I give collectors. So, with the benefit of this insight here are 12 artists to invest in now. Please do also browse the main section via the artwork search and find the works that you feel instinctively drawn to and would like to live with. The chances are good that if you feel a connection to something, then others will too and essentially this is what makes something a good investment. 

As always, let me know if I can help in anyway.

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By David Santiago
Like the Stars for Ever and Ever
By Hyesoo You
By Elizabete Rancane
They Flew
By Scott Whiteman
By Brian Cheeswright
Still Life with Head (i)
By Matt Bray
Snowglobe Swim
By Natasha Russell
Shell Beach 3
By Sue Williams A'Court
Expected Year of Mortality
By Andrew Reeve
By Agent X
Painting Is Infinite 15 (M74)
By David O'Malley
Dot Math
By Greta Taxis
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